Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thank you .....Mr G

The above were sent to me by one who reads my ramblings. It seems he enjoys playing around with photographs and using some programme he changed these off my Bleak mid-winter posting. Artistic stuff !
I rather like the result and want to share with you . Photos can make excellent screen savers .. So yes, you are all welcome to use. Be my guest. Thanks again Mr G.
Sadly the snow was short lived . Today Berlin is seeing the old year out in true Anglo/ Irish fashion .Rain ,drizzly rain has set in .
My best wishes to all for this weekend . Have great build up to 2007.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Miss Vixen / sans fur / sans clothes !

I couldn't resist doing this . Why wait until April 1st ?
Today I had a remarkable X Ray . First an injection with radio active material.
Then some pictures were taken. Next step was to drink lots and lots of water as I waited in the cafe doing a crossword puzzle and eating a delicious German breakfast . Then back for even more photography . Hmmm not the kind I truly enjoy.
However what we now know is that I am an extremely healthy vixen save for one section of my left knee.
A Doctor in Munich will be able to ascertain if he and an American Specialist will be able to use a fabulous new invention to sort this ...
Having my feet tied together was not much fun . Under different circumstances maybe!
This process know as a szintigrafie is amazing ,as indeed are the staff of the department of Nuclear Medicine(Behring Hospital).
My thanks to all of them.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bleak mid-winter.

Today we have the first snow . It is falling gently and all I can say is .....
" makes me moan with pleasure -- not misery."
Fur coat on and out I go . One very happy Vixen .
You see ,if you wait for magic , it does happen .

Monday, December 25, 2006

Wise men ? Not in Christianity !

Having checked my email I saw the following headline .
' Christmas sermons urge peace in the Middle east but violence rages on. '
Why ,I ask should Christian sermons suddenly get so vocal and expect attention.
Where were their voices over three years ago ? Very silent, as indeed they were this summer .
In the words of the well known song adopted for demoes :-
"Who let the dogs out " response "Bush, Bush and Blair"
We need more than three wise men and they won't be found in the UN or for that matter any Christian HQ.

PS worthy of note . Iraq was once a land where all co existed and Christians were not in fear. The former Deputy was Coptic faith .
As I read the above headline I also studied a report from Iraq . Christians are mourning the former times . Celebration is now low key and kept secret .Note that George as you make your showy prayers each day ! You compare well with Herod .

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Miss Vixen's Message .

"Patriotism is a kind of religion; it is the egg from which wars are hatched."
Guy de Maupassant

Within the next 24 hours ,Christmas will be used to promote patriotism. This will be suitably presented 'gift wrapped ' as a reason for all to further tolerate wars and aggression .T V will enable the invasion of our living room as Presidents , Heads of State etc will present their sanitized 'pack of lies'. GW Bush for example is "urging prayers for US troops in Iraq".
Coming after several Marines have been found guilty of murder, does he really think a God would take sides ??? Total madness.
This very unholy union of two powerful and emotional forces ,each designed to keep the masses in check is not my thing . That I was born in UK was not within my control . What is within my control is to realize that :-
The world was created for us all . There are no chosen people . Merely people .
The words of Guy de Maupassant are very much part of my message.
Wishing you all , wherever you may be, a happy and peaceful holiday .

Miss Vixen .

Saturday, December 23, 2006

So how was it for you ?.............

Hope you all had fun ... are still having such and will continue to do so (time zones being what they are )
Don't forget the whole weekend counts !
The above picture was taken at the start of the evening as I called at some friends . Why am I smiling ? As usual felt happy and , can safely say .......
"Lysistrata you live on in Berlin ."

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Are you ready --- nearly Solstice time .

Not long to go now . The clock on the website
is set at American time but as I write this in Berlin it is 22:12 CET so only a couple of hours away ... then ACTION !
The organizers of this fabulous demonstration of peace have planned interactive pursuits throughout the day ( check their site)
You will also see the time has been extended to include the holiday weekend .
Much more fun than Turkey sarnies and the Queen's speech .
I must brush up on my seduction techniques (these being allowed) .
Have fun and lots of it . Make the world a much better place .

