Friday, December 31, 2010

Taking A Chance .


The end of yet another year is ticking away . I imagine that for all it's been a year full of happenings .Some good , some negative . That, as they say. is life . Looking back on 2010 it's my wish to choose three highlights . There have been more --but my favourites are:-
1) I found a new apartment and since moving in have been extremely happy. The location ,the structure , the facilities , all serve to enhance life .My removal was around Easter time so very apt for a new start .
2) The amazing Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10, purchased around the same time has brought endless pleasure and if the 'hits' on YouTube are any thing to go by , some of my videos have brought pleasure to others .
3) In July ,I had the most wonderful birthday ever. Spent in Luxembourg at the Blues Express Festival. The Dr Feelgood group gave me a present no money could buy . They played my favourite song as a special and with a dedication. This was filmed and gives me such a kick.
So there we are . As for 2011 let's wait and see . A 'chance' literally and metaphorically . In the photo you see a wonderful chair . This in a superb Berlin coffee shop . Comfort plus,it rotates and can seat two. I was fascinated . The young lady who served me took the time and trouble to ask her manager the supplier. A firm known as Who's Perfect ,this item is the design Chance . Plus it's available in black. Something to enhance my wonderful new apartment .
Each year gives us a chance to change our life and maybe this will be my chance for a special reason.The following words from Eleanor Roosevelt are among my favourites and help .

"I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face. I say to myself, I've lived through this and can take the next thing that comes along. We must do the things we think we cannot do." --

Eleanor Roosevelt.

I do know that this coming year is the year I should undergo massive orthopaedic surgery.. It will change my life for the better ,yet I do have fear . Eleanor's words are spot on ..
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boxing Day Then Berlin Woman's Day .

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It continues a very happy Christmas for me and my wish is that all have experienced so much joy .
On Boxing Day, Berlin temperatures dropped.(note ice on the river)Standing deep in snow I watched seven swans a swimming doing their best to navigate flows .Then on to meet with friends for a concert of Christmas Organ music . Held in candle light the programme was beautiful. Later followed a rather good meal over which we had chance to swap stories amid much laughter. Monday 27th was special for a double reason .
The birthday of Berlin Woman ( see my links) a date which she shares with Marlene Dietrich . Thus there was a party and when an invitation was received ,I accepted. The snow continued to fall and was even deeper but as ever the BVG made travel possible. With minimal effort I crossed the city to enjoy a fantastic party. Berlin Woman is truly remarkable . She has a brilliant and genuine personality.As one of her guests put it " she is a communications bomb ". Very true plus like a magnet she attracts. Refreshing, especially in a world where many wear an armour which signals " stay away from me " .Yes, Berlin Woman is a very radiant light .Hence I've taken it upon myself to rename 27 December -Berlin Woman's' Day
Tonight yet another event and so it continues all week....All I can say is 'watch this space and may you too have a wonderful time .Remember , each and every moment is precious and people more precious than pearls .

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very White Christmas

This was no dream it was reality , but a rather lovely one . The afternoon was spent walking and filming around Lietzensee which looked so beautiful blanketed in white .
Then later off to an evening of musical fun at the Gendarmenmarkt. It was bitterly cold but the crowds were there and so were the performers .Trio Scho ,(bass , accordion and violin) were fantastic as were DIE ARTISTOKRATEN a group who juggled , walked high wire and braved the icy weather in next to nothing . Finally we had Acki Hoffmann and friends who ,true to form were brilliant . How any of these musicians managed to play defeats me . With leather gloves my hands were like ice . They had none ... I kept imagining their breath would actually freeze ....Showmanship . There should be captions with each picture but some how my photo editor is playing games . Apologies . A video with Tri Scho follows :-

Seasons Greetings From Berlin.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Foxy Lady Films 'Foxy Lady'

So here's BVFL ie Berlin's Very Foxy Lady suitably clad for her day out in the chilly city today. Then a video made at Die Kleine Weltlaterne where Otto Hamborg and the Vier Takter were playing .What a must video therefore when we were treated to the piece Foxy Lady .It was, as ever ,a superb evening .
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice ..Happy Holiday

