Friday, August 25, 2006

Why is Miss Vixen smiling ?

OK ,the political situation leaves much to be desired and now, Germany has sold nuclear submarines to Israel whilst condemning Iran for having nuclear facilities etc , etc , etc , etc . Will these double standards ever end ?
Probably not....... but , the good news is the summer will, and is doing .
Already days are shorter and the temperature is falling. It's still warm here but today I could wear my lovely long boots. Made me feel wonderful !
Lunch was by invitation to a fabulous Indian restaurant . Tomorrow Italian . Sunday , will be German cuisine . If only we could get rid of those politician hate makers and substitute food ,culture and humanity - wow, wouldn't it be great ?
To date the contributions for my Lebanese party evening are looking good and my furrier has even promised a prize ! I am wondering what ..indeed agog .
The new fur fashions arrive beginning of September and a photo shoot is on the cards.
Autumn and Winter are my seasons . Coats will soon be back here with me . Trivial you may think in the light of all that I have been writing . Well yes and no . You see although my work and involvement for peace and justice will never end at least I can undertake it feeling better ,looking good not to mention still one hundred percent a woman .
Sorry not a just woman ..... a foxylady .

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Smoke Gets in your Eyes and Brain .

The smokescreen used by Blair in UK is now proving how effective it can be with the rather 'unwashed British public '. Usually Sun 'lookers' ,I can't for the life of me use the word read when referring to that rag .
The following is true and as well as being scarey it is reminiscent of pre World War Two days when Hitler had stage managed the burning of the Reichstag ensuring enough seeds of fear and hate had been planted . Now read on :-

Last week a Monarch Jet was at Malaga Airport . It was waiting to take off for Manchester but there was a problem .
Over 100 passengers ( all British ) complained and expressed fear that they could not fly unless two passengers were first removed from the aircraft .
Who were these two and what was their crime ?
They were gentlemen of Asian appearance . Their sin ? Would you believe that each wore a leather jacket , each looked at his watch and oh my goodness they spoke in a foreign language .
On this alone they had been found guilty of being high suspect terrorists by their rather stupid fellow passengers.
The Captain of the flight had to do some thing . He asked both men for their passports and contacted airport security .
Yes both men were escorted from the plane . It took off after a security check which was,of course, all in order .
The two men were provided with hotel accommodation near to the airport, by Monarch Airlines and flown to Manchester the following day . Minus incident .
Had I been on that flight I would have insisted on leaving rather than travel on with such fools .
This is all due to lies and Orwellian newspeak by Blair and Co .
Have people forgotten a dead Brazilian shot repeatedly in the head ? Seemingly .
By the way wearing a jacket is no crime. It just seems odd to many tasteless Brits . Go there in the middle of winter and you will observe people out on a Friday or Saturday night wearing only a shirt on their upper body .
Go in summer you will have the ghastly vision of many a bare torso .
Style these people do not have nor much in the way of brains.
The self same public think nothing of being rather the worse for drink when on a flight and many an incident has occurred as we know .
How sick ,how smug ,how low these characters are .
A final note is that I as one who studied applied Linguistics find the English spoken by many of my so called fellow country men .. more than a foreign language .

Saturday, August 19, 2006

History repeats ! Think 1930's

CAMP DAVID, Md. - On Friday and speaking against a court ruling which found his illegal wire tapping to be unconstitutional the following words were uttered by a certain president . Yes , he had the nerve to say that most people , "do not understand the nature of the world in which we live
I strongly disagree with that decision, strongly disagree," Bush said, striking his finger on a podium to underscore his point. "That's why I instructed the Justice Department to appeal immediately, and I believe our appeals will be upheld."

In reply to this ridiculous quote of GWB I say .This could be that:-
a. most do understand and see the chilling similarity between him and other well known and loathed characters in history .One in particular.
b.most are aware of his terror tactics to create fear and in so doing gain more power.
c.most are aware that a very large percentage of the chaos in our world is attributable to Bush . .. read Afghanistan , read Iraq, read weapons to Israel. Indeed read corruption on such a scale as to send you dizzy .( Tip at this point have a break , have a drink and read 1984 )
d.most know that he tells lies and is never to be trusted .
e. most also know that in real truth it is he who is lacking in knowledge .
f.most are able to see the frighteningly real characteristics of a meglomaniac.
g.most ask one simple question . "if this man were so good , why oh why is he det├ęsted no matter where he goes . Why does he need security on a scale it shuts a city down ?"

