Monday, May 29, 2006

A Bad ' Air ' Day

Oh what a Monday ! It can only get better ...I hope .
You see I was all set to do a blog but , hours of arguing with British Airways(Bremen) has left me wondering if I do actually speak English .
In a nut shell they have messed my booking to Istanbul --- as a result ,place availability to make good their error ,is no longer there. Not content with that, they have ,through more errors changed my pin twice leaving me unaware ! This has resulted in my being unable to log in and deal with online bookings bookings etc .
BA in London have tried to assist and have called Bremen repeatedly , but when they too received no cooperation ... what hope for me ?
As you can well imagine I was in no real mood to take my mink to the furriers .
Once there I couldn't bring myself to leave it . Childish .... maybe ,but a real fur lover will understand.
Off I went to Tegel Airport and sorted a flight with Turkish Airlines .
So now on Saturday 3rd June ,I'm off to where East meets West .
When my neighbour heard of the change of plan plus airline she grimaced .
Upon asking why the expression I was informed that to her knowledge TK were previously banned from landing in Europe .........
Well by now I was fit for nothing . She wonders now if she meant TK !
All I can say is 'when your time is ready no amount of manipulation can change it'
Plus , if a certain very 'economy' airline is given permission to land throughout the EU (note they even landed in a military airport!) Then I reckon Miss Vixen will be fine with the Turkish Flag carrier.
Shame that it's so hot there now . As TK fly their flag I could have done the same with mink !!!
My hotel has wifi in the rooms so maybe a blog or two will find their way from the The Bosphorus .
Will I get as much inspiration as Agatha Christie ? Doubtful but :----
One never knows .

Thursday, May 25, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different .

Yes These are a few of my favourite things !
Not quite The Sound of Music you may say but they all have a special meaning in my life .
Take the above ... cuffs , mask and whip .... You have my word they were not bought in an attempt to be a Dominatrix . After all ,some actually believe I am --- so why try .
Seriously ,I was considering a revival of the Suffragette movement. ( long story and may explain another time )
Our curtailed freedoms put a stop to that one .But enough , have had my political discussion for today.
So now these fun items adorn my bedroom door and get strange looks when work men call. My friends .... they know me smile and say "ah Vixen ".
They are a reminder that one can be politically aware and sexy at same time . Hmmm should I send to a certain Deputy P M ...... Oh no ,lets move on to my next picture .

This is my golden fox fur coat.It kept me feeling very warm and all woman in a very cold Berlin winter of minus 18°c.
I enjoy wearing this coat with my long black suede knee boots and black suede gloves .It makes me feel a real Miss Vixen. Winter becomes enjoyable .

Here is my mink . A silky soft dream of a coat ---- ideal for cold days when you wish to be ultra elegant yet warm .
It is mid calf and therefore wonderful no matter what you wear ,or for that matter, how little you wear .
The collar is amazing as it really does protect you from the easterly winds which can be terrible in this part of the world .
The coat is as light as a feather yet so effective .
Indeed both coats are and what is more . Should the rain come they dont let it through . Once indoors you merely shake the fur and hang to dry ... voila .
In a week or so these items must go in storage for the summer . I can truly report that summer is not my season . I will miss the classic elegance and fun of my furs .