Pictured above you see Wittenau Church photographed today at 5pm from the bus stop where I stood feeling more akin to a 'frozen monkey ' . Yet somehow the illuminated church seemed to give off warmth .
The drink you see is a 'special' night cap which goes under the name of 'JJ's Raiser' . If like me you have low blood pressure , you can easily faint or black out .... not very nice . Thus when a pharmacist told me about the terrific beneficial properties of Sekt as a bedtime tipple I was eager to try . Make a Bucks Fizz ie ) sekt + orange juice and for extra power with health benefits add some pomegranate seeds . Result ..... fabulous ! One sleeps well ,wakes bright eyed and with a normal bp . Good medicine . Enjoy the Winter Solstice and don't forget ... it's GOD day .
Finally here's a short video shot in the early hours on my snowy balcony in the bitter cold .Worth every shiver :-

Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent in Potsdam

Here are the facts as written in Wikipedia:-
Potsdam is the capital city of the German federal state of Brandenburg and is part of the Metropolitan area of Berlin/Brandenburg.
Here are some more 'facts' from Ms Vixen :-
Potsdam is a beautiful city where one finds delightful architecture, good food , and fine fashion shopping . At this time of year it is home to a small but tasteful Advent market .
Today was a fun day ... indulging myself in books , an Advent Candle supremo and other seasonal items .In the collage you see a Trabi decorated with smaller cars. The food is Polish , Shashlik ( kebabs ) and Bigos ( stew). Roast chestnuts , french fries and gluhwein were also eaten with gusto .Every mouthful , wonderful . I can honestly say that not only is a visit to Potsdam always worthwhile but, it can make your Christmas shopping a relaxed pleasure as opposed to some mad fight in huge crowds . Leave the car , take the train , SBahn and then a tram from the main station. Have lunch there in any one of the superb places or indulge on the Advent Market .

Maybe both !

Friday, December 10, 2010

En Route For A White Christmas ?

Looking around the city today one could say "yes " to the above title/question. However ,still some days to go . With boots ,thick jacket and scarf it was a lovely day to be out and about .

Downside being ,this is not the weather to ride a bike . Theodor Heuss Platz looked beautiful as indeed did the KuDamm with decorations and so much colour . Ka De We was a must visit and to round off this rather wintry day , what nicer than a superb Indian meal . If ,like me you enjoy good Indian cuisine do try the Kabir Excellent food and sensational service . Christmas was never 'my time' but I can report that so far I'm enjoying this slow run up . Hope you are

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ms Vix and her Fix .

At the end of September all sugar was cut from my diet for medical reasons .To be honest I haven't missed it except in this form . Rosinen Schnecken ,my favourite pastry . In Neue Kant Strasse there is a sensational French Bakery known as Aux Delices Normands GmbH. Their rolls, quiche , cakes and pastries are the best in Berlin, as indeed is the coffee. Whilst partaking of which I spotted my once upon a time 'fix' favourites .How the taste buds tingled and what will power it took to say "no" to that inner self which tried to coax me to have but one . Look at all those raisins . Try Aux Delices Normands , the owner has three such places in the city. As for me ,I still get to enjoy their savouries. Not all is lost .
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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

World Aids day 2010

Today is World Aids Day. A day set aside to further promote awareness and educate the public . So it was I was back once more at the Galli Theatre where a very special performance of Der Troja -Trick , a play written by Johnnes Galli, concerning this theme was performed.
Written with a teenage audience in mind it concentrates on responsibility , mindfulness and self esteem. It also poses the question, "when does one say yes and when does one say no ?"
A cast of five, two men and three women put on a performance that was fun , lighthearted yet at times frightening . The temptation of drugs was highlighted as were, power, abuse, fear ,guilt and confusion ,all of which were superbly confronted. Before and after the show I had the pleasure of meeting former model Waridi Schrobsdorff . She is now engaged in work with the group 'imagine'ev (no more fear.)
If you are interested or wish to support their work please go to the website and get more information. As Waridi says "Aids is a worldwide theme , we cant ignore it "
She cares , do you ?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ballyduff in Berlin .

If you ever go across the sea to Ireland and believe me it's worth it,there's a little spot called Ballyduff in Waterford.[not just crystal you see] Ballyduff has a brilliant drama group and last week , thanks to the tireless efforts of Geraldine Canning they visited Berlin where as well as appearing in German schools they gave a performance at the Galli theatre of a superb piece entitled UNDER BARE BEN BULBEN. Geraldine Canning ,who you can see at the end of the short video clip,also works in Education and how she fits all this together remains a mystery to me .Full marks.
The youngest actor was 12 --- the eldest mid twenties.
For Ballyduff Drama group read :-enthusiasm, engagement , commitment plus professionalism. It's my belief that,if only more funding were found for the arts our world would be a much better place . Consider the irony :-
We reward bankers ,politicians etc [they of the fat salary,expense accounts]for lies. Those involved with the arts work for a pittance , bring us pleasure not to mention a lot of joy. What a strange world this has become ,or was it always so ?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Berlin's First Snow Winter 2010

The weather forecasters got it 99% right .
Low temperatures ...correct , snow flurries ... correct , at night ...wrong, it was this morning.
A day to stay indoors if possible and enjoy home comforts and pleasant pursuits.
Today's good news being these flakes didn't 'stick around'.
My wish ..let's hope we don't have a repeat of last Winter .