Because Mr Bush ,we do undertand the nature of our world and we do know it is you who in so short a time has made it the living hell we are not prepared to accept .
There is justice and yes a constitution and why should you destroy these ?
Would you be so good as to stand down from an office you are not fit or qualified to hold.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some Things take Too Long .

This was part of a demo held each day infront of the British Embassy Berlin ,(over three years ago ) pre Iraq .
Yes I'm sitting due to injuring my ankle . Miss Vixen never gives up!
Over my coat the message read 'it's not very great being British'
The card in my hand says it all !
So many thought that then , even more do now , not to mention many members of the Labour Party - Yet still he remains , grasping power where he can , arranging smoke screens to detract from the real issues.
His link to Bush is too much for most thinking British people . He is selling us out to a land we have no wish to belong to .
Yes Tony it is time for you to go . So step down. Let a decent leader take over . One who is hopefully acquainted with truth and there to serve the British public , not a US President.

Lebanon needs money . HELP PLEASE:

Well so far so good , but a cease fire is a delicate time .Each day I breathe a sigh of relief.
Yet there are so many people who right now are trying to return to'home'.
Only to find , when they get there ,nothing left save rubble.
Can you imagine the feeling ? I for one hope that I never have to know it first hand .
Again I ask you to go to and look at the photographs .
Then I ask you to think of how you can help . 1 euro is as acceptable as the sky which is the limit .Every little helps .
We all have talents so lets think how best to use in a good cause .
I adore Lebanese food and cook it well . So am planning an evening . Yes there will be a big spread with all the favourite dishes from that region .
People will come along and give a donation for their meal .
Then there will also be a raffle . To date business people here are being generous .
How much it will make is yet to be seen. What I do know is it will highlight a cause . Unite people and increase solidarity .(The cuisine is fabulous and so it should work .)
All money raised will be checked by an official and then sent to where best needed in Lebanon .
That's my scheme. Please think what you can do . We all have our homes and comfort .
No bombs raining down from on high have killed our loved ones or mutilated them .
Be thankful and share what we have .........
Miss Vixen would love to hear your ideas for fund raising .You can cotact me .
Let's show Politicians that we wish to be human towards all our fellow men, women and children.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Berlin - solidarity with Lebanon .

Today the sun shone for us . We gathered and were united in our condemnation of the Israeli government . These are just a few pictures expressing sentiments. Click on the image to get an enlargement.
It was a peaceful march and I was asked to translate the German into English . Hard on the vocal chords . BUT nothing as compared with our friends in Beirut who began their convoy at 7am Lebanon's time 12th August . If you go to you will see they experienced nightmare after nightmare , and the civilian death toll rose even higher.
Yet they have kept their spirits high and are a true example to us all .
Spare 10minutes with their blog . You can add comments ,may learn more and for sure will see some amazing pictures from there and from many around the world who have all said NO to this carnage . Join us in this simple act of refusal to be pathetic participants in death.
In the words of the song " We Shall Overcome "

Saturday 12th August

Once more I ask all to have a look at
You will find so much information and yes it is from all over the world and not censored by a controlled media .
Today begins a huge solidarity movement . This has already begun in Beirut and all around the world many will be joining in with peaceful demonstrations.
You too could take part .It will only entail a few hours of your life .
Berlin's demo begins at the Rotes Rat Hause at 15:00 hrs .
Miss Vixen will be there and hopes that you will find time .
The latest tactics using talk of terror are designed to scare and weaken the public stance .
If you don't believe me go to the library archives pre Iraq invasion.
Just the same ...... divide and rule . Make life a hell for the public and talk of potential mass murder . Arrest a few in the middle of the night and voila ... control once more .
We have been witnessing mass murder these last 4 weeks as Israel has repeatedly bombed an innocent country . The weapons for this have been shipped by the USA through UK . Who I ask are the murderers ?
Now, cluster bombs of a truly lethal type have been requested by Israel from USA . Go to BloggingBeirut and read details .
Hope to see you later .

