Sunday, September 30, 2007

Miss Vixen's Veggie Delight. [GFGSGT].

This is a special for all men out there .I like to give tips on this and that ,(sometimes the other).You see,good food and good sex go together .
Last week I was extolling the virtues of Indoor Picnics to someone . They asked me to email with details so I did .Am sure it will serve their cause .
Today is but basics . How to impress your lady friend , also whilst staying indoors and of course ,impression may well bring rewards ... Read on .
Vixen's Veggie Delight..

1 bulb fennel,1 small onion,1/4 small orange pumpkin ,1/2sweet potato ,2carrots,1 red pepper.[7small potatoes,1pkt cheese sauce]
olive oil, handful sultanas , 2 clove garlic , 2 slices ginger.root
Dried spices:- all optional and to taste . black pepper , sweet paprika , oregano .

Yes I know this looks a lot but it isn't and will serve 4 portions so you are fine next day or whenever .
Heat the oven to 200°c whilst you chop all veg (except ordinary potatoes).
Put all chopped veg on a foil lined baking tray . Drizzle olive oil over ,add the spices . Put in the oven for about 40 minutes
Boil the potatoes until soft . Drain and mash with a little butter.
Half way through the cooking,turn the veg as if raking and add sultanas.Return to oven.
When the time is up put all your veg in a casserole .
Make a packet cheese sauce .This is not cheating ,it is sense . Maggi do good ones .
Takes 3 mins . Pour over the veg , top with the mashed potatoes and brown under grill before serving . EASY !

It looks fabulous , tastes sensational and is good with some cold lamb fillet .
Choice of drinks I leave to you . Remember guys ,always think GFGSGT.

ps ) no I dont wear a fur apron .

Friday, September 28, 2007

Getting Ready For Winter.

Summer has gone and Autumn is here . One must prepare by having accessories that add to an outfit .[ for outfit read fur coat ]
Here you see my new pair of green leather boots. Already 'treated' by the shoemaker.To match these, new gloves .An identical green was not possible, so these proved a terrific compromise . Note the leather insets between the fingers . They match the heel and the boots .Versatile fashion . The little handbag I bought whilst in Leipzig in Summer. Should look good with my mink for those special occasions.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brown and Merkel Give Us Hope .

Gordon Brown has officially stated it's either him or Robert Mugabe at the EU /African Summit . At last a real Prime Minister in UK .Well said Mr Brown and please stick to your principles . We need men of words and actions .
Then a second well done to Angela Merkel. Though her taste in fashion leaves much to be desired,her sense of honour, courage and knowledge of Human Rights is excellent . She ignored the protests of the Chinese who tried to dictate whom, as freely elected Chancellor of Germany ,she should meet .Meeting the Dalia Llama at the Chancellery was the correct thing to do . He too is a leader( all be it in exile) and the wrath and retaliation of the Chinese in refusing to meet German ministers , reflects their nil comprehension of freedom and democracy.
Wouldn't it be a spectacular gesture if all athletes refused to attend the Olympic Games in Beijing .
Interesting to note that Bush is now on the freedom trail calling on the UN to spread freedom . I say 'manure' to you Mr Bush. This is all you spread.
As long as you authorize Guantanamo, wire tapping, have massive troop numbers in Iraq ,plus you don't have the guts to include China on the list of none freedom dictatorships , then MANURE is your lingo.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Lovely Surprise .

On August 17th I did a post entitled 'Have You Seen This Armband? '
In today's mail, I received a replacement. A gift from a Tibetan in exile in India .They wrote to me on 29 August promising such.No words can begin to really express my thanks . What an amazing individual to take time out and ensure that I receive this . Once again I ask each one of you to emulate, by doing your bit to lobby for Tibet to have it's land back . Using your freedom take just 10minutes to write and request that all be allowed the liberty to enjoy the same in their own country with their own government and faith.

Just in case you missed it here is web address for Norbulingka

To end this post here are some words by the Dalai Lama. Chosen, as I deem them so apt.

'Change only takes place through action .Not through prayer or meditation , but through action .'

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Sunny, September Sunday.

Not the weather for fur or boots today.
Instead,wearing casual attire, off on a bicycle. First stop by the Havel to drink coffee and relax.Can one really be in a city ? Then out towards Starken and beyond .It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Time to stop for more refreshment and a walk . Eventually back towards the city where on the boundary,the lovely Berlin Bear is there to greet all. Nearly home .
Who could fail to love this 'world in miniature' which is Berlin ?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Miss 'Cave Vixen '.

The following is a quotation found in the net. Not my point of view...

" Don't wear fur! We're not living in caveman times. There are so many synthetic materials that are warmer than fur. " Shelley Morrison ...

Well Ms Morrison you are right we are not living in caveman times . Plus there are so many synthetic materials , BUT ,and it is a very big BUT :-
Cavemen did not have global warming. We do and in part due to this plethora of materials you mention. Petroleum based ,many contain acrylics and ,like plastic are not biodegradable .Their production alone causes enormous pollution. What's more they are not warm.
Fur , like leather is able to protect against cold and wet .. I don't think Ms Morrison advocates plastic bags on the feet !
The first picture shows Miss Cave Vixen animal lover . This dog was mine .I had to pay a small fortune to bring her here years ago but did so gladly .Secondly living where the waters can freeze in winter,one needs a fur coat . Drenched as my hair was, due to more snow, the rest of me was warm . Look at that ice.
Just as fake politicians and superstars don't interest me , neither does fake fur. Now real cave men ---- Yes !
Ps ) Two more I have to share with you ..

