Sunday, February 24, 2008

What's To Be Seen In Berlin

Well ,-- on the 23rd February Miss Vixen saw :-
A wonderful Beethoven Concert at the Philharmonic Concert Hall .
The usual classy advertising posters. Here you see one for an exhibition in Hamburg. ( Having been an artist's model she enjoys art )
Then yet another , but no ,not for snowstorms , though it looks like one . This is part of much larger piece re a documentary of the Berlin Philharmonic tour of Asia. Within the globe one sees Sir Simon Rattle and the Orchestra . Finally , a strange shadow . 'Foxy lady on a bicycle ? ' Could be .

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Moon Magic Makes Me Happy .

This amazing sight had me outside taking the above photograph ,wearing less than I should .
However, as every moon vixen knows, such an activity is worth any amount of goose bumps.The aura was so amazing as it contained a spectrum of colour which sadly, my camera couldn't capture .
If you get a chance, try viewing it. Who knows, maybe you too will feel the magic .

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some French & Fragile Beauty .

Whilst in Vichy I found a very pretty calendar with words for each month in French .
Since the combination of learning with pleasure is part of my educational philosophy I bought it .
January's illustration was a watercolour depicting snow drops and the following words:-

'La joie de contempler et de comprendre, voila le langage que me porte la nature'
Albert Einstein.

Throughout my travels , numerous , superb examples of nature were spotted and recorded. These snowdrops were in the Hunsruck area. Winter does have a beautiful side as these fragile blooms remind us. So I share the image with you.
Have fun translating the French and / or go to google and find all Einstein quotes . A worthwhile activity any day .

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Trinity Weekend .

I’m back from France after an amazing time . As recent postings show, a lot has been seen , done , not to mention, eaten. So you can imagine the excitement last Thursday on discovering a journey to Luxembourg was planned . After which a visit plus stop over in a truly beautiful part of Germany where a series of villages proved ideal for the filming of the German TV series Heimat.
The seven hour trip to Luxembourg was through some interesting regions of France , so a real plus. Luxembourg itself proved exquisite hence the only regret was that time there was so short . Enough though to experience ‘adventure’ , fine cuisine , breathtaking church architecture and lots of fun .
Saturday evening and the small German town of Morbach where the restaurant at Hotel St Michael provided exceptionally fine cuisine ! The following day meant leaving for a tour of all the villages used in the series Heimat . Base was at Woppenroth in a quaint pension.[which , by the way, boasted a swimming pool] This area of Germany proved magical and looking over the landscape you could almost hear Beethoven’s 6th symphony .Sensational.
Then today after a hearty German breakfast came the drive to Frankfurt am Main for my return journey by train, to Berlin . These last few weeks have been full , fun , very varied , and unforgettable .
The two collages give but a flavour. One is a small sample of Luxembourg shots where a snow storm was given to me ! The other shows the Hunsruck area used for Heimat .

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Getting To Be A Habit !

Today began with cornflakes a la Belgian Beer etc ... superb . Then a spot of work and more .

Eventually out for lunch where a half of red was served . Oh my , was it any wonder a rather dizzy Miss Vixen collided with a STOP sign . Could this be a warning ? Mind you it seemed to improve my French .

ps ) now for a bit of fun .Which song springs to mind when you see this picture ? Yes I did actually see this as opposed to pink elephants

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday Getting Stoned .

No, not with drugs. That is not my style . Instead Sunday began with a swim followed by a late breakfast / lunch in a very strange bar - pub . On then for a magical mystery ride to find ancient monuments . This area of France is a mass of such . The climb up to these amazing stones was well worth it . All are huge. Some resemble sacrificial slabs .Others like chairs [Miss Vix held court ] after escaping slaughter that is . I did try my best to lever the huge stone but reckon that task would be best left to Atlas . Yours truly will stick to swimming ,cycling and other kinds of sport.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

News Update

News Headlines:-

No I haven't won the lottery . Not to worry ,too much wealth could spoil my outlook.

In France this morning the trial sampling of Guiness with cornflakes took place. Result .. delicious , especially when mixed with apple and gooseberry juice ( so healthy ) and , it's set me up for the day.

In Britain the Press are agonizing over two grotesque characters .-

a) Archbishop Rowan who , having stated that Islamic law should be introduced to UK , is now in a state of shock re the wave of protest. ( Lucky him . Were he in Saudi advocating support and representation of Christians he'd be suffering more than shock ).

b)Then one particular paper is wondering if Blair could be Europe's George Washington .

