Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boxing Day Then Berlin Woman's Day .

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It continues a very happy Christmas for me and my wish is that all have experienced so much joy .
On Boxing Day, Berlin temperatures dropped.(note ice on the river)Standing deep in snow I watched seven swans a swimming doing their best to navigate flows .Then on to meet with friends for a concert of Christmas Organ music . Held in candle light the programme was beautiful. Later followed a rather good meal over which we had chance to swap stories amid much laughter. Monday 27th was special for a double reason .
The birthday of Berlin Woman ( see my links) a date which she shares with Marlene Dietrich . Thus there was a party and when an invitation was received ,I accepted. The snow continued to fall and was even deeper but as ever the BVG made travel possible. With minimal effort I crossed the city to enjoy a fantastic party. Berlin Woman is truly remarkable . She has a brilliant and genuine personality.As one of her guests put it " she is a communications bomb ". Very true plus like a magnet she attracts. Refreshing, especially in a world where many wear an armour which signals " stay away from me " .Yes, Berlin Woman is a very radiant light .Hence I've taken it upon myself to rename 27 December -Berlin Woman's' Day
Tonight yet another event and so it continues all week....All I can say is 'watch this space and may you too have a wonderful time .Remember , each and every moment is precious and people more precious than pearls .

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