Sunday, November 21, 2010

GalliTheatre Berlin

Having lived in Berlin for 23 years means nothing . One is constantly discovering another 'jewel' hidden away within this most fantastic of cities .
Tonight it was the Galli Theatre at Oranienburgerstrasse 32 , 10117 Berlin/Mitte The expression ,'small is beautiful' being oh so apt .
Tonight's piece was a comedy entitled ,MÄNNER SCHLUSS VERKAUF . Not only did it have the audience in stitches but joining in with the music .
Two brilliant actresses gave their all , plus much more, as they portrayed one Gisela Mang , a lady desperate to find her Mr Right and a psychologist Frau Möbenbach who , with her very special methods attempted to show Gisela the futility of her quest as no matter how far one went back in history , the Mr Rights were all too often Mr Wrongs !
The lightening change of costumes and props were brilliantly executed and every xx in the audience nodded as she brought to mind a past xy . Not only does Galli theatre have a wonderful programme ,it also uses the stage for and with the public . Each week one can go and learn acting methods and body language skills . Marion Martinez is sending me some photographs which I will be adding to this post ASAP . For now you have two shots showing the outside in what is a delightful courtyard and inside with a stage built for action.
NB) even if you don't speak German , a visit here is fun not to mention further proof that Germany is a country with humour.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Berlin ... A City Of Angels

Along with Los Angeles , Bangkok and Angels Camp in California, I nominate Berlin as a City Of Angels . You may wonder why, since the name Berlin has no correlation with Angels . It is however home to many who watch out for one another and in so doing make life that much nicer , whilst at the same time illustrating that all the media hype about the evils of mankind is not exactly true . Control of society is most effectively achieved via fear and the press and politicians come close to doing achieving it .Yet along the way there are angels who prove otherwise . Above is the lady who found that very black bag and all it's contents and handed it in after trying to deliver it to me in person . Today it was wonderful to meet her and say my very special thank you . She was/ is my angel . I it seems am the angel of the amazing lady from yesterday .
It's said that "good news doesn't sell copy" .What a shame for if it did there would be less depression ,anxiety and mistrust . So here's my small contribution to this weeks good news .

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Ill Wind That Blows Nobody Any Good ???

Strong winds are not the norm for Berlin but on Friday the 12th November "they blew into town " . Riding my bicycle in such was hard work and a dilemma when a bag containing my camera , books and many very important documents was torn from the pannier. Imagine my emotions when early Tuesday morning a police woman rang to say all had been handed in [check this blog Thursday night] and was awaiting collection at a Police Station on the Kudamm. In pouring rain I set off and sure enough there it all was. After signing and collecting, coffee was a must have . A fellow coffee drinker took my picture to mark the reunification of Miss Vixen with her Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10. It so happens that this lady also had cause for celebration so , using her camera I took pictures ,followed by more with mine .Then we discovered we are both bloggers. Now let's see what's the saying :-

"It's an ill wind that blows nobody good "

Sure was an awful wind but one resulting in a very happy day and pleasant encounter .If you read German ,her blog is

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pick Yourself Up Dust Yourself Down .

Last week closed on a low . Whilst riding my bike in high winds a bag was blown off the back and even though I lost no time turning round to get it , it was gone and searching drew blanks .
The bag contained 1 Panasonic Lumix Camera ( mine ) ,2 new books from Amazon .Co .UK( mine ) , post and bank details ( mine ) ,personal data ( mine )
Has it been handed in ? Sadly ,no . In monetary terms I've lost approx 500 euro .The data is another matter .Police have all details as do the banks . Fair to say this incident has knocked me for six and left me feeling somewhat vulnerable .
So today I forced myself to go out and went to Yorckschlösschen where Acki Hoffmann and Friends were playing . A lovely snow dome from Ephesus was given to me by Acki ( top left )
The rest of the band you see around .My snow dome is also to be seen as is photo of myself taken prior to leaving my place .As my wonderful Lumix has been found and kept I had to use my very old , very cheap camera ... No videos worthy of the word .Monday am off to purchase another Lumix . Music was a great medicine as was the thoughtfulness of Acki Hoffmann .
Perfect timing which enabled me to pick myself up, dust myself down , ready to start all over again .

