Wednesday, September 26, 2012

White Rocks Beach Northern Ireland

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A beautiful beach , one of many in this fantastic country .

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Helena On The Move

Posting has been impossible due to having been very, very busy , due to fun and travel. Aerlingus flew me to Dublin from where Wicklow and Wexford , Limerick and Kerry were  visited .The sea providing superb swimming. At Dingle Bay the setting sun was breathtaking. Only a couple of light showers and these left wonderful rainbows. Next a drive to Belfast where the new speedy ferry took me over to Scotland. The drive to the north east coast was impressive due to the huge mountains and rolling mist.Why Scotland ? To witness a marriage of two very lovely people . Now back in Ireland I'm enjoying the northern coast and it's difficult to concentrate due to watching a sea with huge crashing white waves . Stormy--true, spectacular-- extremely!
Film editing will have to wait .

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Berliner Gauklerfest 2012

After the opening day of IFA here we have snippets of the Berliner Gauklerfest final day. Colourful, magical and as ever,fascinating.  Music played by 'Otto's Viertakter' will be uploaded to YouTube in a few days.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

IFA Berlin 2012 Opening Day.

Best Viewed Full Screen or in YouTube and Helena What better way to end August than with a visit to IFA. As usual it surpassed itself. These are bit snippets of what is to be seen and experienced. The exhibition is huge but there are shuttle buses. I was on the go for 8 hours without a break for a snack. Thanks therefore to Panasonic for the cookery. Forget the press with their gloom and doom, concentrate on how technology is making our world even more wonderful and a lot of fun. Not only did I meet some fascinating individuals there is now a rather unusual shopping list which reads as follows :- a)toothbrush b)new camera c)pillow d) towel robe with iPod pocket e)washing machine f) TV screen with apps .All but c and d are produced by, who else, but Panasonic ...