Three Years On

It's three years since I wrote the attached piece.
The British Press would not accept it in any form.
Fine . It would be comforting to think that their literary standards were such that my humble efforts fell far short of the criteria ............But ..................
Considering the state of the tabloids and the blinkered patriotism which seeks at all cost to present "the other side " as different , barbaric , and any thing but human , I didnt have much in the way of expectations .
For the record ...The Guardian ( that Blair production ) informed me that I was arrogant.
Actually this was accepted as a compliment . It meant I was not bowing to the 'Our Boys 'sing song '.
So why put this on my blog now ? Several reasons
1) The invasion which was done in the name of Democracy ( yes we all know the truth )is still going on . We were not wanted..We are not wanted..We should leave now .....
2) In just 3 years ,numerous Iraquis have died and daily internet figures make for depressing reading . Messrs Bush and Blair refuse to give a fiugure . I wonder why ?
3) The invading troops have been found guilty of torture ,humilation and have ignored the Geneva convention .Imagine if any other land did such with British or American civilians .
4)The bungling has opened Iraq's borders to any number of outside influences .
5) Can any one please tell me what is the difference between the underground / resistance movement of WW2 and the Insurgents of today ? ( another question of what's in a name )
Mr Blair has stated UK troops will be there until 2010 .Why ?
Is it not enough the illegal sanctions stopped a nation helping itself .
The bloodshed to date is too much and our governments can no longer tell us lies .
To all British and Americans I ask one thing .
Consider how you would feel if your streets buildings and daily lives were controlled by a very insensitive occupying force .Then each and every one of you get writing to your politician.
Just for the record ... you may well benefit . Those high oil prices paid each day are kept artificially so as long as this illegal occupation continues and we all know by whom .


Impressions from Iraq. February 2003

Seeing is believing . How true these words are .
On 17th February 2003 I arrived in Baghdad with a German delegation.
Exhausted after a long journey I skipped the meeting with an architect and went instead for a stroll around the city .
Happening across a theatre I was eager to view this aspect of Iraqi life.
At the box office my delegation badge was spotted , the entry fee waved and I was escorted to my seat.
Arabic is not my language but it did not matter . What I saw was superb slapstick comedy with “Monty Python “ sketches involving drag and much light hearted sexual innuendo . I laughed until I cried .
The people in the audience were interesting. All ages, there were singles, couples and entire families out for an evenings fun . Clearly humour played a an important part in their lives .
For how long would such theatres function under a Shia government ? A likely scenario after any American intervention. Not too long I fear and what a loss that would be .
Considering the ever looming likelihood of war these people were not downcast and this brought to mind the part played by theatre in Britain in similar times .
On meeting the cast ,photos were taken and we drank tea. It was a truly memorable evening.
Later in the week an invitation was received to attend an art exhibition given by the Iraqi Women’s Federation.
Here I met women of all ages ,faiths and backgrounds.Dress was varied, colourful, smart and chic
Many of the women could grace the front cover of Vogue . Knowledge of English was excellent
On meeting a twenty six year old with a degree in English Literature we had a discussion on the Victorian poets .Also the works of Jane Austin . It seems that Pride and Prejudice is a favourite in Iraq. Mr Darcy knows no limits .
On Friday 21st our delegation flew to Basra to visit a mother and baby clinic .
As we stepped from the bus, the air raid sirens warned of an approaching British attack . A typical event in this 'no fly zone'.
Such strikes are regular events and have claimed lives .
This clinic was to reveal many horrors but what remains forever in my mind is a picture of the unnecessary deaths of children from Kala-Azar.( I witnessed three within ten minutes)
This previously eradicated mosquito transmitted disease is now back due to bombed water and sewage plants plus sanctions on pesticides.
The disease is one hundred percent treatable with the drug Pentostam .
Due to some manipulation by the US and UK , the firm Glaxo UK were led to believe that this was dual purpose and therefore sanctioned
The result has been loss of numerous lives ,since ,minus the medication death comes in two months .
Glaxo UK, at last know the truth .They are to resume trading.
Leukaemia, now treated with high success rates is a death sentence for an Iraqi child .
Most of the drugs are forbidden by sanctions .
How could these ever have been seen as lawful ?
Back to Baghdad where the order founded by Mother Teresa (Missionaries of Charity ) has a home.
Four sisters care for twenty one severely handicapped children.
They are helped in their work by local Iraqi people who give food, love and much of their time.
During my stay I made regular visits to be with the children and the sisters .
As a lay sister one is always welcome and an extra pair of hands . Plus it is rather like belonging to a very large family .Sisters at the Berlin mission had sent lots of goodies and long letters. I was to carry many lovely things back to Berlin. News , photos , Iraqi sweetmeats.
The building was given to Mother Teresa many years ago by Saddam Hussein .A document was drawn up stipulating that it be theirs for as long as they wanted to work in Iraq.
These Sisters will remain . They may be bombed ,they may survive but one thing is for sure:-
They will continue in their mission.
Finally I remember the hospitality wherever we went .
On our final evening we were invited to a party .
The food was wonderful and all the neighbours had contributed mouth watering dishes .Musicians were there so dancing was a must .The beer and spirits were plentiful. It was some party .In Iraq I witnessed a truly human and secular society . A welcoming society where people give rather than take .
Is it so vital that we rush into war for the sake of oil ? The destruction such action would bring could be long lasting and open the way for those who seek extreme measures .
The society I witnessed was one Bin laden would loathe .
Secular , fun loving and conscious of women’s rights it is not his idea of an Islamic state.
Any invasion by the West will serve only to enable him and his followers to infiltrate and destroy .
The Iraqi people I met were not greedy . They deserve our respect , it is long overdue.