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Year of the Fur 2006

The Chinese have their years . Miss Vixen has each and every year as The Year of the Fur .
It may be mink ,or fox but .... it will be fur . Two of the coats seen in this collage do not belong to me ....YET !
Who knows which they are ?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Thoughts for Miss Vixen's day .

Out at lunch today I was given two delicious chocolates with my coffee. Each contained a thought . Mine were as apt for me as my friends were for her .
So let me share with you :-

" A sponge to wipe away the past, a rose to sweeten the present, a kiss to greet the future. "
G Maupassant.

"In certain things the eye of a woman will always see more deeply than a hundred men's eyes"
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Just for the record .

OK, I am not entirely steeped in politics . Nor am I rolling around in fur 24 hours a day ( nearly but not quite .)
It's fun to cover most topics and here is a something entirely different . The latest Mr Germany .
( after 19years of living here I wasn't aware they had such)
He's from Berlin and looks quite pleasant . Is he my type ? No idea . Personality matters most .
However, good luck to him and let's hope his winter solstice will be an event !

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Say "NO" to illegal dentention.

The picture bottom left reads - never again . Let's keep reminding ourselves of these words .

*Click to enlarge the collage .

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dachau Concentration Camp

The small town of Dachau is attractive and easily reached.
In brilliant sunshine I made my way there . As the S Bahn sped along ,my thoughts went to those who had gone before . For them no sunshine ,no choice.
On leaving the station a bus number 246 took me to the main entrance of what is a testimony to the horrors man is prepared to heap on man . Dachau Concentration Camp.
A walk around this memorial and museum is humbling ,horrific and chilling . It is a visit all should try to make. All languages are catered for and the book shop is well stocked. There is excellent use of art work done by survívors. Examples of which I will add on my return to Berlin . These works testify to the fact that no amount of brutality can kill the creative talents .
In the adminístration offices I was allowed to look at folders of such drawings and then several copies were given to me .Such work was mainly done after liberation and served to tell the facts .
As I was leaving the building I commented on some more amazing art lining the main corridor .These are the work of a Jewish man now in his 80's who still participates in the regular seminars for youth . He has turned his horror into work with humanity ...
A real hero . Yes I consider that Dachau had countless heroes . They stood against tyranny knowing what that meant .
Try to visit
There is a facility for English. Donate a short amount of your life ( say 15 minutes ) to those who gave their lives for standing against evil.
Then each time you read or hear about 'the prisons at Guantanamo' recall this web site .
Being prepared to say 'no' to dentention centres where there is no representation or accountability is vital ..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Miss Vixen goes to Munich

* These pictures were added later . ( Yes, I forgot my pc / digicam cable )This sunset was too spectacular to miss . As the train was going at speed there is distortion but none the less ... what a fabulous sky . It's created an almost eerie image with the trees *

It’s Thursday the 14th December and I am on my way to Munich courtesy of the Deutsches Bahn .
For those not familiar with Germany I can honestly say that the rail system here is marvellous. With punctuality that rivals the pips on GMT , it traverses the country.
The mode of travel is comfortable and all facilities are on board .
As I write this the scenery could pass for England .Rolling downs , trees , farmland .
All that is missing is the Elgar Cello Concerto. !
But the give away is the architecture. Pointed , sloping roof tops on houses which are at least three stories high .
My main reason for the journey----later . There are secondary interests though.
Shopping ( why ever not ) Munich is famous as an elegant city .I shall report !
A visit to Dachau. Originally to punish those Germans who opposed the National Socialists it later slaughtered gypsies , Jehovah’s witnesses, prisoners from other lands and of course Jewish .
There are those who wonder at my political interests and convictions. I make apologies for these. More and more we hear of secret prisons being built , humanitarian conduct ignored whilst torture is being carried out and 'justified' …Nothing justifies such . Plus there is no place for torture or degredation in society.
Dachau and all other camps have been kept to serve as a reminder of how such evil begins. How sick that the former liberators are now ,all too often ,the perpetrators ….
Time for coffee and some emails … Until later.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Will Somebody tell Him !

