Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent in Potsdam

Here are the facts as written in Wikipedia:-
Potsdam is the capital city of the German federal state of Brandenburg and is part of the Metropolitan area of Berlin/Brandenburg.
Here are some more 'facts' from Ms Vixen :-
Potsdam is a beautiful city where one finds delightful architecture, good food , and fine fashion shopping . At this time of year it is home to a small but tasteful Advent market .
Today was a fun day ... indulging myself in books , an Advent Candle supremo and other seasonal items .In the collage you see a Trabi decorated with smaller cars. The food is Polish , Shashlik ( kebabs ) and Bigos ( stew). Roast chestnuts , french fries and gluhwein were also eaten with gusto .Every mouthful , wonderful . I can honestly say that not only is a visit to Potsdam always worthwhile but, it can make your Christmas shopping a relaxed pleasure as opposed to some mad fight in huge crowds . Leave the car , take the train , SBahn and then a tram from the main station. Have lunch there in any one of the superb places or indulge on the Advent Market .

Maybe both !

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Jupiter Family said...

Merry Christmas!!
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