Quite simply, no . Washington didn't deal in lies , hence it seems odd , absurd , ridiculous etc to even consider this master of deceit being likened to him . With Blair I reckon the ghastly Uriah Heep is more in keeping .
ps) Have you signed the petition re blocking him as Euro president ?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Euro Lottery Fever .

When it comes to gambling I'm a no go person but :-
Yesterday I began the day by knocking over a large box of pins. Since this entailed picking them up I was informed by an 'oracle' that good luck would be mine and as the Euro lottery was standing at some staggering record amount buying a ticket could be classed as prudent .
Thus followed a remarkable day with lots of amazing finds . This 11th century church for one .
Then a strange white cat decided to put on a rolling cabaret . En route to Aubusson at the checkout of a supermarket came my first win . A gift box re Asterix at the Olympic Games .In Aubusson tickets were duly bought. Lottery fever is now with me . As the Beach Boys sang,
'Wouldn't It Be Nice '

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Calling all Europeans.

Not only cornflakes and fruit juice prove refreshing but , some interest in matters political .
Today I received the following link in the form of a comment ( see previous post ) To this anonymous reader I say a big thank you and yes, I've signed .

The prospect of Mr Insincerity Blair being permanent president of the EU fills me with dread , nausea and dismay. If you have the time ,read the post 'Miss Vixen Predicts' , 13 May 2007 .

Then click on the link here or listed at the right under links and ,even if you have no interest stop to consider the following :-

It's your taxes that will pay to keep this odious man and his freeloading wife in a manner you can only dream of . If that doesn't stir you ,then sorry , this means brain death has surely taken place .
So from an English lady who resides in Germany ,is currently in France , often in Denmark ,and who loves Europe ,I ask all to unite . Warmongers are not wanted . Say 'No' to Blair .

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Start Your Day The Vix-Fizz Way .

It's been some time since my last tips for healthy living . Mind you some may say the following doesn't qualify but I urge you to try and most of all ,enjoy ..
Cornflakes with milk were never my thing . Instead I eat with orange or grapefruit juice poured on . This may sound odd but believe me, it's delicious . Today, as promised, room service served my cereal ,not only in finest Limoges porcelain but with Buck's Fizz to pour on . The result ? One more than lively Miss Vixen and that is extremely wild !
Management agreed that this could be a regular breakfast choice and variations may well be possible . eg) Use of Guiness ...........
Any other suggestions .

Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday With Mademoiselle la Renarde

Let's see this as a mini French lesson . Mademoiselle la Renarde equals Miss Vixen and here she is at a Renault garage with, what else but an orange car . Ever political c'est moi .Now if only they would see their way to using this as advertising , who knows I could get a gratis model !
Secondly ,forget Germany, the French can beat them with their signs and notices . Mind you ,I can think of a few cities where this should be displayed . It reads , 'urinating is forbidden. ' or 'dont take the p.... out of Miss V[Berlin and New Delhi take note ] Later, on the way home a wonderful evening sky highlighted what I've come to refer to as my Triffid trees. Aren't they spooky ? So from France and replete with yet more red wine this is Mademoiselle la Renarde signing off . Au revoir.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Miss V and the French Rolling Stones ?

This little collage is just for fun . So here we go . Yet another facet of my time in France .

Tope line .Left to Right.
Painting spotted in a gents toilet ( and yes I did go in ).A swinger in the nice sense . Miss V on the well , not in it . The gentlemen is a friend of a friend . Good cook too .
Second line Left to Right .
Bright eyes takes on a whole new meaning , Miss V as a singer .. errr not really Marianne Faithfull .The Stones reborn ( a French man , A Belgian man and a Scots man . Musical EU )
Bottom line .Left to Right .

The Church at Charroux . then two already explained .

How To Sin In Style in Charroux

As you are aware I love to sin ,and high on the list is ice cream .
Saturday found me in the tiny village of Charroux .. A place reknowned for it's beauty and original architecture [What's that you say, "Rather like Miss Vixen "]
After lots of meandering tiny streets and alley ways , Saint Sebastien , a cafe and resteraunt supreme was a must . There I was served the best ice cream ever . Three grapefruit, pistachio and caramel .Never have I felt like so much like Oliver Twist and asking for more . All the cakes and ices are made on the premises . Another tip to note, ready for your Easter or Summer travels .
Do go to google and type in charroux.
*The church at Charroux gives a strange sense of deja vu to anyone who knows Berlin . but more of that another time . Right now coffee time and after riding a bike this is a must .