Sunday, February 03, 2008

How To Sin In Style in Charroux

As you are aware I love to sin ,and high on the list is ice cream .
Saturday found me in the tiny village of Charroux .. A place reknowned for it's beauty and original architecture [What's that you say, "Rather like Miss Vixen "]
After lots of meandering tiny streets and alley ways , Saint Sebastien , a cafe and resteraunt supreme was a must . There I was served the best ice cream ever . Three grapefruit, pistachio and caramel .Never have I felt like so much like Oliver Twist and asking for more . All the cakes and ices are made on the premises . Another tip to note, ready for your Easter or Summer travels .
Do go to google and type in charroux.
*The church at Charroux gives a strange sense of deja vu to anyone who knows Berlin . but more of that another time . Right now coffee time and after riding a bike this is a must .

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