After the Baker report, many losses in the elections , and scathing remarks by the outgoing UN secretary, G W Bush is floundering as to what to do .
The following is the latest 'gem' from the world's number 1 warmonger :-

He defines success in Iraq as "a country that governs, defends itself, that is a free society, that serves as an ally in this war on terror."

Well sorry George but prior to your onslaught when you bombed Iraq bigtime , it was doing just that .
It was at your dictate that Saddam Hussein released all prisoners . BIG MISTAKE !
He didn't like insurgents either. Hence they were doing time ... Rather akin to your stance over terrorists ..Is Guantanamo Bay any different ?
You can call Saddam Hussein a dictator as much as you like but tell me, since when was President Mushareff freely elected ? Not to mention your friends in Saudi Arabia .
In short George ,you blew it . In order to get your hands on oil and in so doing control world prices , you lied , broke all the rules of the Geneva Convention and as a result are responsible for the deaths of hundreds and thousands .
Mind you ,looking at your record for sending people to death row you aren't the sort to lose any sleep over such .
I was in Iraq with a group of Germans ,prior to your invasion . The people were terrific . It was safe to walk the streets at night . They were living a secular life . A life you , yes you, have ruined . As Koffi Annan said these individuals were better off under Saddam Hussein !
Ask Laura to tell you about Pandora's Box . You see you didn't just open it . You smashed it . Now please read these words .

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Miss Vixen sans fur !

The second Sunday in Advent and no it's not a candle , nor is it a fur . It's the Vixen compromise. No apologies to certain readers.
I consider that two postings re such in the last 24 hours to be more than enough .
Trust that you are all still spreading the word about the Winter Solstice .

Fur never fails to keep you warm.

Fur also makes you feel fantastically feminine. From the moment you slip it on you note how your posture , movements and communication verbal and none verbal are enhanced.
If you dont believe me,then try .... You will experience something very special .
Meanwhile, more photographs of yesterday's fashion show.
Enjoy ........

Saturday, December 09, 2006

An Evening with Gerekos

It's very late and I've just got in from a fantastic evening of fur and fun .
This was held at A. M.Gerekos Pelz Style. Leibnitz Strasse 55 Berlin .
The atmosphere was like the company and the furs ...... Terrific !.
What with champagne , delicious finger food and music you could not fail to have a superb evening .
I came home with a some beautiful white roses not to mention photographs of the latest in this season furs . Lots of short jackets and one coat in particular which caught my eye ......
Will add more pictures later ... Meanwhile enjoy these .

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bush , Blair, Baker .

Did we really need the Baker Report to tell us ? Over three years ago so many knew what prize lies were coming out of Washington / London and the UN .
Now we have what has to be the understatement of the year.I quote G W Bush :-
"It's bad in Iraq "
Bad is an insult to all those who have died from day one of that illegal invasion .
It is still not too late for the TRUTH yes ,TRUTH be told .
Something which appears to have gone out of fashion ,it is truth which enables society to function properly.
We are told that Bush is 'pondering' what he should adopt as a strategy ..
Don't ponder George ..... GET OUT ! Both of government and Iraq.
The same holds true for Blair .I mean ,of course, B-liar .

Thursday, December 07, 2006

These Boots are made for ------------------

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world "
Bette Midler.

Boots and high heels are best described as statement footwear.The message of the former being "hey don't mess with me !"

Today I found them ! Yes just what I have been looking for .
Returning from sport , I was rather casually dressed under my fur .
These boots are special. They make a statement ( several actually ).
If you are in Berlin or due to visit, then I can recommend the shop.
One is served coffee whilst receiving superb service and the choice of footwear is sensational.....It is as follows :-
Mode Schuhe , Olivaer Platz 18 , 10707 , Berlin ...They also have a web site . Details to follow .

web site is as
By the way the German word for boots is stiefel . I tell you this as the site is in German .Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter sunset in Berlin .

A scene which never fails to give me a special feeling .
Sunset in winter from my balcony . This was taken today at approx 16:10 cet.
It could pass as somewhere in the country but no , it is Berlin.
My favourite city .Where anything goes and you can always be yourself .

Monday, December 04, 2006

A golden yet delicious era .