Saddam Hussein is a dictator . In this he is not alone .
The USA has blood on its hands . Does anyone remember Vietnam ?
Tito , held Yugoslavia together in peace with an iron grip .
Since his death it is chaos and the religious hatred is tragic.
Do we really want to witness an ethnic and religious blood bath in the Middle East ?
For any doubters I refer to the following.
1) Where is the much promised Marshal plan in Afghanistan ?
2) Why other than Kabul is this country in ruins and chaos ?
3) Why are women in Afghanistan still leading subhuman lives ?
Because America has got what it wanted . An oil pipe deal. Their new Ambassador is a former oilman.

Helena Mikas
Berlin March 2003

Monday, May 22, 2006

I must go down to the sea again ......

Oh how I am missing the sea sending me to sleep and waking me ............
Sure there are those who must think this craving is akin to madness . Maybe it is .
Then yesterday I had the nicest thing happen to me . Again ,really simple but for me ,special.
Whilst driving in Ireland I enjoyed the radio , especially RTE lyric fm .
Driving hundreds of kilometers didn't matter with such music and chat . Once back in Berlin I did my homework ,found them on the net , installed as a favourite and sent in a request by email . Never expecting for one minute ........ but ........
Imagine the thrill when I heard that Helena Mikas in Berlin had been in touch .
My wish came true as especially for me they played the aria from The Pearl Fishers .
Yes ,Miss Vixen does have an extremely soft side and the memories this particular piece awakens are lovely.
During my travels ,snippets of it had been on air as part of a contest they were running . Tomorrow at a venue in Wexford some lucky people will enjoy this and so much more at an evening of 'music on the lawn' .
Helena Mikas alias Miss Vixen will be with them in spirit and hoping they get good weather .
Mind you if they are like me they couldn't care less .
For those not familiar with RTE lyric fm do try it .
As for me ---- Inchydoney I am coming back .

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Calling the whole thing off .......

I've made a decision ... Hey don't laugh ...usually takes ages.
No more Green Tea tips . G and T maybe..... but the other... no more ! Why ?
Hmmm it could have been the indulgence in ice cream or may well have been the whisky I was asked to try yesterday . A fabulous pair of new shoes ( red and super sexy) any number of things.
Moderation in most things is the key to health . What does really keep you healthy ?
Had the answer to that confirmed by a German magazine last month . Think anyone can guess correctly minus a prompt. Add to that a passion for fur ,shoes and boots and I for one can report feeling better than on any amount of Green Tea .
So am calling the green tea mini blog off.

PS Hope you like the silver fox picture....Had just removed it !

Saturday, May 20, 2006

This was seen in a shop in Hastings Old Town ..On reading it you will be left
wondering why any of us need Health Services .So great is the list of ailments all of which can be cured by these wonder herbs . Indeed it appears more like a medical book .( my mother would have loved it ).
On peering through the window and noting the lack of customers /patients ( maybe they were all cured ) I decided to say "pass" . It all sounded rather too good to be true, plus -----------
You cant have lived in Germany and not be familiar with the following :-
"für Risiko und Nebenwirkung sprechen Sie mit iherer Arzt oder Apotheke "
In other words , for risks and side effects talk to your Doctor or Pharmacist.