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

CanCan The Offenbach Way The Only Way.

Today I experienced an amazing "chain reaction" .NB The word CAN is embedded within CHAIN. Think Cancan .
RTE Lyric fm Ireland played this piece of music by Offenbach. Not only is it wonderful,but for me ,very special in as much as it brings back memories of dancing to it just for sheer fun. In flooding over me ,guess what, I had found my motivator.
Following an unfortunate accident in August , knee surgery is no longer an option, it's a must to be faced. My resolve is to face the knife , then the music and DANCE . It will be sometime next year folks but I make a promise that as soon as one foxylady is able she'll be filmed dancing to this very piece. Shame I gave my can can boots away but when the time is ready a new pair will be a must buy .On this note I say to all :-
"I could cancan , I will cancan ,I can cancan "
Special thanks to Lyric RTE fm , 'jamirocuay' of YouTube who posted this little video and allowed embedding , but most of all Jacques Offenbach !

Monday, November 01, 2010



It may be November and yes, we've changed the clocks ..but Indian Summers are a part of life here as well as other countries. This is my wasp alert to all .
Berlin has had lots of sun this last week .Ideal for drying washing on the balcony .
WASPS however found an ideal use for my laundry . It was their 'hotel'. Thus when I went to pick it all up and bring indoors I never saw them but oh did I feel !
Two very large wasps attacked my right hand main finger. Like squatters they were angry at the threatened 'eviction' .
Stings are extremely painful, potentially dangerous and can cause infection depending on where else the insect has been .
After emergency treatment I'm still on cortisone and antibiotics . The swelling , redness and pain are nasty and extreme.
So here's my advice .. if you too have good weather and go to bring washing in, do wear thick gloves and shake all items very well . Make sure you have some antihistamine tablets for emergency cover until you see a Doctor .

Sunday Sunshine With Acki Hoffmann and Friends at Yorckschloesschen.

Sunday was the day we all enjoyed an extra hour in bed as clocks changed to mark the end of Summer time .However nothing is so cut and dried and not only did Berlin enjoy sunny weather but it as ever provided the right music and venues to enjoy life . The Yorkchloesschen for example .A place where €4-60 will buy a small breakfast ! Please look at the collage to get some idea of how big small is . After this I didn't eat for the rest of the day. Acki Hoffmann and Friends were our musical sunshine and requests made many very happy .Well worth getting out of bed .

Friday, October 29, 2010

Some Favourite Berlin Landmarks .

Well a few of them .The film is of a famous fountain at Breitscheidplatz. Above see the Funkturm in all its illuminated glory . Every so often the colours are changed ,almost as if a new outfit has been donned . Maybe the clothes lover 'within' is drawn to this landmark .Then the RBB building at night which to my mind brings resembles a space ship .....

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Magnificent Seven in Neukölln

On Saturday I attended a design sale with a difference. Held in Neukölln, Berlin it was a platform for seven individuals ,active in the world of art/fashion /design. There were interviews by nelou tv ( these to be broadcast on an Internet Channel ) music and of course opportunities to try and buy !
Leter in the evening was the most astonishing musical performance by Mimosa Pale who plays the saw .She was accompanied on the keyboard by Vallter Poyhonen. Mimosa first heard the saw as a musical instrument in a movie , fell in love with the sound and decided she would learn . That was over five years ago and the rest as they say is history..
Here are the website addresses of the very magificent seven :-
1) Mimosa Pale
2) Giorgia Lacobellis
3) Von Bardoniz
4) Alisa Zillmann
5) Lottie Consalvo
6) Friederike Porscha
7) Ta-ste

Actually there is a yet another website so that makes eight .Who says my maths is poor ?

8) Lucia Tolardo

The small slide video is created from stills. Enjoy this and theme from The Godfather as you have never heard it .

Foot note to Angela Merkel.... Read the above names and then repeat that multi-culti doesn't work .

Friday, October 22, 2010

Memories and Smiles ..Part of Lifes Currency .

