Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Miss Vixen Calling , Miss Vixen Calling .

Here we go again everyone . The Winter Solstice will soon be with us
"So" you may ask, "what's so wonderful about the shortest day ?"
To which I answer :-
Let's celebrate this marker after which our days will gradually lengthen ..
Not to mention revel in yet another chance to participate in a glorious surfeit of sex !
Last year I posted on this . Ok , you may add it didn't work , we still have war . Fair comment but did everyone join in ? Sadly not .
Come on, do your bit . Your world needs you . Spread the good word .
Go to Read and consider joiníng the action .
Dare I say it, Solstice is coming .

Monday, November 26, 2007

Blake's Jerusalem -- Not in Mole Valley !

All who know me are aware that I’m a pacifist. War and combat are not my scene. However,living as I do in the real world, I’m aware that there is a long way to go until we reach a state of global peace . Until such time casualties are a part of daily life and deserve the best in the way of treatment and rehabilitation . Imagine my disgust there fore when on Saturday I read the following .

On 13th November at Leatherhead Sports Centre Swimming Pool a woman in her 30’s complained that the use of a lane by amputee service men from the nearby Rehabilitation Centre was too much for her as:-
a) they were unpleasant to look at for her and her children,
b) were being allowed the use of the pool free of charge.

Was this grotesque piece of female viciousness asked to remove herself ? No, the men in question were . What superficial standards have taken over in Britain !
If the complainant is so easily upset let me say to her .
Best you remain indoors for the rest of your life with silly magazines and DVD’s of glossy stars . Plus who knows, some may find you not so attractive . Finally never forget the following truth , that is , if you have intellect enough to comprehend it ..
‘ I felt sorry for my self because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet ‘
Meanwhile I have emailed Leatherhead Sports Centre to express my dismay at their lack of support to those already demoralized . If you can take the time , please do like wise .
Once humanity is lost all is lost..

Footnote ..
Today I received a reply directing me to a full council statement on this issue .
In it they state the following :-
“as we live in a democracy that encourages freedom of speech, we cannot legislate against what particular individuals say “
Really ? I thought all defamatory remarks directed against the appearance of others were illegal . Or is that only for colour ? I think not . I have written back and will continue to do so until they actually admit being wrong . Please join me .

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Snow Storms,Sand Storms, All Shook Up

The very first glass Snow Storm was made for the Great Exhibition in Paris . Containing a mini Eiffel Tower it set a trend for depicting famous landmarks within a glass, liquid filled ball. Wherever I go I keep my eyes open for such. 'Kitsch' maybe, but they satisfy the child within. Here are a few of mine. Sadly,a very special one broke.
There are more, but for Christmas display only. The tiny one plus tree as shown above ,I've allowed ...Sort of an Advent for Advent gesture.
If any readers know of places I can find similar to add to this little collection please let me know .My preference is for the spherical as opposed to the new plastic domed variety .

Saturday, November 24, 2007

As Nature Intended .

Doesn't matter if you incline to the Creation or Darwinian theory etc, a human body is a human body be it male or female . A group in Sweden are challenging the authorities with the following argument :-
Why should only women be expected to cover their breasts in swimming halls etc .
Indeed they are insisting on equal rights to go topless, if they so wish . With most tabloids sporting a page three nude picture it is ridiculous to continue with present hypocrisy .
Living here, one can swim topless minus a scene . It is allowed at the public swimming baths on FKK nights and was permitted at the Freibad in summer .Now if it's ok for Berlin and Sweden is taking it seriously .. here goes with blogspot.
The small picture is from a German server .The other of yours truly in the Wannsee. Aphrodite eat your heart out ! Let's say 'I'm testing the waters' with this post.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

With Apologies to Janácek

Early this week somebody sent me a synopsis of "The Cunning Little Vixen".
A brilliant story line ,which the composer Janácek transformed into an opera.[check this out with Google search]
Then I found the above shot taken some weeks ago ... Can you spot the little vixen ? Funny thing is I had considered this to be a 'bad hair' day photo ,but have since received even worse .Maybe after several Gluhwein I'll share the other horror with you .