So whilst on the health theme , here is the sixth tip extolling Green Tea .
F is for Flu The anti viral catechins in green tea help ward off flu.
Is this all hocus pocus ? Are we all so conditioned to expect super medicaments , developed at some astronomical cost ?
I know what I think but right now am off to drink coffee, then out to enjoy ice cream.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Miss Vixen is back in Berlin .

This particular vixen arrived home shortly before midnight last night .
LHR lived up to it's usual chaos with delays galore . Still ,having stretched out on an extremely comfy sofa drinking champagne and eating delicious food brought for me by the waitress .... I was not complaining .
The BA First Class Lounge is all that makes this airport bearable !!
As usual the special 'buzz' coming in to land at TXL . Efficiency greeted the flight and soon a taxi was whisking me home .
No unpacking . Under the covers and slept with lovely dreams ......................
Today the sun has shone . The gardens are a mass of flowers and the greenery a match for Ireland .
I'm thinking coats and am delighted to report that a letter awaited me from my furrier. New designs it seems are on the way..

Now for today's Green Tea Tip .

E is for E.G.C.G. This powerful antioxidant present in green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells .

After Guinness, Gin and Tonic and Champagne I really do need some convincing.
That particular alcoholic trinity are hard to beat !

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Miss Vixen at Dublin Airport

So this is where it all began and now ---- the return journey is underway but not at all unpleasant.
Having checked in and rid myself of baggage I'm in the Anna Livia lounge and able to relax,check my emails etc ,etc .
Looking back it's fair to say that -----
Have had a sensational time with so many terrific encounters .....
Have driven and loved every minute of it .
Have seen the sea and feel better for that .
Have eaten superb food and acquired a taste for Guinness.
Have found a fur coat to my liking and am planning on the acquisition of such .
Have also discovered another source for this passion of mine. More travel needed to check this one out.
Have enjoyed smiling faces and happy voices . ( so ok Galway is grim but it's not all of Ireland )
Have delighted in smoke free eating places and bars .These I will really miss.
Well done Ireland in standing up to the Tobacco Mafia and conglomerates who have such control over the catering industry elsewhere.
Off to Istanbul in the next few weeks . Then it's hi once again to Dublin and Inchydoney............

D is for .---------

Today D is for many things......... My last day in DUBLIN , therefore it is enough to make you feel DOWN as DEPARTURE time looms large .
But enough of such .Last night was terrific fun and the rain stayed away .
This morning there is sunshine ( Miss Vixen has worked her magic again )

The daily Green tea Tip is as follows :------

D is for Diabetes. Studies confirm green tea's ability to lower blood sugar levels.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Medical mini blog 1

C is for Cholesterol. Green tea can assist the reduction being rich in catechins polyphenols.

After a wonderful but rich diet these last weeks I would need to drink gallons of the beverage... Somehow I dont envisage it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Boot Camp Co Galway .

It's the last full day here in Galway and as expected ,there are no tears in my eyes.
The truth is you should never return to a place you have fond yet distant memories of .
Salthill and Galway are ,for me ,ruined . Blackpool is the still the best comparison .The town planners have made a mess here. Tacky sums it up. This is merely Miss Vixen's opinion for what it's worth . You may think differently . In which case , please let me know .......with reasons why .
Two other things are worthy of note and these are :-
1)This place lacks the friendliness found elsewhere .Eye contact and greetings being the exception rather than the rule. This observation is not just mine . Irish people I have met feel much the same .
2) Along the promenade and in the streets at all hours one observes the public almost 'marching' with a gait which is somewhat a cross between Nordic walking and Olympic walking . I have even noted that those pushing wheelchairs do so in the same manner .
Strolling is just not seen here . Movement is intense, earnest and appears altogether grim.
In keeping with the concrete jungle which has removed all traces of charm for me .
The lyrics of the song 'Galway Bay 'have run through my head. Believe me reader , when I next "Go across the sea to Ireland" ,it will not be to this place .
As usual I have met some lovely indíviduals but they too are all set for leaving .
It comes as no surprise .

