Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nature's Lungs .

Having lived in Berlin for 19 years I'm shocked that until this summer it has escaped my attention as to just how fantastic these trees near to my apartment are.
The lower image shows them in Summer with thick green foliage . Their form as they meet,creates a tunnel through which the sun filters .
The central photograph is how they appeared in Autumn . Golds and browns are now prevalent and one notes how many leaves have already fallen .
At the top we have a Winter scene and it is ,as if we now see with X Ray vision. What we have here resembles lungs .. Indeed most apt as this is exactly what trees are for us ..
Nature's lungs .
How tragic therefore that each day millions are logged resulting in a slow destruction of our planet.
To fell a tree in Berlin and Germany is virtually impossible . Would that other countries took such a stance .

PS ) as well as preventing top soil erosion the following is a fact .
Trees produce oxygen:
A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.
Earlier this year I was extremely ill and in hospital on oxygen . It was a scarey experience . If big business is allowed to continue felling the result will be more than scarey .....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sure,the answer is --- F- -

Yes all of you were right ... I believe in fur !
Wearing it makes me happy as it feels so good .
Today I received lots of photographs , taken last week by a friend.
Here are just three of them .... There are way too many to display and some are ,
a little revealing .. though ....
I may , share my lady in red image with you , but lets say at Christmas .

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Can you guess ?

"I do not believe in God ;
I believe in cashmere. "

Fran Lebowitz.

Now you dont have to be Einstein to re write and have
Miss Vixen's version.
No prizes though for getting it correct .......

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A date for your diary ........

Yes I know there are those who consider Miss Vixen is too political and that her engagement in such activities is deadly dull .
Well have I got news for you .....
Now is your chance to take part in a world wide demo and at same time have mega orgasms .... If you find such dull then sorry you must be Bush and co with your Bibles in hand so exit my blog NOW ...
Others please go to the following site :- and read . It is great stuff and I for one plan to participate ... December the 22nd .....
It's been planned by a group in America who are also sick of weapons / war and death.
What is cool is that we women can seduce men .
Lysistrata lives on . So let's make sure we all enter into the spirit of things .

ps: Been out and of course have spread the word . Hope you do likewise .
It gives a whole new meaning to "Christmas is coming " !
Sorry , I couldnt resist ......

Monday, November 20, 2006

Quote for today .

Oh how I love these words . They say it all .

"Lead me not into temptation ;
I can find the way myself ."

Rita Mae Brown

Friday, November 17, 2006

My Kama Sutra Sofa.

Some time ago I bought what I now call my Kama Sutra Sofa.
This because it can go into so many positions --- amazing stuff.
One thing it can be is a bed . Useful for when there are visitors .
It can also be a 'lounging platform .' Ideal for sprawling on to watch TV etc ,etc and what ever else may take your fancy .
The side turns into a tray rest not to mention adjusting to many angles, whilst the rear can also be set to suit one's wishes
Just a few of the lovely features. Made in Germany this is really fantastic furniture .It's quality with much to offer yet a minimal appearance . My style .
Here are two fun pictures showing the lounger mode .....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Miss Vixen is back as a foxily clad lady .

Had such fun the other day with a photo shoot .
The apartment was strewn with outfits, not to mention accessories .
Here are just three .. As you'll see I have my lovely fox fur back and am wearing my Maria Tembrink design sweater and pants .. The boots ... need I say more !
As for the belt . This was designed and made by an artist . It is a pure joy to wear.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Surprise ? -- No, no surprise .

A market research institute in Leipzig has discovered the following :-
Forty seven percent of people questioned consider that George W Bush is the biggest threat to world peace .
Twenty percent think Osama Bin Laden,
Twelve percent Kim Jong Il.( North Korea )
Eleven percent Mahmud Ahmadinedschad ( Iran )
Two percent Hassan Nasrallah ( Hezbollah)

Maybe it's easier for Germans to spot some one who is akin to a very nasty figure in their own history .
I am not a German but when I see the ranting and raving of the Bush regime and note how far they have already gone in destroying liberty I feel that the world is slowly but surely coming under the control of a fourth Reich .
The third Reich was evil . Make no mistake so is this !.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Andromeda .....

As you are probably aware I do enjoy Greek mythology . It presents us with tales of great lovers and the women are anything but docile !
Perhaps my favourite character is Andromeda.
Her story is well known . To placate the sea monster Poseidon , she was chained to the rocks as a sacrifice .However ,one wonderful man with winged feet , name of Perseus, swept down from the skies bearing the head of the Gorgon Medusa . This he used to turn the monster to stone .
Andromeda was free and yes , she and Perseus became an item !
This, for me ,is the most impressive picture of Andromeda. Most depict her upside down ,like her constellation .Yet here she stands upright her hair streaming towards the sea
She looks wonderful with a body that is light years away from the grotesque stick insect types we find today in the media . In particular ,note her legs. For sure a lady made to wear boots I would say .
The Greeks believed that when Andromeda , Perseus and her mother Cassopeia died they were placed as constellations in the night sky .
I for one ,know that if I were to need a 'handle ' Andromeda is a name I would choose .....

Friday, November 03, 2006

First Week of Winter .

Last Sunday morning we moved officially into wintertime . Berlin weather celebrated with strong, gusty winds . (Very unusual here )
Then almost as if to order ,the temperatures dropped .
Was I dismayed ? Not at all . Each day has meant wearing a fur . Paradise for me .
It has been a really full week with lots of engagements and places to go . What to wear has not been a problem...You can guess why .
Over the weekend there should be some photographs taken of a fantastic new outfit I have had made . This by a designer from the fur show of the 21st October .
Anna and Maria Tembrink are superb and I look forward to showing you their creations .
One of the events I have been to, was a special showing of the film 'Requiem'. Made in Germany and based on a true story it is available in English and well worth seeing . It is disturbing to watch ,as the knowledge this actually happened is shocking . I came away more than ever convinced that leaving all religion was a very wise move on my part !!
What a fabulous first week of winter this has been .

Ps I have just realized that for me , a minus can actually be a plus . Now there's a thought.