People who wear fur smell like a wet dog if they're in the rain. And they look fat and gross.
Pamela Anderson

Odd that , I find huge breast implants gross but since they float her boat (pardon my choice of words ), so what !

Maybe the real truth about all this anti fur rhetoric is summed up here .

“People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs”
Alexei Sayle.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Miss Vixen's Token Gesture.

It wasn't living in Berlin that made me wish to wear fur . I've loved and worn it since being very young .
Today whilst sorting out documents and papers I came across black and white snapshots of a rather young Miss Vixen .They are hilarious and so to those who are eager to see fur ,here is my token gesture. May it amuse and satisfy as it has me. The best method of presenting was to create this collage.
(Others in colour , were found , but they, as the saying goes,are another story !)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Love At First Sight .

How often in the grand order of things does this happen ?
Well today I fell, hook, line and sinker. No not for a man , but these amazing boots .
I was asking about gloves and the discussion led to 'summer boots' . Here they are . Made of finest leather which is perforated to make summer and boots compatible - heavenly . I think you'll agree a perfect match for my green jacket not to mention they'll look sensational with my fox fur ( see top right hand of my blog ).
Whoopee.... love certainly is a special way of feeling !

ps ) thanks to the manageress who took the photographs

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Berlin Break.Try Rad Kunst

Before winter arrives why not try a mini break in Berlin ? This will not cost you a fortune. Berlin must be the most price friendly European city . Temperatures can be mild and sunshine is a norm. Autumn here is magic as this city of trees creates a spectacular display of colours. Plus, September and October offer a variety of entertainment. Go to :- ""
This should wet your appetite even more. Now here is my top tip for a Berlin visit. Use the BVG ( Berlin's fantastic transport system ) BUT, to really see as much as possible ,hire a bike . You can take these with you on Underground and SBahn . Elevators are the norm and to be found at 93% of stations . The pavements have special cycle paths and where not, bus lanes are to be used . It ís safe . You can stop where you fancy at any number of delightful cafes. Enjoy the delights then burn off the calories ! Clever stuff eh ? Believe me you'll see more of this enormous city . Then again ,you may even meet me !
For best rentals go to :-
Rad Kunst at Schlüterstr 22/23 tel 030 31507390
English is spoken ,they are central and rates are brilliant. All bikes are tip top. Above you see some of the personnel . Two terrific guys . No ,the bone shaker isn't for rental, but to oblige my whim they got it from the window . See what I mean ... Simply the best .

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Real Big Bang Theory.

This weekend the Pyronale was held on the Maifeld. An event covering two days it allows the world's best pyrotechnicians to show their skills and enter into competition . Specific colours have to be included , music interpreted and all in a ten minute display ..The teams on Friday were Austria ,Philippines and Sweden .
They were all amazing but Sweden was spectacular plus !
Saturday began with Lithuania then France followed by Italy . The crowds were huge , the atmosphere marvelous and on both nights yours truly had a superb vantage point not to mention fun !
Make a note for your 2008 diary 'Berlin Pyronale '. A great way to welcome Autumn and in this most spectacular city.If you want excellent pictures go to Google Search .Mine are merely to wet your appetite .
Chose this title after such possibles as:-
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / Sparks will Fly / Light My Fire. etc,etc . Wonder what you would have chosen ?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Three of Berlin's Best !

Not exactly a Bondi Beach image but when it comes to reliability these guys are tops .
They do their job brilliantly and are always pleasant .Another reason why the end of the freibad season is sad .Indeed all the staff of the BBB are great. So maybe back to indoor swimming wont be too bad .
* why the duplicate picture ? I found the stance so Edwardian couldn't resist using a sepia programme and yes, it goes well .

The Moral High Ground is Very Low.

A new month and let's hope an end not only to the silly season but to the endless moral high ground of a large section of the British Public .When it come to such , nobody does it better than them ! Hypocritical hysteria is their hallmark.
I refer to the dreadful lambasting of Camilla , Duchess of Cornwall has had to suffer . This from a nation where divorce is common place and multiple partners almost the order of the day why therefore was it so wrong for her and Prince Charles ? That she was subject to hate mail re her invite to yesterday's memorial service is a scandal .
Tragic that Diana's death was ,it was not the result of a divorce . It was due to not wearing a seat belt whilst being driven by a man who was way over the the legal limit (four were involved in that fatal crash , one survived ,the only one wearing a seat belt ).
If the two sons saw fit to invite their stepmother who were the public to say other ?
That bastion of British moral welfare the Daily Mail informs us that these young men are too young and inexperienced to know what they are doing .REALLY ?
Seems like only yesterday this same tabloid was saying Prince William should marry Kate Middleton etc ,etc . Old enough for that big step , then old enough to issue invitations.
Now .... can we please let the dead rest in peace ?

* This quotation is oh so apt.May those hate mail writers take note.
Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.
Albert Einstein