Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frederick The Great & The Titanic Centre .

Frederick the Great was born in Berlin and this year the Germans are marking the 300th birthday of this astonishing man. All over the city one sees such posters advertising the huge exhibition at the German Historical Museum.( 21st March -29th July) See above. They read Frederick the Great - respected, revered, reviled.
If you are in Berlin try to couple this with a visit to Sans Souci ,Potsdamm.
Then over the waters to Belfast where the Titanic Centre opens to the public on March 31st to mark the 100years since this ship, built in Belfast and deemed unsinkable , set sail to encounter an iceberg. To give you some idea look at the interactive site by visiting :-
It will have you rushing to book a flight and your entrance fee.
Both cities are spectacular,offer much and are ultra friendly. Likewise they have superb transport services. No prizes for guessing who is off to both events as soon as possible.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Stars' and Planets

Berlin was like high summer today and the skies those one sees in a travel brochure . Blue was the colour but one couldn't have been 'blue' . The Echo awards were to be held at night and my favourite landmark took on a radiant blue to light up the night sky. The crowds waiting to see those whose names meant very little to me were many and very lively . I managed but a few photographs ,enjoying the atmosphere & most of all the buzz of two planets (Venus and Jupiter) visible to the naked eye and able to be filmed .Thus said my awards go to the Funkturm which has been a shining light for many a year and these two planets (see second video) even longer. Can one measure such time? The 'beautiful 'people come and go but planets remain and long may the Funkturm .

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day , Berlin 2012

Great weather , terrific costumes , fun, indeed all you could wish for on this day which was the focal point of The St Patrick's Festival Berlin 2012.Organized by the Irish community it was as lively as a sack full of leprechauns....... Enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

ITB Berlin Day 1 For The Public

Well was it worth visiting ? Yes for sure. Did I see everything ? No way .With so many countries present just too much in a day.
It was simply wonderful and great to see how much Germany is doing to promote all it has to offer in tourism .
Britain and Ireland were excellent, though I have to say how surprised I was that there was no mention of the Olympic games and The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Wandering with certain countries as 'must sees' was my solution and it worked. Tomorrow is the closing day , so a last chance for any one reading this to go and see, savour and sip the best of many destinations. Confession, I sipped quite a lot .
*the music track for this film is a little short but :- .a) sunny is asscociated with holidays and Sunnyside Of The Street is a favourite number of mine. So no apologies .Merely one word - ENJOY

Friday, March 09, 2012

Berlin ITB 2012

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This years ITB began this week . Here you see the Messe Berlin decked out in all it's glory . Will I be going ? Sincerely hope so . Open to the publc Saturday and Sunday this week if it's like previous years it will make for a fascinating day out . Let's see.