Today's taste

B is for Brocolli..One cup of green tea conatains more antioxidants than a serving of brocolli or carrots.

( since I am no fan of either the above mentioned vegetables this is NOT a great selling point.)
However it has the potential to be a useful fact,for ... you never know when you may need this tip ...
Could be a question on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire "

As for me .....I'm off for a naughty Irish Breakfast with lots of coffee. Enjoy your day.

Everyone is Doing it .

Seems the alphabet is an 'in way 'of illustrating how much can be attributed to a person or a product .
Yesterday I presented an A B C of sorts to discuss Joan Collins .
Today whilst out with a friend in Galway I picked up :-
The A to Z of Green Tea .........................................
It's so impressive that each day you will receive one letter of this wonder .
If at the end of 26 mini blogs you aren't drinking green tea then all I can say is you are a tough one to convince.
Yes I did try some . It was pleasant but honesty has me reporting that the Guinness ordered later was by far the nicer drink.

A is for Arthritis. Green tea can help and prevent this condition.

More tomorrow .......

Sunday, May 14, 2006

An A B C of sorts .

She is :------ AMAZING .

Also :-------BEAUTIFUL.

She has :------CHARISMA.

Fur sure :-----DIVA LIKE.


Is famed as:---FABULOUS.

Also as :-----GLAMOROUS.

Men find her:--HOT.

Women find her:---INSPIRATIONAL

Her name begins with :--J

No way is she a :----KITTEN .

Her looks are :-----LOVELY.

Some say :------MAGNIFICENT.

Huntsman thinks she is :---NAUGHTY.

2nd letter of surname is:- O

Husband's name begins with:-- P

She auditoned for :--QUEEN CLEOPATRA

And at this point I'm giving you a chance to guess ...... not very hard hard is It ?
A clue is THE BITCH ------------- see I told you-------- easy ------------
Yes Joan Collins .
In the theatre she was fascinating and lived up to my expectations . Well almost.
At the end of the show ,her departure from the stage was swift .Then followed a game of hide and seek with her fans by refusing to depart the Theatre in public view .
A more orderly group at the stage door,one had yet to see and no more than twenty in number.
I for one found this sad . However annoying the public may seem they are a part of the equation of stardom .The Diva appeared to have forgotton this .
It appears she had experienced delays coming from Torquay.Hmmmm after my nightmare journey, I know the feeling well .
Next time I think she should consider a helicopter and come to think of it I may have just the right number for her.
Now this next part could be risky ...... I wonder what an A B C of sorts on miss vixen would read like ????? Reader you are welcome to send me your 'thoughts '

Nothing Compares !!!

It's not the rain . It's not the fact that I've driven for four hours . Its not the out of order DSL connection ( Miss Vixen had that problem resolved with the management in no time ).It's not the knowledge that a bedroom on this floor has a bees nest by the bed ..........
No.It is because I have been in paradise. After that 'nothing compares'
Galway is bigger now and so is Salthill. It's too built up for me and lacks romance, passion and solitude ( yes those two latter adjectives can go together ).
Berlin is my city .........When in busy places I find myself comparing and rarely favourably .
That is why Inchydoney was so special . It was unique and there I will return .
Galway is a sort of Irish Blackpool .. It will be amusing rain or sun and yes right now we do have rain . But come Wednesday morning there will be no sad feelings on departing from here .
Or will there ? I could be wrong .. Let's see .......

Friday, May 12, 2006

So far -----------

To be woken by a roaring sea is so much better than by traffic .
A shower followed by breakast .What a feast that turns out to be . Every possible culinary delight is available here. Dangerous but delicious. Today a swim came first ....... What a heavenly way to start the day ....Hmmmm can think of just one other that surpasses it !
Then a walk along the beach where I discovered a cave full of sensational pebbles .
Having found one to match the vixen criteria of pebble perfection my journey continued to the cliff tops where a spectacular view lay before the eyes.
But enough . There are things to do places to see. I have :------
A) eaten food which was prepared and presented by a true artist ,
B) met a wonderful woman who was getting engaged to an English man .( this amazing couple came back to give me their email address).
C) Had a therapy which left my legs feeling brand new .
D) Experienced a sensation of "no time"
E) Slept in the deepest of sleeps with wonderful dreams.

