Friday, December 31, 2010

Taking A Chance .


The end of yet another year is ticking away . I imagine that for all it's been a year full of happenings .Some good , some negative . That, as they say. is life . Looking back on 2010 it's my wish to choose three highlights . There have been more --but my favourites are:-
1) I found a new apartment and since moving in have been extremely happy. The location ,the structure , the facilities , all serve to enhance life .My removal was around Easter time so very apt for a new start .
2) The amazing Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10, purchased around the same time has brought endless pleasure and if the 'hits' on YouTube are any thing to go by , some of my videos have brought pleasure to others .
3) In July ,I had the most wonderful birthday ever. Spent in Luxembourg at the Blues Express Festival. The Dr Feelgood group gave me a present no money could buy . They played my favourite song as a special and with a dedication. This was filmed and gives me such a kick.
So there we are . As for 2011 let's wait and see . A 'chance' literally and metaphorically . In the photo you see a wonderful chair . This in a superb Berlin coffee shop . Comfort plus,it rotates and can seat two. I was fascinated . The young lady who served me took the time and trouble to ask her manager the supplier. A firm known as Who's Perfect ,this item is the design Chance . Plus it's available in black. Something to enhance my wonderful new apartment .
Each year gives us a chance to change our life and maybe this will be my chance for a special reason.The following words from Eleanor Roosevelt are among my favourites and help .

"I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face. I say to myself, I've lived through this and can take the next thing that comes along. We must do the things we think we cannot do." --

Eleanor Roosevelt.

I do know that this coming year is the year I should undergo massive orthopaedic surgery.. It will change my life for the better ,yet I do have fear . Eleanor's words are spot on ..
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boxing Day Then Berlin Woman's Day .

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It continues a very happy Christmas for me and my wish is that all have experienced so much joy .
On Boxing Day, Berlin temperatures dropped.(note ice on the river)Standing deep in snow I watched seven swans a swimming doing their best to navigate flows .Then on to meet with friends for a concert of Christmas Organ music . Held in candle light the programme was beautiful. Later followed a rather good meal over which we had chance to swap stories amid much laughter. Monday 27th was special for a double reason .
The birthday of Berlin Woman ( see my links) a date which she shares with Marlene Dietrich . Thus there was a party and when an invitation was received ,I accepted. The snow continued to fall and was even deeper but as ever the BVG made travel possible. With minimal effort I crossed the city to enjoy a fantastic party. Berlin Woman is truly remarkable . She has a brilliant and genuine personality.As one of her guests put it " she is a communications bomb ". Very true plus like a magnet she attracts. Refreshing, especially in a world where many wear an armour which signals " stay away from me " .Yes, Berlin Woman is a very radiant light .Hence I've taken it upon myself to rename 27 December -Berlin Woman's' Day
Tonight yet another event and so it continues all week....All I can say is 'watch this space and may you too have a wonderful time .Remember , each and every moment is precious and people more precious than pearls .

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very White Christmas

This was no dream it was reality , but a rather lovely one . The afternoon was spent walking and filming around Lietzensee which looked so beautiful blanketed in white .
Then later off to an evening of musical fun at the Gendarmenmarkt. It was bitterly cold but the crowds were there and so were the performers .Trio Scho ,(bass , accordion and violin) were fantastic as were DIE ARTISTOKRATEN a group who juggled , walked high wire and braved the icy weather in next to nothing . Finally we had Acki Hoffmann and friends who ,true to form were brilliant . How any of these musicians managed to play defeats me . With leather gloves my hands were like ice . They had none ... I kept imagining their breath would actually freeze ....Showmanship . There should be captions with each picture but some how my photo editor is playing games . Apologies . A video with Tri Scho follows :-

Seasons Greetings From Berlin.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Foxy Lady Films 'Foxy Lady'

So here's BVFL ie Berlin's Very Foxy Lady suitably clad for her day out in the chilly city today. Then a video made at Die Kleine Weltlaterne where Otto Hamborg and the Vier Takter were playing .What a must video therefore when we were treated to the piece Foxy Lady .It was, as ever ,a superb evening .
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice ..Happy Holiday

