Friday, May 27, 2011

Ms Vixen's Big Bang Theory

When a day starts with that 'very glad to be alive' feeling you can almost be sure it's going to be special. Maybe not a lottery win but many small much more significant things.
Today right out of the blue I was given a surprise gift by two people who happen to know I am a fan of all things lunar . It's seen here.:- one moon phase calendar. The photograph doesn't do it justice . Hand made , in Hamburg , it came in a marvellous black box and is absolutely beautiful.
Later I called at the Funkturm to ask just why the astonishing colours earlier this week. It seems that trials for colours are carried out from time to time .
The young lady there insisted on taking my photograph . So here I am somewhat wild and windswept after cycling miles around the city leaning ( not on a lamp post) but one of the Funkturm 'legs' .Much later, whilst on the phone to someone there was such a noise . It was the most sensational firework display, right 'out of the black'. This little clip is the last 1minute + So there you have it . A dip into a delightful day .

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Childhood Revisited At The Speed Of Light .

Growing up as I did in the north of England , a certain seaside resort called Blackpool was the place for a treat. With it's huge funfair, sea,sand ,fish, chips and famous tower it seemed to have the lot. Blackpool was also famous for The Illuminations .
Each year along the sea front ,known as the Golden Mile , thousands of lights were used to produce wonderful images. Trams to take you through this brave attempt at fairyland were also decked out .Blackpool was not a sophisticated town but it was fun and I loved it. As I have always loved my time here in Berlin. This fabulous city with so much to offer , lacks ultra sophistication but oh does it have a heart
It also has the Funkturm . A German 'relative' of Blackpool and Eiffel towers ,there are no prizes for guessing which I like best ? I needed an early night but was stopped by the Illuminations seen above (Full screen is the best way to view.) At 2 am filming and taking pictures kept me busy . The spectacular show of lights was too lovely to miss . When childhood is revisited it's magical . Just as I was about to finish what should appear but the moon . Waning but wonderful . Now at gone 3 am guess where I'm off to ? Or should I wait for the sunrise ?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Daniel Barenboim & The West Eastern Divan Orchestra .

There are people in this world who rank as truly special. Daniel Barenboim is such .
It's ten years since he and the late Edward Said had the vision and energy to create an Arab - Israeli youth orchestra. No easy task, yet these two men managed it. After Said's death in 2003 , Barenboim , who is artistic director of the Berlin State Opera, travelling guest conductor and world famous solo pianist, continues the work with this wonderful orchestra. Some workload ! The players are 40% from Arab countries, 40% from Israel and 20% European. The results superb and today a packed audience at the Berlin Philharmonie were enthralled. Having been to many concerts in my life I can honestly say, never have I witnessed such applause. Also the interaction between players and conductor could be 'felt' it was so full of joy ,respect and spirit.
We had heard a chamber orchestra work for piano , violin and 13 wind instruments by Alban Berg. Then came Beethoven's Symphony Nr 3 Eroica.
The above picture of Barenboim has a quotation of his. For none German speakers :-
'What is music ? Is music some thing that helps us to forget the world, or is music something through which we can understand the world ? For me it is both '
Daniel Barenboim Zeit -online
Then a picture of myself and a fellow music enthusiast. Here you see us by a poster advertising another concert on 21 August in the Waldb├╝hnen Berlin. Another chance to see and hear this orchestra. The programme , Beethoven's Symphonies 8 & 9.
Well worth making a note in your diary and looking for tickets.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Beauty Of Our Universe As Seen In One Day .

My idea of heaven is seen here and all within a few hours of just one day. The photographs were taken yesterday in Berlin then put together using iMovie Hope you enjoy looking at some of the beauty which is our universe . Particularly dramatic are the clouds moving across the moon . Like gauzy veils they create a rather dramatic image. These are but a few images of what is to be seen and enjoyed every day.
It's worth taking time each day to pause ...There is so much. You never know it might have you carrying a camera at all times.
It has been said that the camera is an instrument which teaches the eye to see. Also it can stop time by taking a moment and capturing it. Thus the rainbow is for ever with me . As for my wish ? That is another matter entirely .