Stress, worry, fear, anxiety,problems have no place here -----What is more I am of the opinion that for those who suffer from depression or similar conditions , a week in such a place as Inchydoney would help more than any amount of medication .
This is a place to revisit . Tomorrow I drive to Galway but a part of me will forever remain on Inchydoney island.

Was Yeats here ?

" In dancing silver-sandaled on the sea, sing in their high and lonely melody. Come near,that no more blinded by man's fate,I find under the boughs of love and hate, in all poor foolish things that live a day. Eternal beauty wandering on her way."

Yeats .

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Miss Vixen or Ryan's Daughter

I left Dublin airport today after a nerve wracking struggle with road signs that leave much to be desired .
The journey was pleasant enough and en route several St Pats of the road were kind enough to help me out with direction .These guys get a 9 out of 10 for charm plus, plus !
Why not 10 you may ask ? Simple ...... nobody is perfect .
The scenery can best be described as rolling , gentle and impressive but nothing was to prepare me for Clonakilty and Inchydoney Island .
The sea mist ,rising and floating inland and across the bonnet of the car created an almost fairy tale setting . Winding roads ,sea ,mountains and there I was ----
Inchydoney Spa .
After a welcome with sherry I was shown to my room .Much pampering lies ahead .
Then followed a meal and a walk down to the beach .In a setting that had me feeling more like Ryan's Daughter I walked along the sands. The tide was out but still very loud . To watch it rolling and hear it roaring was pure sensual magic . Ones taste , smell, vision and touch all fused together to create something akin to an extra ordinary orgasm !
Nothing and nobody can stop the amazing force of the ocean and I for one feel secure in this knowledge .
Ryan's daughter was a miss vixen .. .. .. She was a romantic ,passionate, loved her clothes and knew what she wanted .
Those who have seen the film know she was to pay the price for being her 'own person .'
Why I wonder does society fear such individualism ??
As for the real miss vixen . I will make do with sea , spa treatments ,fine food and well anything after that is ,as they say ..... a bonus .

Molly Malone cannot compete

Today has been another fun day. Great weather too .
The following are just a few of my activities :-
1/A certain bookshop where the discussion was animated and fascinating.
2/Shopping in Grafton Street .
3/A visit to a Carmelite Church where I was amazed at the number of people queuing to confess . None of them took long . I decided to remain the sinner I am rather than risk creating an even longer line .
4/Clarendon Street for special cosmetic purchases . Did you know that a certain amazing brand of makeup is no longer available in Germany or UK ?
Lots of stores in Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and Dubai sell it.Other than these quite a few in Ireland do .
5/ Tried the silver fox fur coat on yet again.It is so beautiful and so me !
6/Discovered the joys of Eddy Rocket Diner .
7/Had my photographs developed and put on disc.
8/ Heard from gorilla ..

My conclusion is that :-
In Dublin's fair city I am more than --- "Alive alive oh "

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What a Day

The first full day in Dublin was amazing fun .
First stop was the Sinn Fein Book store . A must see in every sense of the word .
The T Shirts on sale were very tempting , especially those making reference to Thatcher . Apparently sales are brisk .But for the round neck I would have bought .
On then to a hop on / hop off bus ,tour bus and it wasn't long until I had spotted a fur shop .
We had to go in and yes, there was a wonderful silver fox fur coat. Sensual , sexy , sophisticated ....... Seventh heaven is the best way to describe my feelings . Photos taken show me a very happy vixen. Prices were discussed and I am 'considering ' purchase.
From there to the Guinness Store . Here I have to say the pint of Guinness at the end of the 'tour ' is a must .
Back to the bus with rather wobbly legs we stayed on board until where ever ! All I do know is that Guinness makes miss vixen tipsy and the sight of the Dublin tram line has me hysterical with laughter ....... Reader there is a reason for this . More photographs and then out and in to the country .
Just eleven miles from Dublin Centre and I could well have believed this was indeed Cork .
There, a spectacular meal was cooked for me. Red wine was served and it's great to report that Jamie Oliver could not have done a better job .
I do have some lovely friends and one had made sure that I had had a day never to be forgotton..........
Chauffered back to my hotel I fell asleep under the covers