Monday, November 19, 2007

My Favourite Street Sign

Here you see it. Sent to me today by the local authority responsible for such in UK.
It was almost akin to receiving a present. A special trip had been made just to take the photograph.[I've cropped it] For a fee they are willing to organize the making of a replica two line name plate . The original,it seems was lost and replaced 15 years ago.
This has brought a little magic to my Monday .

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Jazz Cook's Take Six Soup.

From time to time I receive very interesting recipes or tips . One of these came from a reader who is best known as the Jazz Cook . This guy, loves improvisation to produce offerings which are not only sumptuous but,I quote , ' blow your socks off '.
This is his basic "Take Six Soup."

4 Carrots peeled /roughly chopped .
2 med onions , peeled /roughly chopped.
piece of celeriac , peeled /roughly chopped.
2 or 3 cloves garlic . peeled /roughly chopped
1 to 2 inch piece of ginger . peeled /roughly chopped.
1/3 of a coconut chopped and with fine brown skin removed .
Coconut juice.

Seasoning :-
pepper / coriander dried or *fresh /
Optional extras .....
fresh cream / milk

Throw all the ingredients into a large pan . Add a pint of veg stock [homemade or a cube ] Bring to boil and simmer for about 30 minutes.Until all veg are soft .
Then carefully tip into blender and whizz the lot .* if using fresh coriander add now . I used the dried therefore added during cooking time. Depending on how thick you like your soup add fluid to adjust.
If you wish, return the lot to the pan and little cream or milk and swirl as you heat through .
Served with crusty bread it's delicious .The warmth of the ginger and richness of the coconut is heavenly . It blew more than my socks off.Try,you'll enjoy.No skills needed . Simply a love of tasty food and a healthy appetite
As Jazz Cook pointed out.. "anything goes , improvise ,incorporate."
eg) celeriac can be replaced with squash etc etc .

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The X Factor.

"To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."
Bertrand Russell

The above is so apt as at long last I've begun to apply this truth. What was my terror ? Answer:- Algebra .
Bullied as a child by a hideous teacher I was rendered 'brain dead' to something which is , to quote one I met 'magic'.A couple of examples found me later at my pc, where, eureka,a site dealing with tuition was found .This may all seem crazy but that particular ignorance imposed via fear has always troubled me. Already it's defused. The mere sight of something such as 3X-4 = 26,once enough to induce an asthma attack, is now a case of 'past history ,if not past perfect'

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Miss Vixen's Reunification Day.

Just as Germany has a special day each year , so do I . The date of mine varies and this year fell on 2nd November when, after a sensational evening at Fechner Fur ,[see previous post] ,I was given back my two furs . These had been cleaned and kept in a dark cool room throughout the summer. They're so lovely to wear and serve to make winter a season to be enjoyed .

Fechner Fur Collection 2007

It was a fabulous evening and yes,I made a purchase.
What ? Ah wait and see.
The collage gives you some idea of the magic Herr Fechner creates with fur.This was his 150th fashion collection .A true artist, he and Frau Fechner(top left) make an impressive team. To fashion lovers out there, all I can say is," you would have loved it".

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Naughty But Nice Nutrition.

Today I met up with a visitor to Berlin and we indulged in a German breakfast . For those not familiar with such, see the picture.[no wonder Germans are so well built.] Such a feast sets you up for the day . Next, off to Potsdam to collect my new lingerie. Beautiful,yet still one item to wait for.
Once home I prepared and ate two delicious Pomegranates. For a snack that's different try Persephone's fruit. Refreshing and nutritious the seeds are simply wonderful eaten by the spoonful. No eating with a pin as in childhood .One very important point .This fabulous fruit has two sorts , sweet or sour . A question of personal taste , but I prefer the sweet . Beware when deseeding as the juice stains. Tricky as they are they're worth it and, as with all things, practice makes perfect.