Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Fly Me To The Moon '

Hardly Ella Fitzgerald but seeing this , and zooming in , had me away on high and at such dizzy heights , all is believable ! Dreams are part of life's magic.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Goth In Miss V .


My new apartment is still far from in order but maybe that's due to being so busy buying lovely items . Here you see me in my favourite --- 'black' . The little scarf is from silk on which are printed skulls . Not every ones thing but mine. Ka De We was on the agenda today and there I bought these truly beautiful silver earrings to complete the outfit and enhance many more. Well put it this way ,I never was the sort for stripes or flowers !
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

From Boogie Crash to The Sunny Side of The Street.

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that even with the greatest ,things can go wrong . Secondly,that Helena Mikas is never minus a camera.Last year at Kleine Weltlaterne Otto Hamborg had given us an evening of sensational music. Then with the final piece his exuberance took over.His hand caught a huge picture - this fell and both the guitarist plus Otto were well and truly , smashed by it. Fortunately it wasn't heavy ,nobody was hurt,though shaken if not stirred. Only later did I realize I'd captured the moment ! Otto was given a copy of this 'magic' event,he liked it . His wife made a DVD of it called Boogie Crash . They gave me a copy and last night said to put on YouTube and share the moment .So here you see two videos .One with my old cheap cam and the second with my new. What you do hear is great music , people and talent. Last night Otto said he found this DVD more fun than one with ten numbers .Thanks Otto for giving me the green light . Thanks also to the other musicians. And a very special 'well done' to Musuem Flux for a marvellous evening .It was memorable .

Friday, April 23, 2010

Panasonic and Percussion -- Two Passions !

At last, two challenges resolved, ie) viewing videos and downsizing large JPEGs . The 1st dilemma was sorted with quite a lot of help from Panasonic UK .Still need lots of practice as their YouTube up loader doesn't work . BUT my geekette nature won the day .
Secondly, discovered a nice toy from Microsoft which is a really nifty down sizer .
Here you see the rather impressive function of the Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10 in poor lighting and with none too good acoustics . Cookie is an amazing drummer .Indeed this entire group are fabulous .Thanks AckiHoffmann and friends.

Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10

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Helena's Song
Here I go again ,I hear the shutters clicking now, All a doooo da ,Taking a chance once more.
Here I tear my hair and wonder where oh where oh where ,are the movies ,shot tonight
Now if you think that I am a loony , Then maybe you'd be right ,
For this the latest Lumix ... has me up so late at night.
So here I go again , I hear the shutters clicking now , All a doooo da . Taking a chance one more .

The above should be sung to the tune of Taking A Chance On Love .
You see, I have a passion for Panasonic but boy it's one tricky love affair . Here are a few shots . Way too big and no idea how to downsize as Windows cant do it. Plus.
The mini movies made have appeared as Adobe on my laptop and will not open with anything . Tonight's mystery will be tomorrows challenge .

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Very Plain , Plane Stupid.

Those back to the middle ages British activists at Plane Stupid— A group set on bringing down the aviation industry is so delighted with the Volcanic ash incident that they very STUPIDLY say:—“huge swathes of people across the country are being treated to a taster of a much better quality of life.” minus “constant drone of aircraft overhead”
What a load of rot these appropriately named group jabber !
As extreme as any fundamentalist religious group they are not happy in the present. Thus like some crazed Luddites they seek to smash what is good. Are they aware of the knock on effect on post, parts for industry etc , foodstuffs. Seemingly not, as they sit in candlelight by their spinning wheels. Like blazes they do.Their talk is as much hot air as that from the Icelandic Volcano. By the way, where I wonder ,was HRH Prince Charles [ he of carbon footprint belief] at the recent state funeral in Poland ? Was Euro Star and connecting train too mundane for him ? Or merely a question of too much time out of his pleasurable pursuits ? Jets are so quick and well,when one is HRH, one's carbon footprint is errrr different .

Monday, April 19, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen Schimmel Palace-Nein Nie Wieder

The pictures say it all as ' Miss Vixen the thinker' says farewell to 'schimmel the stinker'with fantastic help from Synanon . A group to support in the knowledge they support and work hard for their clients . Rare in these days. Removal was Easter weekend and today I used the Synanon clean up service to render a certain apartment more than fit for a certain Hausverwaltung.I said a firm no to the cleaning of one room as it stands to show the sort of workperson they sent to me a year ago .They can deal with that .

tip for today :-
if you are relocating in Germany, use Synanon removal service. Also for cleaning.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Steak, Jazz and F Born is back at The Yorkschlösschen

Today has been a pretty good day all round . After a lazy start off to the Yorkschlösschen to enjoy lunch plus four hours of Acki Hoffmann and Friends.

What a wonderful surprise to see Fritz Born ,their regular drummer arrive and play several pieces. After being ill this guy is bouncing back with his great smile and talent to match .In his absence 'Cookie' Sagel has played ,so today was a double whammy .. two greats ! In the collage you see the group and Cookie doing vocals whilst Fritz plays drums . Later he's back on drums .The hours flew by but not before there was a special to be played for guess who ? Clue .. You Are My Sunshine .With sunshine out of doors and inside it was amost a 'heatwave .'

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Before and After



The little red apple like object on my side table was bought last week .With a smiley face it could be gripped and twisted into any shape creating a variety of expressions ! Sales pitch informed me that not only did it strengthen hand muscles but relieved stress. As you know there has been rather too much of this in my life of late so I decided it was a must have . Sure enough it proved fun until yesterday when, on giving it an extra hard squeeze it burst, covering me , my notebook , clothes , sofa , carpet with a strange white substance .The quantity was astonishing .Reader it took me over an hour to clear up , change clothes , have a shower and of course rescue my notebook . [Praise be here for Bobbie Brown make up brushes.] As for stress ? .... Sky high. My advice to any who see these items and feel tempted ---- BEWARE. They may be small but the contents go a very long way .
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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Music For Today and Every Day !

Yesterday I woke to hear this being played on Irish Radio .Later I browsed YouTube and this particular performance impressed me. It is ,the final movement of an astonishing symphony which never ceases to fill me with such joy .It is so powerful,emotional and the word beautiful is simply not enough.Listen and enjoy. Details of the symphony , composer etc ,are to be read on screen.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

My Easter Sunday

No eggs , no trips out ---but --- a fantastic sleep which enabled me to achieve quite a lot and in so doing ,' resurrect' myself . Much needed after the last months ! It would be a lie to say have done the lot , though truth to report a massive inroad made . Here's a much happier Miss V and the Funkturm illuminated as dusk falls.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

From Schimmel Palace to Junkyard

At the unearthly hour of 7:30 am removal men were ringing my bell .

Thus began a day best described as HELL . Oh the efficiency was astonishing ,and one could but marvel at their strength . Yet my mind was too muzzy and confused to keep track of things . On closing the door ,I caught a bus to my new abode . Thank heavens a friend met me at this new address . What a support she was .

Some one once said ,"if you have one true friend , then you have more than your share " .So yes , I'm fortunate .Men kept bringing in boxes which I no longer had a clue about . A part of my sofa is AWOL and the washing machine has decided to become incontinent !

Ideal homes is not my scene but this is how things are at 22.39 Easter Saturday night . Its pretty terrible , overwhelming and a trip up trap at each and every turn .

The metamorphosis will take a while . Meanwhile as another friend has pointed out --- enjoy sleeping in a schimmel free new apartment . After getting up at 6am today I could sleep on a washing line ! Also revel in the new view , which , if you look at the collage you'll see.

Happy Easter to all . No eggs for me .Merely cartons and more of the same .