Friday, March 31, 2006

Imagine --------

Today I went to a friend's exhibition .
She is using her creative talents to help others in our world .
Ill as I felt I could not miss it .
My journey across the city was lengthy but possible due to one of the worlds best transport systems .The Berlin BVG.
The effort involved in going was well worth it .
If each person did what" M " does how much brighter our world would be .
Bonds of friendship , understanding and most of all positive development would result .
When we have such ,weapons are redundant .

en route the following thoughts came to mind .:-
Reader , please" imagine " and add where necessary.
Every individual in even the smallest way .. consider what you can do .
There are billions of us .
We can do it ! Spread the word .

Imagine feeling ill every day,
Imagine there is no clean water,I
Imagine you have no house,
Imagine you have no clean bed,
Imagine each day minus nourishing food ,
Imagine --- no medicine,
Imagine no telephone contact ,
Imagine ---the Doctor is at least a forty mile walk away,
Imagine no transport to take you to him ,
Imagine being denied access to health care as you have no money.

For us, any of the above would be an unthinkable nightmare.
For so many in this world all of the above = REALITY .
We remain complacent as our governments invest our money in weapons and war.
Time to insist we nurture this world not destroy it :

Friday 31st Narch 2006

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thoughts on Love and Sex

In a world where magazines , videos and movies portray love and sex as a modern phenomena, many are left wondering " what is love ?" or "what is sex ?".
Violence and lust create the new order and as a result fragmented lives are scattered throughout society.
Sex and love were the currency of a long gone era as the following piece illustrates.
Originally written in Latin it advocates a tenderness the modern world is in danger of losing and in so doing ,reinforces the true beauty of love and sex.---------

Translated by Ben Jonson from the Latin original .

Petronius Arbiter,

Doing, a filthy pleasure is, and short;
And done , we straight repent of us the sport,
Let us not then rush blindly on unto it ,
Like lustful beasts ,that only know to do it :
For lust will languish , and that heat decay.
But thus, thus, keeping endless holiday,
Let us together closely lie and kiss,
There is no labour, nor no shame in this ;
This hath pleased, doth please and long will please ; never
Can this decay, but is beginning ever .

A lovely thought to start my day, 30 March 2006

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

being ill = ?????

Staying in bed all day . But not much fun alone !

Eating lots of goodies . These are nicer shared . Plus crumbs in the bed are NOT fun !

Being extra nice to yourself . Hmmmm , but so much better when someone else is .lol

Wearing what you like and no make up . Ooops not so good---- I am a woman who loves her clothes , make up and perfume.

Receiving phone calls . Hilarious with a croaky , husky voice.

For sure it can be boring but a life saver is my tiny laptop

This is the best medicine of all. One has laughter ,visitors , debate, e mails and so much more via ones keyboard.

It really is my Window on the world ( right now ) Thank you Mr Gates .

edited on Thursday 30th March 2006

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Being an ex pat entails missing certain items peculiar to your home land . This can range from food to clothes, furniture to gardens .The list is endless.
I have yearned for bacon with an intesity akin to that of the cravings of a pregnant woman.
Fish and Chips, whilst certain well known Super market chains have taken on the importance of a Shrine.
I am through my craving stages now so who knows maybe I have ceased to be British ! Or it could have been the Kippers.
It all began in the Lenten season a couple of years back with a well known British Paper ,famous for it Sunday Supplement .
Reader take note , I no longer take this publication ...
On that particular week the double spread was given over to smoked fish , suppliers of such and recipes .
Yellow Haddock , is impossible to find here as are Kippers . Within minutes my mouth was watering and I was determined . One or both would be mine .
Monday I was making calls to Britain like a woman possessed .
Suppliers were helpful but all of the opinion that the Postal Service( an institution I had never missed ) would not be up to the task in hand .
One firm was willing to deal with a German store, so with an amazing energy I was ready up and down there .
This particlar establishment is courtesy itself and the manager of the food department was more than willing to place an order for six pairs of Kipper fillets . I was overjoyed !
In a matter of days came the awaited call announcing delivery of my kippers . Never have I moved so fast .
My joy was soon to turn to horror . The six pair were in reality------ twenty six .
Short of having my own Sermon on the Mount what was I to do ? Also where to store ? My fridge had such a tiny freezer , already full.
A good friend came to the rescue . She had just bought a space age type fridge and having a gallaxy of space she offered it up for Kipper Storage .
My appetite for Kippers had gone ... never to return .
What did I do with them ?
Instead of giving Easter Eggs that year , I gave Kippers with instructions on to how to cook.
Everyone thought it was a clever idea .. Would I ever be getting more ?
What did I think ?
That Sunday supplements are best avoided and that staying with the delights of your adoptive land is much easier .
Berlin has plenty and this Easter it will be Marzipan Eggs and delicious chocolate as usual .
I never have found the Yellow Haddock but no longer yearn . Last week whilst visiting England I walked past a Fishmongers. In the window was a display to tempt .
Yellow Haddock , the lot !
Kippers I murmured as with a smile I recalled and kept on walking .