In the German language no woman is 'older ',
She is 'ripe ' (reif).
Such a female is like a fine juicy plum,
Sweet enough,soft, yet firm to the touch, rounded and ready for picking.
With joy,I look in the mirror and say :-
"Yes I am "

Helena Mikas.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Afghanistan NO - Advent -YES

Wishing you a great Sunday ......... Miss Vixen.

Today is the first Sunday in Advent . Hence a bit of fun.
You have all seen the special calendars for this season . A door opens with a surprise for each day .
Then there is the custom , much in vogue here in Germany.A candle is lit each Advent Sunday until ---voila -- it's Christmas.
Somewhere between the two ideas I have developed my 'notion '.
Red is the main colour of Advent so below we find Miss Vixen bereft of her furs and draped from head to toe in shades of festive scarlet .
It is doubtful that this outfit would be accepted in Kabul or surrounding provinces .
Each Sunday as you light your candles or whatever , a new picture will be posted 'unwrapping ' as it were Miss Vixen.
A Happy Advent to you all ... Soon be the Solstice !

Friday, December 01, 2006

Celebrate the Winter Solstice !

  Posted by Picasa

Soon be the 22nd of December. Exciting let's show all war mongers what life is really about .

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nature's Lungs .

Having lived in Berlin for 19 years I'm shocked that until this summer it has escaped my attention as to just how fantastic these trees near to my apartment are.
The lower image shows them in Summer with thick green foliage . Their form as they meet,creates a tunnel through which the sun filters .
The central photograph is how they appeared in Autumn . Golds and browns are now prevalent and one notes how many leaves have already fallen .
At the top we have a Winter scene and it is ,as if we now see with X Ray vision. What we have here resembles lungs .. Indeed most apt as this is exactly what trees are for us ..
Nature's lungs .
How tragic therefore that each day millions are logged resulting in a slow destruction of our planet.
To fell a tree in Berlin and Germany is virtually impossible . Would that other countries took such a stance .

PS ) as well as preventing top soil erosion the following is a fact .
Trees produce oxygen:
A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.
Earlier this year I was extremely ill and in hospital on oxygen . It was a scarey experience . If big business is allowed to continue felling the result will be more than scarey .....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sure,the answer is --- F- -

Yes all of you were right ... I believe in fur !
Wearing it makes me happy as it feels so good .
Today I received lots of photographs , taken last week by a friend.
Here are just three of them .... There are way too many to display and some are ,
a little revealing .. though ....
I may , share my lady in red image with you , but lets say at Christmas .

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Can you guess ?

"I do not believe in God ;
I believe in cashmere. "

Fran Lebowitz.

Now you dont have to be Einstein to re write and have
Miss Vixen's version.
No prizes though for getting it correct .......

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A date for your diary ........

Yes I know there are those who consider Miss Vixen is too political and that her engagement in such activities is deadly dull .
Well have I got news for you .....
Now is your chance to take part in a world wide demo and at same time have mega orgasms .... If you find such dull then sorry you must be Bush and co with your Bibles in hand so exit my blog NOW ...
Others please go to the following site :- and read . It is great stuff and I for one plan to participate ... December the 22nd .....
It's been planned by a group in America who are also sick of weapons / war and death.
What is cool is that we women can seduce men .
Lysistrata lives on . So let's make sure we all enter into the spirit of things .

ps: Been out and of course have spread the word . Hope you do likewise .
It gives a whole new meaning to "Christmas is coming " !
Sorry , I couldnt resist ......

Monday, November 20, 2006

Quote for today .

Oh how I love these words . They say it all .

"Lead me not into temptation ;
I can find the way myself ."

Rita Mae Brown

Friday, November 17, 2006

My Kama Sutra Sofa.

Some time ago I bought what I now call my Kama Sutra Sofa.
This because it can go into so many positions --- amazing stuff.
One thing it can be is a bed . Useful for when there are visitors .
It can also be a 'lounging platform .' Ideal for sprawling on to watch TV etc ,etc and what ever else may take your fancy .
The side turns into a tray rest not to mention adjusting to many angles, whilst the rear can also be set to suit one's wishes
Just a few of the lovely features. Made in Germany this is really fantastic furniture .It's quality with much to offer yet a minimal appearance . My style .
Here are two fun pictures showing the lounger mode .....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Miss Vixen is back as a foxily clad lady .