NOTE :- Once again Israel defies any attempt by the UN to bring about peace .
Not for them a resolution .No, they are increasing their offensive action.
Could this be due to US support with weapons and money ?
Could this be due to US support via veto after veto ?
Had any other land behaved in such a manner , especially an Arabic land then we know what would have resulted .

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Go buy a book .

Many have never read the book 1984 by George Orwell.
Sadly a large sector of the public ( especially in UK are at reading level 'Sun')
Basically a rather nasty character by the name of Big Brother seeks total control.
He maintains this by keep the people in a permanent state of war and terror .
Does this sound familiar ?
Various ministries are involved . They distort all facts ,create images , fabricate the news and as for truth ....... ensure there is none .
Anyone found guilty of speaking the truth and trying to protest is removed and taken away .... fingers are, as it were ,pointed .
Yes fear rules . Orwell wrote with a Stalinist state in mind . As we know the difference between Communism and Capitalism is a razors edge and we now have Bush with his partner in crime .. Blair .
These two men have really undertaken the plot well .
At this moment sympathy is with Lebanon ( Not good in their eyes ) The people of the world are outraged at Israel and at USA who have constantly controlled the UN when any condemnation of Israel was put forward . Furthermore they have used UK airports to transport weapons in a continued convoy to further this evil .
Normally we would have been shown some character 'Bin Laden'.A tragically made up figure rambling on in a language none of us understand !
But a quick fix terror alert was needed to silence the protestors so bingo we have the latest trumped up rubbish.
Panic ensues . Airports are closed . The egocentric white cats are upset as their life has been disturbed ... Perfect.... Bush and co have planted a seed of doubt .
Then the media goes into overdrive .We get the TV appearances pledging as to how they the leaders will look after us .The seed grows. Back to the egocentric and sun reader level . 'Wow,'they think 'well maybe it is right what these guys do '... You see , easy CONTROL achieved .
It is not right to go to war for no reason.
It is not right to allow lands to decimate another .
It is not right to support aggressors by giving them money and endless weapons
It is not right to involve airports by shipping deadly cargo . Bush never disclosed what was on the manifesto first of all .
It is not right to manipulate truth and tell lies .
The list is endless .... I could go on but wont .
The simple truth is ,this is but the latest piece of brainwashing .
Before the Iraq invasion Blair / Bliar surrounded Heathrow with tanks and made life so difficult for all that it cut into public opposition . Most have forgotton !
The same British shot an innocent man on the Underground and told numerous lies regarding that . He was a bomber / etc ,etc. All lies but mainly forgotton .
Now I suggest you buy the book and read .
If you are merely egocentric then I pity you . If you do see how you are being used then I suggest you also start to take action and join any number of groups opposed to war .
By the way . Bombs have been falling now for four weeks over Lebanon . Their airport was ruined to begin with by Israel .Did you care ?
Your holiday may have been delayed ... are you not the lucky one ?
For as for who is guilty simply look at your PM and his master Bush .

Sunday, August 06, 2006

August 6th .

What a date ! What a day .
For those of you who don't know :-
a) It's the anniversary of the Transfiguration of Christ .

b) It's the date the Americans dropped the Atom bomb on Hiroshima.(6.08.1945)

c)It's the date Miss Vixen officially left the Christian faith .(6.08.2006)