Ordnung muss sein !!!!!

The other week I was standing at a bus stop ( early morning ) It was bitterly cold , snowing and all in all true Dr Zhivago weather . Contemplating as to why I didnt look quite as good as Julie Christie I was "woken" from my reverie by a scream .
A man resembling a Hollywood actor made up for the part of John the Baptist was coming towards me . His almost bare feet and thread bare clothing did not appear to disturb him .
As he pressed his face against the glass of the shelter I most certainly did for this caused him to emit a true blood curdler and plunge through the bushes where he then entered the main rooad .
The road has six lanes , heavy traffic and although Germans are reputed to be excellent drivers ,they can be extremely aggressive once behind the wheel .
It was with horror therefore that I watched as the man stood arms spread wide facing oncoming vehicles ...... what I wondered would happen ?
The result was amazing . a) it was a Sunday and here order is everything . Nobody blasted the horn . The rule which says driver has right of way was not used .Each vehicle slowed down , stopped or in some cases drove around the wanderer .
He moved around all six lanes with always the same result ..
As my bus came in to sight it too had to stop and wait.. ... Later when boarding it I commented to the driver that it seemed "somebody had a death wish " He informed me that this had been going on now for over an hour ...
Yes I love the German people . We laugh but for sure it's true, " ordung muss sein"

Monday, March 27, 2006

C is for compromise

Well the battle with Toshiba continues but it seems we may have reached an agreement ,
Not so much an outright victory as a first class example of compromise engineered with linguistic skills plus a considerable apptitude in Denglish.
The replacement laptop ( Tecra S1 ) is not new but a showroom model used within their system !!!! But----- They will say yes to a two year warranty .
Called the Gorilla and he said "go for it " , Mariese said hmmmm not sure but better than before , Les in UK said the unprintable and gave me the address of a UK watch dog ..Finally to Huntsman lol
More sunshine . He never changes ! He thought same as Gorilla ( both Irish , both male )However the thought of my getting the guy from Toshiba in a corner seemed great to him..All be it metaphorically .
More re my coats etc etc . Well it made a change from pc's.
Back to Toshiba . Hmmmm year as of yet not known .
Herr X got quite jovial this call . Could be the end is in sight .
Hope so.
Now all thats left to say is "Watch this space"
Tried to find a picture of a Tecra S1 to post but clearly need more tuition from Gorilla .......If anyone has one please send to me ........

My Sunny Interval

Yuk ! It's Monday morning and as if that isn't bad enough it's pouring down !
More like Manchester on a bad day .
PC playing up ..... Could this be a main board problem yet again ?
No more Toshiba machines for me ... Mentioning which, I wonder how long it will be before I get a call ackowledging my email ? Best not to hold my breath .
With my UK aquired bronchitous that is not an option.
Still not all is grey and gloom or hi tech ( sorry, in this case , low tech )
Had two crazy texts from the Hunter not to mention an even crazier email .
When all is seemingly falling to pieces , he is constant !!!!
A typical weather forecast would sum it up by saying ,
"overcast with sunny intervals "
Oh well time to get coffee and decide what do to do re Toshiba ---
wait or strike first ...
Will have fun by writing to Huntsman . That should stir him to jump in the saddle.
We haven't managed the cockpit yet ....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

homework was never like this

I never had so much of a problem with homework at school as have had with this blog and my gorilla teacher was cross with me.............. I think .
Hard to tell as Gorillas are ever so gentle . Maybe he was simply tired lol

Gorillas in Berlin

Have you ever been taught by a gorilla ?
I have today ........... Wow ...He helped me set this blog up Now there's a first
What is more he is an amazing Irish Gorilla .
Bet you didnt know there were such .