Monday, July 26, 2010

A Museum With a Difference .

Did you know that the city of Berlin is created from 78 Villages. As is usually the way , such places are full of fascinating places and history. Today I saw a few.Notable being Biesdorf and Mahlsdorf . Rather than write lots I'll suggest you try and go to the Gr├╝nderzeit Museum in Mahlsdorf . Here's a link .
The weekend of the 1st August there will be special celebrations with grill , drinks ,lots of items in the museum and grounds etc ...... It's easy to get to on the SBahn . Another tip is ,try the village of Biesdorf .Not far from Mahlsdorf ,it has a wonderful icecream parlour / restaurant . Situated one minute from S Bahn Biesdorf , Eiszeit it is at 194,Oberfeldstrasse . Well designed ,this place will not disappoint . Nor will the music captured on video below .

Friday, July 23, 2010

Classical Accordion in Berlin...

As graduates of the S Prokofiev Donetsk State Academy of Music [Ukraine] Alexander Burdyug and Andrey Fesenko are excellent musicians . Today they were in Wilmersdorfer Strasse and I was riveted. This piece ,a Csardas,was a 'special' for me .( Another present ?) Apologies for singing at the onset .Please understand that having to stand as still as possible in order to film music proves virtually impossible for yours truly and oh how I longed to dance ! I'm at a loss as to why this instrument is not taken 'seriously' in the musical world .It requires considerable talent and produces a wonderful sound .
Note ) If you go to my links and YouTube and Helena you'll find a second short video . As well as giving me the green light to use their music they suggested I put their email address should anyone out there be interested . It is :-

The Silly Season Down At the Doctors.

In UK summer is often referred to as 'the silly season' .That is to say the press is full of lighthearted articles. All things ridiculous are news , and why not ? It sure beats death , gloom and doom. Here's my contribution . At top left you see Acki Hoffmann who once again remembered my passion for snow domes and last night brought me this lovely little gem from Vienna . Thank you Dr H . Bottom left is a very slippery character well known in Germany --Dr Tikkle ! One minute there I was at a fountain with an American taking my photo and whoosh Dr T pounced . Bottom row middle and right you see two members of Dr Feelgood making me 'feel good' on my birthday . Top right a new fashion ... a tie worn as an accessory with a dress .This unusual item I saw in Brugge and liked for it's skull pattern . Quite effective . Then below you see two really crazy shots which illustrate the need for a camera always at the ready .
On the way back from Luxembourg my train stopped at Bullay, a station which claims to be environmentally friendly.REALLY ..what do I see by the track but a man 'watering' the grass . Aha maybe he was saving on H2O It has been very hot in Germany so how green can you get ?
As Dr F would sing a real ------"Down at The Doctors "

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beside The Seaside in Belgium .

Last weekend in order to enjoy cooler weather plus sea air,an escape from the heat of Berlin was called for . It was also designated as my second birthday by one who pointed out that, if the Queen can have two such dates , why not Miss V ?
Belgium was the destination . It didn't disappoint and was a weekend to remember . We stayed in Brugge ,a splendid medieval city often referred to as 'the Venice of the North'. It has a remarkable history. Here are but a few pictures showing some of the architecture .Take a tip and make a boat ride along the canal. This will enchant you. Ah yes, for this second festival I received, a) another fascinating snow dome and b) 6 packs of Boots cucumber wipes .Great stuff .Later off to Ostend to be beside the seaside .Sands, the North Sea , boats , wonderful cuisine , especially sea food and yes I got to swim .Dr Feelgood on the 10th and Belgium on the 17th . You cant get better than that .....................................................................

and you can get better than this .Never mind ,for a laugh it's rather good .

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Out Of Luxembourg & Dr Feelgood

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That nightmare journey to Luxembourg was worth every moment of hell !
On the 10th July I boarded a special train and feeling akin to Meryl Streep set off for Fond-de-Gras,Blues Express Music Venue There was no Robert Redford but, a Robert Kane.[vocalist and harmonica player Dr Feelgood] He and the band made sure I got the best ever birthday present of my life ! A special rendition of Hog for You Baby. My ideal Happy Birthday. Their entire programme was brilliant and thanks to Panasonic , captured leaving me over the moon ? For sure am still up there !

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Forget Route 66 This was Route 666 !

Yesterday was a day from hell which had me almost believing Germany had been taken over by some alien power where all in transit were affected . It began with the train from Berlin to Cologne being delayed ...then diverted and how ! Seemingly all trains were and a one hour stretch took over 3 hours . Air conditioning failed, all failed and things did get worse. At Hannover the chaos having spread ,I was advised to change trains . This entailed running in temps of 37^C only to find the door close . More running to a still open door .Inside still no air con. It limped into Cologne station many hours late .There the train for Luxembourg was also very late and minus air con . This train was to break down ! Not once but twice ... Very late indeed it crawled into Luxembourg station . More running for the small train for Petange . Boarding this I thought at last "nearly there" . NOT TO BE ... Three thugs decided they would make life hell for the conductor .In telling them to leave the train a fight broke out which lasted ages .Yes I did get pictures of it. The Police had to come ,thus the train was stopped . All had to get off and , you've guessed ,wait for another.
My arrival at Petange was very late 10-30 pm and no taxis .. The owner of a cafe not only gave me water he took me to my hotel in his car .A true Samaritan . He , his daughter and dog were lovely .Today it's my birthday .I've survived another year plus a day I'll never forget .

Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Game Ain't Over Til the Final Whistle !

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What a day ! A match the like of which I can't recall. Berlin went crazy .
Football fever is as hot as the weather , and that is HOT ! I've got my whistle so lets hope have cause to blow it until the WM Final.[the chocolate doughnut was yummy ]
After the match more fun thanks to Kat Baloun and friends .Have made some great videos which will be uploaded onto both my YouTube accounts .

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Roll Over Beethoven -Countdown Has Begun

The first of July already .. hard to believe. My countdown is a 'countup' and it has begun.

On the 10th July I get to see Dr Feelgood in Luxembourg... and , celebrate my birthday at the same time . Excited , yes ! The group have sent a couple of emails saying that 'Hog For You Baby ', my favourite number ,is going to be played .

Last night I rolled over from June to July by going to Kleine Weltlaterne where Otto Hamborg and the Very Special VierTakter went on to play as five .It was a foot stamping evening .