Pictured above you see Wittenau Church photographed today at 5pm from the bus stop where I stood feeling more akin to a 'frozen monkey ' . Yet somehow the illuminated church seemed to give off warmth .
The drink you see is a 'special' night cap which goes under the name of 'JJ's Raiser' . If like me you have low blood pressure , you can easily faint or black out .... not very nice . Thus when a pharmacist told me about the terrific beneficial properties of Sekt as a bedtime tipple I was eager to try . Make a Bucks Fizz ie ) sekt + orange juice and for extra power with health benefits add some pomegranate seeds . Result ..... fabulous ! One sleeps well ,wakes bright eyed and with a normal bp . Good medicine . Enjoy the Winter Solstice and don't forget ... it's GOD day .
Finally here's a short video shot in the early hours on my snowy balcony in the bitter cold .Worth every shiver :-

Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent in Potsdam

Here are the facts as written in Wikipedia:-
Potsdam is the capital city of the German federal state of Brandenburg and is part of the Metropolitan area of Berlin/Brandenburg.
Here are some more 'facts' from Ms Vixen :-
Potsdam is a beautiful city where one finds delightful architecture, good food , and fine fashion shopping . At this time of year it is home to a small but tasteful Advent market .
Today was a fun day ... indulging myself in books , an Advent Candle supremo and other seasonal items .In the collage you see a Trabi decorated with smaller cars. The food is Polish , Shashlik ( kebabs ) and Bigos ( stew). Roast chestnuts , french fries and gluhwein were also eaten with gusto .Every mouthful , wonderful . I can honestly say that not only is a visit to Potsdam always worthwhile but, it can make your Christmas shopping a relaxed pleasure as opposed to some mad fight in huge crowds . Leave the car , take the train , SBahn and then a tram from the main station. Have lunch there in any one of the superb places or indulge on the Advent Market .

Maybe both !

Friday, December 10, 2010

En Route For A White Christmas ?

Looking around the city today one could say "yes " to the above title/question. However ,still some days to go . With boots ,thick jacket and scarf it was a lovely day to be out and about .

Downside being ,this is not the weather to ride a bike . Theodor Heuss Platz looked beautiful as indeed did the KuDamm with decorations and so much colour . Ka De We was a must visit and to round off this rather wintry day , what nicer than a superb Indian meal . If ,like me you enjoy good Indian cuisine do try the Kabir Excellent food and sensational service . Christmas was never 'my time' but I can report that so far I'm enjoying this slow run up . Hope you are

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ms Vix and her Fix .

At the end of September all sugar was cut from my diet for medical reasons .To be honest I haven't missed it except in this form . Rosinen Schnecken ,my favourite pastry . In Neue Kant Strasse there is a sensational French Bakery known as Aux Delices Normands GmbH. Their rolls, quiche , cakes and pastries are the best in Berlin, as indeed is the coffee. Whilst partaking of which I spotted my once upon a time 'fix' favourites .How the taste buds tingled and what will power it took to say "no" to that inner self which tried to coax me to have but one . Look at all those raisins . Try Aux Delices Normands , the owner has three such places in the city. As for me ,I still get to enjoy their savouries. Not all is lost .
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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

World Aids day 2010

Today is World Aids Day. A day set aside to further promote awareness and educate the public . So it was I was back once more at the Galli Theatre where a very special performance of Der Troja -Trick , a play written by Johnnes Galli, concerning this theme was performed.
Written with a teenage audience in mind it concentrates on responsibility , mindfulness and self esteem. It also poses the question, "when does one say yes and when does one say no ?"
A cast of five, two men and three women put on a performance that was fun , lighthearted yet at times frightening . The temptation of drugs was highlighted as were, power, abuse, fear ,guilt and confusion ,all of which were superbly confronted. Before and after the show I had the pleasure of meeting former model Waridi Schrobsdorff . She is now engaged in work with the group 'imagine'ev (no more fear.)
If you are interested or wish to support their work please go to the website and get more information. As Waridi says "Aids is a worldwide theme , we cant ignore it "
She cares , do you ?