All are linked in some weird and not wonderful way .
Today I went to mass for the final time . I merely sat but did not partake . No divine message came to me . I knew there was no such being . For I now know there is no God .
Sure xxxxx years ago a man called Jesus went up in the mountains and suddenly appeared to be glowing in the eyes of his disciples . ( today they would be accused of being on halluciagenic drugs ) I don't say this . I don't even care .All we know is they saw him as 'radiant' .
Then skip many years and USA drops the first of two nuclear bombs on Japan. Result not so much radiance, but radiation and ghastly deaths .
Note .... these are the only nuclear bombs ever used in the world and were dropped by a land who seeks total control and says others are not responsible enough to possess such!
(sorry have I missed something ?)
This land ie ) USA which is so white and Judo/Christian plus sanctimonious is forever banging on about how precious life is...
Well for selective fetus .We have seen Vietnam , Iraq , Afghanistan , and now we see the US involvement in Lebanon.
Those in control break every rule in the so called Jewish book and Christian bible but go unpunished .
Their nasty media tricks have convinced all too many that Muslims are 3rd rate and violent . ( like dropping atomic weapons wasn't )
I was Roman Catholic and note that Pope Benedict has spoken out but once re the middle east situation .
In the church I attended there is a member who last week was proud to inform me of how he would never pray with any intentions for the people in Lebanon.
To him they were Hezbollah and terrorists etc ,etc .
This,my email from Iraq ,coupled with the latest death toll and public indifference was the final straw.
To continue attending mass and listening to talk of chosen people in bible readings was too much .
There are NO chosen people . We are all equal . Each land has the right to develop as it so wishes and is beholden to no other .
If UK / USA and most of Europe can ,then I am sure those lands in the middle east may .
Finally ........No land has the right to invade another.
Today a small child was baptised at the Mass . So 1 joined --1 left .
As I say ,a day to remember ,but for not very happy reasons .

Friday, August 04, 2006

Showing in a land near you !

This was sent to me at my blog by an anonymous reader.
The link is for all of you to read if you click onto my blog 'Do you remember' .
First ,a very big thank you to the contributor . It is spot on and correct .
Real food for thought .
Since 9/11 our world has been a hell and we have had our lives monitored as never before .
The word terrorist is trotted out to implant fear and hatred in an all too uneducated public .
The media is controlled to come in line .
Hitler had the Reichstag set on fire to gain strength by casting doubt and making scapegoats .It gave him ultimate powers. All others were discredited .
Bush is rumoured to have had a finger or two in the Twin Towers episode .
For him and his circle life is cheap ... very cheap . The end justified the means .
Now all evil is the work of "terrorists ".He has power to tap , remove and arrest without a good reason .We are living in a prison of his creation .
I must say that Bin Laden videos are few these days . I mean for a man committed to the cause he is remarkably silent ..
Middle eastern lands are being knocked off the face of the earth and he is silent .
Brings us to the point 'was there ever a real Bin Laden ?'
( George you are slipping . Send a message straight away to those ham actors you use )
Bush is a megalomaniac and represents all that is evil .. Today I read he has pledged to bring democracy to Cuba !
Is this America's answer to Monty Python ?
Bush has no idea of what democracy means . We heard this over Iraq . Read my email from there and note how bad a job he has done .
Also let's not forget this is a president who is content to see two thirds of his people minus health care ......and ignores them when they need help due to natural disasters . Money is for him , power and weapons .
Democratic ? More like demonic !
Share this picture with your friends and co workers.

An email from Iraq

Below you can read an email I have just received from a young lady friend in Iraq .
For obvious reasons I have deleted her name and address , also phone number .
For any who have doubts about the horrors of what USA has done and is still doing , read .... If then you still have doubts I say " I am sorry for you ".

Now if you will excuse me, I need a drink and a good cry not to mention maybe a prayer to a God I doubt more and more.
I have left the email in original form . Written under pressure from a wonderful , tired , weary and very courageous woman .
She is a real person .... Beautiful ,intelligent ,talented and without malice ... Thanks be, no tragic empty headed Promi !

Gesendet: 04.08.06 13:09:47
Betreff: Re: hello

Dear Vix...
i'm so sorry i couldnt write to u earlier but realy i was busy to hell,,first i spent few days with my parents in baghdad and i cant tell you how the situation in baghdad these days realy it's shocking ,,dead people every where ,killing ,kidnapping ,rapping whatever you can imagine ..i 'm shocked how the people is still living there .
But now i'm back to my work in the north of Iraq ,we call it Erbil city and its the capital of Kurdstan Iraq..i love this place beside i love my work as a doctor ,and that is why i was busy all that time.
My mobile number here is xxxxxxxxxx

I hope evereything is ok with you and i hope the situation is getting better so you can visit us in your second country Iraq ...
my best regards

So far .... so bad !

