Saturday, September 01, 2012

IFA Berlin 2012 Opening Day.

Best Viewed Full Screen or in YouTube and Helena What better way to end August than with a visit to IFA. As usual it surpassed itself. These are bit snippets of what is to be seen and experienced. The exhibition is huge but there are shuttle buses. I was on the go for 8 hours without a break for a snack. Thanks therefore to Panasonic for the cookery. Forget the press with their gloom and doom, concentrate on how technology is making our world even more wonderful and a lot of fun. Not only did I meet some fascinating individuals there is now a rather unusual shopping list which reads as follows :- a)toothbrush b)new camera c)pillow d) towel robe with iPod pocket e)washing machine f) TV screen with apps .All but c and d are produced by, who else, but Panasonic ...

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