One of my all time favourite shops , recommended at regular intervals is 'Mode and Sparen ', Kantstrasse , Berlin. Here you can buy both new and second hand clothes at sensational prices . Always be offered fresh coffee and biscuits by the nicest sales staff in Berlin. Add to which you meet kindred spirits .Today,not only did I find a beautiful red ,wool and cashmere coat for under 30 euro but I met this lively lady who posed for me in her own very unusual dress. Rather than trash her old items , many of which have pleasant memories , she revamps into a completely new design .This dress for example .I loved her use of sleeves from one item , buttons from elsewhere etc and the word smile worked into the back . She herself smiled a lot and the fun side of personality is reflected in her clothes and face .
Meetings such as this are sunshine on the coldest greyest day .
ps ) a big thank you to her for taking the photo of my new , very warm red coat .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kat Baloun , Nina T Davis In Berlin .. Magic

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Street lamps may fail but never the moon .
Same can be said for Kat Baloun .
She and her fellow musicians are 'constants' ....

Should you not believe,listen to this . Recorded at Yorkschloesschen Berlin Wednesday the 20th .

Friday, October 15, 2010

Love At First Sight .

When a good Ozzie friend ,an artist, invited me to an exhibition of works created by Australian artists , I said yes . So it was that , today, in spite of bucketing rain I made my way on my bike to the Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio 1 at Mariannenplatz 2, D 10997 Berlin Kreuberg. What awaited me was worth every raindrop and soaked thighs . Some astonishing sound interactional work , visual and acoustic interactional, photographic , prints , sculptures,canvas , and items to defy description .For example a large black tunnel with lots of soil in it . On top of the latter a series of lights and electrodes which glowed as they self charged from zinc energy in the earth . As ever I found my self wondering what gives the artist his of her ideas .. Having lunch with two of them provided some answers .My bonus was due to the fact that sometimes love at first sight happens and today was just such a day and my moment came when I saw the works of Lottie Consalvo and wanted all of them ! So much so I bought two .Here is a part of her Artists statement :-"Lottie Consalvo deals with the complex layers of humanity and explores the nuances in the way in which we cope and behave in the social environment .She is attracted to the outcast ,they invite her in , they sit ,sip tea and she listens .Their stories inform her work " This exhibition closes on the 17th October .If you can do try and get there you wont be disappointed . UBahn Kottbusser Tor . This collage depicting some of the work I saw is superimposed upon a shot of one of my purchases .. "Mourning after"...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cappadocia and Istanbul ..Turkey's Gems .

It's years since my first visit to Cappadocia. I found it magical then and time has not changed this astonishing place.(now a World Heritage Site) To walk around the valleys and ancient buildings is almost akin to stepping back in time ,and it helps one realize the astonishing accomplishments of mankind .There is a tendency to believe that only we in the 20th / 21century have much to be proud of .
A journey to this place will show you how talented and educated our ancestors were. With what skills and energy they could glorify their faiths not to mention utilize their natural surroundings with an ability it makes the hoo haa over carbon footprints and green party quite laughable . Stone houses which are warm in winter and cool in summer take some beating .No oil ,or electricity generated by atomic fuel.Very clean and 100% safe .
As for Istanbul .This is a city to see and savour .Yes indeed ,Turkey is a wonderful and hospitable country .

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three Ways To Improve Your Health.

Humour , exercise and diet are vital ingredients for good health. Pictured above you see four men who,it can be said , 'deliver the goods' in my life . Humour is excellent medicine and at the top you see Mathias Tretter, a German comedian who is absolutely on the ball. The minute he walks onto a stage one is laughing .Here he's signing cd's after his Berlin show last Saturday. When I asked if he'd make his Angela Merkel face he obliged and it was all I could do to take the photograph .It's astonishing to watch and in combination with his vocal impression, fantastic . Exercise and muscle care are health matters .For this see Jim , my physiotherapist .This guy works little short of miracles with my legs .Today on seeing Jim's marathon sweatshirt ( yes he ran his 10th on Sunday ) out came the camera . Finally ,diet - Salads are so healthy and here I'm blessed . Every other day €2.60 buys me a freshly made salad mix of my choice .To top it one has tuna or Greek cheese . The size does for two days. Served with meat , fish etc its delicious .Visiting the shop is always a mini social event as the humour of the very dynamic duo pictured above humour is pretty good too .
Hope you the readers have such good fortune .

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Berlin's Wealthiest Woman.