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Miss Vixen in Dublin

It was pouring with rain when I left Hastings today. Still ,the train was on time . Mind you for me to to catch it, the manager of the Hotel offered a lift to the station as no taxis were available at that hour. They were busy with "school runs" . So poor is the Hastings bus service that children commandeer the majority each day.
Lucky that my Vixen eyes are the right colour.
LHR was as ever ......... No words can describe this place . However, again I was lucky (Must be the eyes !) A text arrived from a contact in Ireland inviting me to telephone them and they would call me back . This I did and an hour later was still sitting on my luggage trolley passing the time .
So it was with a good feeling that I boarded the Aerlingus flight to Dublin .
Dublin was described as being overcast yet within minutes of landing the sun was shining .... A night out at Temple Bar proving good fun . Even more so in the company of a bright designer who is presenting a new theme to Guinness tomorrow .
In less than twenty four hours I have experienced so much kindness ,friendliness and fascination today . There was also the elderly Irish couple..... Married forty years ,the wife is now of the opinion it rates as a ridiculous institution. Her wit and dry humour being matched by that of her husband . Then a French woman who got talking to me . The waitress from Prague and so many more .
Travel is sometimes exhausting and can be full of setbacks but it always enables you to experience the good in others not to mention being given the chance to peep into the window of their life.
Joan Collins you may ask . What about the remarkable Joan ?
Reader you will have to wait . I promise you will be getting a piece .

Friday, May 05, 2006

Blake's Jerusalem !!

If I say today has been a terrible day I am not telling a lie .
First the shower did not wish to work .The management had to come and fix it. Then the broadband connection for the PC had a spook which played tricks with the signal strength disconnecting just as one pressed send . After that , just to make life a teeny bit more stressed it removed all network availability from my mobile phone .
Oh truly fabulous !! The hotel then had problems opening an outside line for my phone ..
A friend in Berlin who is a whiz with time tables has been trying to find an alternative route to LHR for Monday . No matter what I do it will take hours and as they said ( any patriotic zealots do take note ,friend is British)" UK is anything but reliable so ultimately timetables mean very little."
Is this a major world player of a country? In my opinion no , not at all.
Yes, I now live in a country and city where things do work . Before I left Britain years ago I knew things were far from right .They are now so diabolical it horrifies me .
What is even more frightening is that the general public feel that to openly express discontent is being a traitor . Blake's Jerusalem is functioning rather like the former DDR. Oh what a black joke that is .

My Nightmare of the Fourth

Nobody suffers jet lag due to a Berlin / London flight ! Indeed ,even on the longest journey I'm fine .
However nothing punishes me as much as "British Rail Lag",
Today I can report feeling , disoriented , sleepy and fractious . All of which is highly distressing to.............. Miss Vixen !
With a body that is acclimatized to order , service ,cleanliness and manners the shock of LHR to Charing Cross mainline station plus the horrors that then followed at Charing Cross and reader I cannot wait to leave !!!!
Having been told to go to another station ( yes MORE technical problems were plaguing BR ) yet three times not allowed through the barrier in time to catch the train , I ended up nearly fainting on platform 5 of London Bridge. That due to being made to go platform to platform all minus luggage trolley, elevators, any form of assistance and in 26°c
My BA flight had landed at 13:15 yet I did not get on a train until 17:15.
When I did the journey took nearly one and half hours . No drinks trolley, people sitting on the floor and I for one ,didn't find the toilets .
I've resolved never again to visit this country .
I am a British Citizen and yes ,still pay tax to this country.
Yet it would appear amongst other ridiculous things they are also too busy spending on :-
a) keeping troops where they should never be .
b) paying toward hairdressers bills !
c) footing the bill for a private jet for a PM who is not content with BA.