Had such fun the other day with a photo shoot .
The apartment was strewn with outfits, not to mention accessories .
Here are just three .. As you'll see I have my lovely fox fur back and am wearing my Maria Tembrink design sweater and pants .. The boots ... need I say more !
As for the belt . This was designed and made by an artist . It is a pure joy to wear.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Surprise ? -- No, no surprise .

A market research institute in Leipzig has discovered the following :-
Forty seven percent of people questioned consider that George W Bush is the biggest threat to world peace .
Twenty percent think Osama Bin Laden,
Twelve percent Kim Jong Il.( North Korea )
Eleven percent Mahmud Ahmadinedschad ( Iran )
Two percent Hassan Nasrallah ( Hezbollah)

Maybe it's easier for Germans to spot some one who is akin to a very nasty figure in their own history .
I am not a German but when I see the ranting and raving of the Bush regime and note how far they have already gone in destroying liberty I feel that the world is slowly but surely coming under the control of a fourth Reich .
The third Reich was evil . Make no mistake so is this !.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Andromeda .....

As you are probably aware I do enjoy Greek mythology . It presents us with tales of great lovers and the women are anything but docile !
Perhaps my favourite character is Andromeda.
Her story is well known . To placate the sea monster Poseidon , she was chained to the rocks as a sacrifice .However ,one wonderful man with winged feet , name of Perseus, swept down from the skies bearing the head of the Gorgon Medusa . This he used to turn the monster to stone .
Andromeda was free and yes , she and Perseus became an item !
This, for me ,is the most impressive picture of Andromeda. Most depict her upside down ,like her constellation .Yet here she stands upright her hair streaming towards the sea
She looks wonderful with a body that is light years away from the grotesque stick insect types we find today in the media . In particular ,note her legs. For sure a lady made to wear boots I would say .
The Greeks believed that when Andromeda , Perseus and her mother Cassopeia died they were placed as constellations in the night sky .
I for one ,know that if I were to need a 'handle ' Andromeda is a name I would choose .....

Friday, November 03, 2006

First Week of Winter .

Last Sunday morning we moved officially into wintertime . Berlin weather celebrated with strong, gusty winds . (Very unusual here )
Then almost as if to order ,the temperatures dropped .
Was I dismayed ? Not at all . Each day has meant wearing a fur . Paradise for me .
It has been a really full week with lots of engagements and places to go . What to wear has not been a problem...You can guess why .
Over the weekend there should be some photographs taken of a fantastic new outfit I have had made . This by a designer from the fur show of the 21st October .
Anna and Maria Tembrink are superb and I look forward to showing you their creations .
One of the events I have been to, was a special showing of the film 'Requiem'. Made in Germany and based on a true story it is available in English and well worth seeing . It is disturbing to watch ,as the knowledge this actually happened is shocking . I came away more than ever convinced that leaving all religion was a very wise move on my part !!
What a fabulous first week of winter this has been .

Ps I have just realized that for me , a minus can actually be a plus . Now there's a thought.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thought for today.

" But it is man's misfortune that at those moments when something new and unknown becomes possible he does not know what he wants,and the opportunity which suddenly appeared as suddenly disappears ."

Ouspensky ( Russian philosopher )

Friday, October 27, 2006

Pictures from an Exhibition .

Last night I attended a photographic exhibition entitled 'Postleitzahl 00000 or The Fool' ,it was held in Prinzlauerberg.
Alternative, as is much of the artists work, it throws a spotlight on human relationships and their interaction within a framework of domestic inertia ,chaos and other problems.
Within each shot one can experience a multitude of emotions .
There was a reading and I have to report that it was,a fascinating evening .
These are just a few of the pictures I took. With permission of course.
We are all voyeurs on life yet so often fail to see. The use of´my camera has, I trust, enabled me to create a sense of being 'THERE' for any readers.
I hope you enjoy..