Was it my olive green sweater or was it the moons influence that worked such magic this week ? In truth neither . All was due to the fact that there are human beings who, via their acts of thoughtfulness bring joy to the lives of others .
For example, Acki Hoffmann , a terrific musician and personality . On Thursday he surprised me with yet another snow dome . This from the Black Forest. It's small and very precious . Friday found me in' Ragazza' a shoe shop in Westfälische Str . Here I met the lady seen in this collage. She works part time there and we had a remarkable rapport . Later ,as she saw me cycling by she asked that , if possible ,I call in today. Why she would not say. It seems her man friend had bought her this rather special snow dome of Cologne Cathedral. In our chit chat I'd mentioned my collection of such . Both she and her guy thought it a must to give to me as a present .Amazing and even more so since the weekend of my birthday I tried very hard to buy a dome in Cologne station but due to chaos with the railways had no luck . Every day of my life I experience ,in so many ways, the goodness that is human nature . I like people and most like me .... That, for me is true wealth .The words of a famous song express it well:-
'People who need people are the luckiest people in the world '

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miss Vixen and Sex and The City .....

Once in while there are days when from start to finish it's 'magic' . Today was such. After working,out I went to Beate Uhse, one of Europe's leading 'adult stores'. My reason was to purchase items suitable for a prototype .WATCH THIS SPACE. I wasn't disappointed but for now that part remains a mystery . However as you'll see from the collage I fell for a really amazing sponge .Then perfume was a must have if only for the clever packaging .Next to Ka De We where I joined in a coffee class run by the coffee firm 'illy'. Informative ,colourful ,fascinating and with delicious coffee who could ask for more . Yet more was, literally in store at Pimkie , a fashion shop with low prices and excellent quality .As autumn is here half gloves are needed when cycling .Look at the green ,half fingered I found . Sensational with a black lace removable deco .One very chic , extremely happy Miss V was seen cycling home along the KuDamm .....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Beautiful Day In Berlin

Pictures can express more than a thousand words .So true today. After my bad accident in August it was terrific to be back in the saddle travelling some distance and simply enjoying'the cabaret' which is Berlin'. Where there's a will there's a way ! Later,Ms Moon come smiling at me through my windows. A perfect end to the day.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Panasonic .. Star of IFA Berlin 2010

These videos say it all . I love Panasonic and you can really see why .Stills video to close to follow.All captured on what else but my Lumix .

Here it courtesy of Picasa ,,,,,Oops well it was, until YouTube had an error - Back to my techno drawing board ! Here we go :--------------------------

Monday, September 06, 2010

Whitehall Farce

Whitehall Farce originally referred to a certain appalling comedy genre. More recently for Westminster government, especially under Tony Blair. Britain's answer to Napoleon disguised as Uriah Heep . Grotesque ,insincere and very manipulative.
Dublin did us proud when the decent among them gave vent to their feelings by demonstrating at his book signing .Well done Ireland .You get full marks .
Now, Waterstones London has cancelled the event with Mr Blair adding that he had no wish to give extra work to the police. Shame he didn't think so years ago ?
He's expressed his sadness that ordinary people may not turn up for a signed book and gone on to say more wanted this than to protest .
Reader ,turn your mind back to the days of Blair in power . The same Blair did not find it sad that a person who came to stand outside all the barriers at Downing Street, only to quietly read a role of honour of soldiers fallen was arrested within minutes and flung into a van by at least seven police then taken away .I refer to a middle aged woman .No protection for her Mr Blair even though she quietly did what others feared to do .Your supporters and fans are over the Atlantic .They are called Republicans not British . Why not take the title of your book and make it a reality ie) make A JOURNEY far, far away from British shores .

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Musical Therapy In Berlin

Shortly after the last post yours truly had an accident in a rather a spectacular fashion from a bicycle to the road ,onto both knees.All shook up best describes it. It meant missing a Phil Bates gig,having to attend hospital and remain for days in bed. Very boring. Thanks to a fantastic physiotherapist and the September music scene life seems brighter. Thursday door to door transport to Quasimodo but guess who forgot her camera ? A pity as the music was terrific.
Then last night Yorkschloesschen and here's a video. Simon Holliday is a class performer with a marvellous personality . Today The Porto Cafe in Tempelhofer Damm was my daily medicine with Acki Hoffman and friends working wonders. As did the breakfast. The U6 takes you right to Porto (get out at Ullsteinstraße)
Tomorrows medicine will be at Piano Cafe on Neue Kantstrasse. Another door to door experience. Excellent therapy for multi coloured painful kneecaps.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Buenos Aeries ? No, Berlin

Can you remember the Argentinian banks in the 90's? They literally stole the money from their customers and refused to give it back ?.

