Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frederick The Great & The Titanic Centre .

Frederick the Great was born in Berlin and this year the Germans are marking the 300th birthday of this astonishing man. All over the city one sees such posters advertising the huge exhibition at the German Historical Museum.( 21st March -29th July) See above. They read Frederick the Great - respected, revered, reviled.
If you are in Berlin try to couple this with a visit to Sans Souci ,Potsdamm.
Then over the waters to Belfast where the Titanic Centre opens to the public on March 31st to mark the 100years since this ship, built in Belfast and deemed unsinkable , set sail to encounter an iceberg. To give you some idea look at the interactive site by visiting :-
It will have you rushing to book a flight and your entrance fee.
Both cities are spectacular,offer much and are ultra friendly. Likewise they have superb transport services. No prizes for guessing who is off to both events as soon as possible.

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