Saturday, February 09, 2008

News Update

News Headlines:-

No I haven't won the lottery . Not to worry ,too much wealth could spoil my outlook.

In France this morning the trial sampling of Guiness with cornflakes took place. Result .. delicious , especially when mixed with apple and gooseberry juice ( so healthy ) and , it's set me up for the day.

In Britain the Press are agonizing over two grotesque characters .-

a) Archbishop Rowan who , having stated that Islamic law should be introduced to UK , is now in a state of shock re the wave of protest. ( Lucky him . Were he in Saudi advocating support and representation of Christians he'd be suffering more than shock ).

b)Then one particular paper is wondering if Blair could be Europe's George Washington .

Quite simply, no . Washington didn't deal in lies , hence it seems odd , absurd , ridiculous etc to even consider this master of deceit being likened to him . With Blair I reckon the ghastly Uriah Heep is more in keeping .
ps) Have you signed the petition re blocking him as Euro president ?

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