Two years ago thanks to the greed of many investment bankers the world turned upside down as the trickery of such came to light. Savings were lost as were homes . Ordinary lives were ruined and chaos became the currency . In many cases banks were bailed out using tax payers money yet no bank manager lost their fat salary and all still receive bonuses . Why--I do not know . Now trouble is in Germany. courtesy of the Dresdner Bank and City Bank .Thus with interest and admiration watched these remarkable senior citizens [pictured above] who were demonstrating in front of the Dresdner bank at Theodor Heuss Platz .All have lost their hard earned savings . Sums such as 28, 000 euro and more . These are citizens who have worked , paid taxes , been responsible only to be robbed. City Bank have simply changed their name . The German government is not stepping in to help .A very bitter pill indeed after so much was handed to Greece by Frau Merkel .The guilty bankers are still earning big sums and perks . Herr Blessing [head of Dresdner bank ] and displayed by one demonstrator ,is indeed blessed. His salary,bonus and ability to walk free inspite of his banks failings give him cause to smile .

Note:- if as a citizen you carry your money on you as you travel , rather than use banks then you run the risk of having it removed by the law . If you use the banks you are likely to lose it to fat Orwellian pigs who live well off you. We all have to have banks as a fight against money laundering .Oh what a joke that is . Who I wonder are the biggest 'laundery ' owners of all ?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Events occur which set us thinking and this week has been no exception !
Try and imagine if you can what an experience it would be to actually unzipper your skin [literally and metaphorically]and in so doing, realize the wow expressed , in the following famous words in that great song :- T'aint No Sin
I've a special love for the second verse .
'When it gets too hot for comfort
And you can't get an ice cream cone
T'ain't no sin to take off your skin
And dance around your bones'
Release and of course one could still wear boots . Now there's a thought .
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well Said Richard Dawkins

Once again the Islamic Community leaders of UK are 'in a fury'. Shame they can't get so heated about those of their persuasion who commit barbaric acts [worthy only of the middle ages] against women etc etc .
So what that Mr Dawkins has described the burka as a 'full bin liner thing' .. where is the problem with that ? Is it due to his being white , an atheist and with a mind of his own . As for Seyyed Ferjani of the Muslim Association of Britain , who makes the following statement :-
"It is a womans choice if she wears a burka , a nigab or not. Why does it matter to this man what a woman is wearing ? We should be encouraging respect and understanding for each other "

So Mr Ferjani - Why then does it matter to many Islamic men and clerics what a woman is NOT wearing . We are informed that many who wear this dress have been brought up to do so ,so as not to arouse males ! Failure to not abide by this dress code can result in a beating for those who dare . Woman's rights /freedom of choice then ? Respect ? Understanding ? Not likely .
Then what about western women expected to cover up whilst in Islamic lands .
Richard Dawkins is as entitled to his opinion as any follower of Islam is to theirs .
He hit the nail on the head in 2008 when he said :-
"It’s almost impossible to say anything against Islam in this country, because you are accused of being racist or Islamophobic."
My final word is to Mr Ferjani and the Politically Correct 'Uriah Heep ' figures of our government at home and in Europe .Read this

Monday, August 09, 2010

So Much For a Special Relationship .

'The US is to start charging UK travellers nearly £10 to apply for permission to enter the country'

So much for a 'special relationship' - If this doesn't wake the British government as to how the US view us , nothing will. To them we are like some mangy pet dog , ever willing to please . Blair and co put Britain on the list of 'most loathed 'by association and war mongering with Bush . Here we are to this day still doing dirty work in Afghanistan for America even though history books illustrate this is mission impossible .

It would be good to see Mr Cameron introduce a similar tariff for US visitors to GB not to mention a complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Both measures would make sound financial sense at the same time 'leaving our own house in order with school milk on the metaphorical door step. Britain has paid it's debt to America in many ways . The time has come to say enough .

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Rostock---Down To the Seas .

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Welome to Rostock,a port on the Ostsee ,very close to Denmark. Bike & train enable me to live my dream as John Masefield lived his in the poem :- 'I Must Go Down To The Seas' . To my joy ,many of the beautiful things he speaks of were to be seen and expreienced. Especially tall ships . Here's a short video put together from stills and a sound track added.
ps)There is a cycle route all the way from Berlin and once here ferries to Copenhagen, yet another dream. Camping en route, enjoying the air ,freedom and fitness.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

And It's A Fun Fun Time From July To August .