Nobody seems bothered by such .......
Brainwashed from birth to believe that "Brittania Rules the Waves ". Have I got news for them.
They certainly don't have any ideas as to how to run a network of efficient transport and so much more .
Let's hope The Joan Collins concert is worth it ...............

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

fur.............electric or otherwise.

The following is a sign seen in a Swedish furriers :-

"Fur coats made for ladies from their own skins "

Not sure that I would have enough to make a waistcoat since today was my day for a visit to Deniz .Deniz is Turkish and her personality and skills ensure that women travel many miles to be beautified .
The salon in Schöneberg is a joy to visit .One comes away feeling sensational .
From top to toe my skin feels ultra soft and silky .Eyes brows are curved and resemble two musical slurs .
Though I'm not entirely sure what the poet E E Cummings would think of other things.

In his work ---'i like my body when it is with your body "
He writes the following :-

i like,slowly stroking the shocking fuzz of your electric fur and what is it comes over parting flesh ......

You see my electric fur is no more ! Much as I am a foxy lady and enjoy my coats,electric fur is a variety that I never wear .
Yet something tells me that were E E Cummings still alive he would enjoy the opportunity of more delightful skin .

Some photographs were taken at the salon today . As soon as possible a few of these will be added.
Watch this space ..............

Would You Believe It ?

Huntsman has attempted to redeem himself .
Several text messages arrived in the early hours informing me that he had sent email with some of my photographs. ( see blog Gotcha Huntsman 28th March).
Ah ha , seems a few did escape the 'Molly Button '.
For his defense he claims computer illiteracy.
Hmmmmm...... the Miss Vixen Jury is still out on this one .
Whilst the teacher in me says ,"full marks for trying with maybe a little time in the naughty chair .... the Foxy Lady says, " careful , the latter,he could well enjoy.
I wonder what your verdict would be ?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


For the last week I've been getting organized for my trip to UK and Ireland.
At first this had me excited if not exhuberant. Now however with just 48 hours to go I am already considering the return date .....(packing for a climate which is so unreliable has at last got to me ). My bedroom ,strewn with clothing for every type of weather is looking more like a war zone .
Yes this feeling is always so and when ,on Thursday when the British Airways flight actually departs , I will commence check off and count down until my return.
The buzz experienced on hearing "ladies and gentlemen we are now approaching Tegel Airport ", plus the view be it daytime or night never diminishes ..............
Berlin is a city where Volksfest ( funfairs ) have always played an important role for all .
In the days of a divided city the west had three such events .
One in the former British sector organized by the Germans . This was in October.
The second was staged in the American Sector and was in summer .
The third and my favourite, was held in May /June in Tegel , the former French sector. Each year there was a specific French theme , lots of gourmet food , wine and CanCan dancers . Evenings spent there were pure magic . The rides wild , dangerous and thrilling.
On some you could actually see all of TXL airport . At night time it resembled a gigantic birds nest with the aircraft appearing more like huge white birds asleep.
To this day Berlin has maintained the annual Volksfest at Tegel . On my return I will be able to see it under construction as we come in to land .
The following piece of fun was inspired by a night at the Tegel Funfair :-


Safe sex need not be boring ...... far from it
Indeed I think I've found the answer.
And from the look of things........hundreds have
But do they know it ?
I wonder.
Funfairs , Volksfest,call them what you will.
An orgasm costs two euro .... three for a real heaven and earth experience.
It's true ,try it and see!
And should you say, "Oh no such things are not for me "
The chances are you'd say the same in bed .
But ,if like me you relish that glorious surge,
Body tingling with racing heart beat.
Not to mention ecstatic crying out ,.....well
Roll up, roll up, try a fun fair .

Helena Mikas in Berlin.