Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three Ways To Improve Your Health.

Humour , exercise and diet are vital ingredients for good health. Pictured above you see four men who,it can be said , 'deliver the goods' in my life . Humour is excellent medicine and at the top you see Mathias Tretter, a German comedian who is absolutely on the ball. The minute he walks onto a stage one is laughing .Here he's signing cd's after his Berlin show last Saturday. When I asked if he'd make his Angela Merkel face he obliged and it was all I could do to take the photograph .It's astonishing to watch and in combination with his vocal impression, fantastic . Exercise and muscle care are health matters .For this see Jim , my physiotherapist .This guy works little short of miracles with my legs .Today on seeing Jim's marathon sweatshirt ( yes he ran his 10th on Sunday ) out came the camera . Finally ,diet - Salads are so healthy and here I'm blessed . Every other day €2.60 buys me a freshly made salad mix of my choice .To top it one has tuna or Greek cheese . The size does for two days. Served with meat , fish etc its delicious .Visiting the shop is always a mini social event as the humour of the very dynamic duo pictured above humour is pretty good too .
Hope you the readers have such good fortune .

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Berlin's Wealthiest Woman.

Was it my olive green sweater or was it the moons influence that worked such magic this week ? In truth neither . All was due to the fact that there are human beings who, via their acts of thoughtfulness bring joy to the lives of others .
For example, Acki Hoffmann , a terrific musician and personality . On Thursday he surprised me with yet another snow dome . This from the Black Forest. It's small and very precious . Friday found me in' Ragazza' a shoe shop in Westf├Ąlische Str . Here I met the lady seen in this collage. She works part time there and we had a remarkable rapport . Later ,as she saw me cycling by she asked that , if possible ,I call in today. Why she would not say. It seems her man friend had bought her this rather special snow dome of Cologne Cathedral. In our chit chat I'd mentioned my collection of such . Both she and her guy thought it a must to give to me as a present .Amazing and even more so since the weekend of my birthday I tried very hard to buy a dome in Cologne station but due to chaos with the railways had no luck . Every day of my life I experience ,in so many ways, the goodness that is human nature . I like people and most like me .... That, for me is true wealth .The words of a famous song express it well:-
'People who need people are the luckiest people in the world '

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miss Vixen and Sex and The City .....

Once in while there are days when from start to finish it's 'magic' . Today was such. After working,out I went to Beate Uhse, one of Europe's leading 'adult stores'. My reason was to purchase items suitable for a prototype .WATCH THIS SPACE. I wasn't disappointed but for now that part remains a mystery . However as you'll see from the collage I fell for a really amazing sponge .Then perfume was a must have if only for the clever packaging .Next to Ka De We where I joined in a coffee class run by the coffee firm 'illy'. Informative ,colourful ,fascinating and with delicious coffee who could ask for more . Yet more was, literally in store at Pimkie , a fashion shop with low prices and excellent quality .As autumn is here half gloves are needed when cycling .Look at the green ,half fingered I found . Sensational with a black lace removable deco .One very chic , extremely happy Miss V was seen cycling home along the KuDamm .....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Beautiful Day In Berlin

Pictures can express more than a thousand words .So true today. After my bad accident in August it was terrific to be back in the saddle travelling some distance and simply enjoying'the cabaret' which is Berlin'. Where there's a will there's a way ! Later,Ms Moon come smiling at me through my windows. A perfect end to the day.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Panasonic .. Star of IFA Berlin 2010

These videos say it all . I love Panasonic and you can really see why .Stills video to close to follow.All captured on what else but my Lumix .

Here it courtesy of Picasa ,,,,,Oops well it was, until YouTube had an error - Back to my techno drawing board ! Here we go :--------------------------

Monday, September 06, 2010

Whitehall Farce

Whitehall Farce originally referred to a certain appalling comedy genre. More recently for Westminster government, especially under Tony Blair. Britain's answer to Napoleon disguised as Uriah Heep . Grotesque ,insincere and very manipulative.
Dublin did us proud when the decent among them gave vent to their feelings by demonstrating at his book signing .Well done Ireland .You get full marks .
Now, Waterstones London has cancelled the event with Mr Blair adding that he had no wish to give extra work to the police. Shame he didn't think so years ago ?
He's expressed his sadness that ordinary people may not turn up for a signed book and gone on to say more wanted this than to protest .
Reader ,turn your mind back to the days of Blair in power . The same Blair did not find it sad that a person who came to stand outside all the barriers at Downing Street, only to quietly read a role of honour of soldiers fallen was arrested within minutes and flung into a van by at least seven police then taken away .I refer to a middle aged woman .No protection for her Mr Blair even though she quietly did what others feared to do .Your supporters and fans are over the Atlantic .They are called Republicans not British . Why not take the title of your book and make it a reality ie) make A JOURNEY far, far away from British shores .

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Musical Therapy In Berlin

Shortly after the last post yours truly had an accident in a rather a spectacular fashion from a bicycle to the road ,onto both knees.All shook up best describes it. It meant missing a Phil Bates gig,having to attend hospital and remain for days in bed. Very boring. Thanks to a fantastic physiotherapist and the September music scene life seems brighter. Thursday door to door transport to Quasimodo but guess who forgot her camera ? A pity as the music was terrific.
Then last night Yorkschloesschen and here's a video. Simon Holliday is a class performer with a marvellous personality . Today The Porto Cafe in Tempelhofer Damm was my daily medicine with Acki Hoffman and friends working wonders. As did the breakfast. The U6 takes you right to Porto (get out at Ullsteinstra├če)
Tomorrows medicine will be at Piano Cafe on Neue Kantstrasse. Another door to door experience. Excellent therapy for multi coloured painful kneecaps.