It's been a fascinating change over from July to August . Saturday in the park where massage and picnic was the order of the day . Sunday back to Mahlsdorf with another friend to join in the celebrations of this astonishing museum .[see last posting] It was sensational and the Germans , with their usual love of all things edible didn't disappoint - The grill was sensational and that platter you see in the collage cost only six euro ! It was delicious .Then there was cake etc etc .You also see two of us having fun in 'that room' which is astonishing to behold ....... Afterwards off to Biesdorf for ice cream . Wicked but wonderful and an antidote to wasp stings .But that's another story .[ best forgotten ]

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Museum With a Difference .

Did you know that the city of Berlin is created from 78 Villages. As is usually the way , such places are full of fascinating places and history. Today I saw a few.Notable being Biesdorf and Mahlsdorf . Rather than write lots I'll suggest you try and go to the Gründerzeit Museum in Mahlsdorf . Here's a link .
The weekend of the 1st August there will be special celebrations with grill , drinks ,lots of items in the museum and grounds etc ...... It's easy to get to on the SBahn . Another tip is ,try the village of Biesdorf .Not far from Mahlsdorf ,it has a wonderful icecream parlour / restaurant . Situated one minute from S Bahn Biesdorf , Eiszeit it is at 194,Oberfeldstrasse . Well designed ,this place will not disappoint . Nor will the music captured on video below .

Friday, July 23, 2010

Classical Accordion in Berlin...

As graduates of the S Prokofiev Donetsk State Academy of Music [Ukraine] Alexander Burdyug and Andrey Fesenko are excellent musicians . Today they were in Wilmersdorfer Strasse and I was riveted. This piece ,a Csardas,was a 'special' for me .( Another present ?) Apologies for singing at the onset .Please understand that having to stand as still as possible in order to film music proves virtually impossible for yours truly and oh how I longed to dance ! I'm at a loss as to why this instrument is not taken 'seriously' in the musical world .It requires considerable talent and produces a wonderful sound .
Note ) If you go to my links and YouTube and Helena you'll find a second short video . As well as giving me the green light to use their music they suggested I put their email address should anyone out there be interested . It is :-

The Silly Season Down At the Doctors.

In UK summer is often referred to as 'the silly season' .That is to say the press is full of lighthearted articles. All things ridiculous are news , and why not ? It sure beats death , gloom and doom. Here's my contribution . At top left you see Acki Hoffmann who once again remembered my passion for snow domes and last night brought me this lovely little gem from Vienna . Thank you Dr H . Bottom left is a very slippery character well known in Germany --Dr Tikkle ! One minute there I was at a fountain with an American taking my photo and whoosh Dr T pounced . Bottom row middle and right you see two members of Dr Feelgood making me 'feel good' on my birthday . Top right a new fashion ... a tie worn as an accessory with a dress .This unusual item I saw in Brugge and liked for it's skull pattern . Quite effective . Then below you see two really crazy shots which illustrate the need for a camera always at the ready .
On the way back from Luxembourg my train stopped at Bullay, a station which claims to be environmentally friendly.REALLY ..what do I see by the track but a man 'watering' the grass . Aha maybe he was saving on H2O It has been very hot in Germany so how green can you get ?
As Dr F would sing a real ------"Down at The Doctors "

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beside The Seaside in Belgium .

Last weekend in order to enjoy cooler weather plus sea air,an escape from the heat of Berlin was called for . It was also designated as my second birthday by one who pointed out that, if the Queen can have two such dates , why not Miss V ?
Belgium was the destination . It didn't disappoint and was a weekend to remember . We stayed in Brugge ,a splendid medieval city often referred to as 'the Venice of the North'. It has a remarkable history. Here are but a few pictures showing some of the architecture .Take a tip and make a boat ride along the canal. This will enchant you. Ah yes, for this second festival I received, a) another fascinating snow dome and b) 6 packs of Boots cucumber wipes .Great stuff .Later off to Ostend to be beside the seaside .Sands, the North Sea , boats , wonderful cuisine , especially sea food and yes I got to swim .Dr Feelgood on the 10th and Belgium on the 17th . You cant get better than that .....................................................................

and you can get better than this .Never mind ,for a laugh it's rather good .

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Out Of Luxembourg & Dr Feelgood

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That nightmare journey to Luxembourg was worth every moment of hell !
On the 10th July I boarded a special train and feeling akin to Meryl Streep set off for Fond-de-Gras,Blues Express Music Venue There was no Robert Redford but, a Robert Kane.[vocalist and harmonica player Dr Feelgood] He and the band made sure I got the best ever birthday present of my life ! A special rendition of Hog for You Baby. My ideal Happy Birthday. Their entire programme was brilliant and thanks to Panasonic , captured leaving me over the moon ? For sure am still up there !

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