If you log onto you will see with your own eyes the horrors being heaped onto innocent civilians .
You will also see figures such as below .
This is how the death toll stood at 8:35pm on August 3rd 2006 .
I recommend you get a drink to steady your nerves . This in just four weeks !
Still USA supplies more machinery of death and still too many countries allow the veto of Big Brother Bush to count . Bush does not count . Only that is as the world's number one terrorist!
Civilian Deaths :-
900 Lebanese ( of which 350 were under 12)
26 Israelis
20 Sri Lankan
8 Canadian
7 Brazilian
1 Nigerian.
1 Jordanian
1 Chinese
1 Finnish
1 Austrian

Military Deaths :-
54 Lebanese
47 Israeli
98 Hezbollah ( declared )

Displaced :-
1000,000 yes One million Lebanese
(25% total population )

Israel knows too well that airstrikes kill all and anyone . Truth is they do not care .
This is their very own "final solution "
It has only just begun as far as they are concerned .

Are you really content to sit and watch this genocide play out in our world ?
That it comes from a race who never cease reminding us how they were persecuted is sick beyond measure .
How well they seem to use elimination techniques .
The following quote is from Rabbi Yaacov Perrin in 1994 . It gives you an idea of the grotesque similarity with events of 1930's
He said :-
"one million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail "

Think , and join in with all anti war movements . This is no war on terrorism . It is merely an excuse for Genocide and theft.
You owe to those already dead . Most of us have a PC and if not we have access in cafes. If each one of us sent 900 emails to your MP senator etc I think a message would be heard . Imagine it . A victory minus bombs . Say no to your governments. For every life lost NO, NO, NO more.To any US Cargo planes landing with more weapons , No, No ,No permission .

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The joke of today !

I have to share this with you. Laughter being so hard to come by at times these days .
Tony Blair (or is that Bliar ?) has announced a new strategy to combat terror .
Would you believe he says that rich and poor lands must work together to fight the terrorists. How much on an equal footing and with mutual respect is not , I repeat not included .
But I think that we can all hazard a good guess .
First of all how shameful :- This from a man who lied and fabricated so much to help his Master ,Bush get into Iraq . Then had the gall to blame others .
Terrorism is normally due to people being oppressed . *(By the way its called resistance or underground when applied to white/Judo/Christians .) A title , not to mention, respectable image worthy of Hollywood Epic Films .So take note .
Blair / Bliar is a man of no principles . He is allowing US cargo jets to land in UK for stop overs . These are on route to Israel carrying arms and deadly material .
They are not destined for a museum but for use on Lebanon and innocent people .
Poor people as well .
So you see why I had to laugh . Is this specimen of manhood really so stupid that he believes we take him seriously ?
One question Mr Blair ( sorry Bliar )
Why is Pakistan allowed nuclear weapons etc and Iran not even a Nuclear Energy programme ?
Could it be that Pakistan .... a land which had it's debts written off after 9/11, for sufficient kowtowing to Big Brother Bush is deemed controllable .
Note also that Pakistan has not seen a democratic election in years .
Whilst Iran is prosperous without US blood money and the control that goes with such . Plus it has an elected government ( like them or not ) They were elected .
Probably with less fraud then Big Brother Bush was in USA .He who loves to control and let's face it ,he sure controls Blair ( sorry Bliar ) is not happy about such lands .
ps ) the article told readers the Blair / Bliar is the closet ally of Bush .
Spare me : Spare us all . He is the only !!!!.
By the way I tried to put a picture of the British Poodle on this blog so you could put to good use . My pc is discerning . It wont upload it .. Now there is class !

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Some light relief

Even 'Miss Vixen' , campaigner that I am ,takes time out from political argument, demonstrations etc . Last night I met up with a friend at Cafe Au Lait . An excellent spot on the Kant Strasse.
With intimate corners and very comfortable sofas (such a change from some of the modern chrome seating found in many establishments )it is to be recommended. The management have displays of art work from local Artists. This piece caught my eye so I wanted to share it with you . It is a little more than a nude ...It also carries an anti smoking message. Click on the image to enlarge ,look carefully at the bottom and read the warning !

Berlin is a city where anything can be expected . It came as no surprise therefore when the waiter told how he used to be an acrobat but quit when he lost his partner . He then went on to perform various stunts using the bar and furniture .
Here is an example . Yes,life is a cabaret. Enjoy it but allow it to further motivate you to stand up against the bullies of this world who seek to stop others having 'the good life.' indeed all too often ,'any life '.