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nessun Dorma & Freibad Season begins

So often come Sunday morning one is tempted to have an extra hour in bed. However today was special. Open air swimming ( freibad ) began at the Olympic Pool . I was up early and off on my bike . It was sensational to be back swimming out of doors.
There was much music being played within the huge stadium next door . On hearing Nessun Dorma (towards the end of the clip ) I was riveted . Not only is this piece one of my favourites but in the summer season it's quite apt.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reunited With My Magic Footwear.

Reuniting with a loved one is always special and in this case 'a beloved pair '.
It's almost two years since I bought these boots ,soon to be renamed my 'magic boots' . In all that time never once have they been repaired . Therefore last week I decided to give them a full makeover . Today we were reunited and boy did they look good . Irrespective of the temperature it was off with my shoes and on with these ...... Come fly with me should have been my song as I took off !
For the best in shoes, care and repair try Schuh Koncept . Berlin-Store Bleibtreustr. 4, 10623 Berlin, Telefon: 030 31 50 80 67
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Monday, May 09, 2011

Magdeburg and the River Elbe.Two Versions

The last time I was here it was rather cold .Today however was beautiful . Clear blue skies , very warm and in spite of a strange start to the day it proved action packed and extremely colourful. This morning there was no water due to a major plumbing problem.
Easy solution --I washed my hair using a bottle of mineral water .( very effective ) Had a mini shower using a second bottle of such .Then off to the station on my bike to use their bathroom facilities .Cost 1 euro but I have to say they were so swish as to warrant every cent .My day can be seen here in this Picasa movie . From start to finish it's been a memorable Monday . By the way ,I returned home to find the plumbing sorted. German efficiency scores once more .
Magdeburg is a very beautiful and friendly city . There are many extremely old churches which are part of the history of this area and country.
The landscape is wonderful and due to the woods , wetlands and vegetation is home for so much birdlife.
The Elbe ,one of Europe's major rivers . It rises on the borders of the Czech Republic and Poland . From there it flows southwest crossing Bohemia. After which it begins it's route northwest crossing Germany. This long journey brings it to the North Sea (Cuxhaven). Connected by canals to the Baltic , Havel River ,Ruhr region and Rhine River it is navigable upstream . After the war ,and before German reunification, barge traffic was severely hindered . Then came German Reunification, and the Magdeburg Water Bridge .This ensures that barges can always reach Berlin as they don't have to enter the Elbe where frequent low water levels had often proved a hindrance.
If you plan to take a mini break in Berlin add an extra day . The trains to Magdeburg are each hour . Once there you can rent a bike , see and enjoy this small but 'spacious' gem of a city.
Now here is actual film footage .Miss V on the go so to speak .Saying 'try Germany , it's a marvellous country to visit .'

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tulips In The Britzer Garten Berlin.

This little movie made from stills shows the real beauty and wonder which is our world. Nature. Today at Britzer Gartens in Berlin I was amazed at the visions before me . Tulips everywhere of so many varieties.(Watch for the Ice Cream Cone Tulip) Shapes, forms and colours so exquisite they took my breath away . As I sat on one of the viewing seats I couldn't help but think what perfect fabric prints these images would make,but most of all how perfect nature is . If you are in Berlin, this place is worth a visit .It's rather large ,(90 hectare) has lakes , cafes and all that goes to make a relaxing day out .I went on my bicycle but the bus number M44 or M181 will take you there.
Finally a link to all the information you could wish for on this amazing place.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Day In Berlin

The first day of May in Berlin . Sunny,,lots to do, so what better way to start than cycle down to Die Eins , enjoy terrific music , fine food and lots of fun . Although this was the last Jazz brunch of the season , you can still enjoy a fine feast there every Sunday whilst sitting outdoors watching the boats sail along the Spree. As for Acki Hoffmann and Friends , click on the link to his website to see where forthcoming gigs are .......Meanwhile ,'Come on and hear , come on and hear '