Sunday, April 30, 2006

What's in a name ?

Well actually quite a lot ........
For example ,the Oxford dictionary defines the word "vixen " as meaning a female fox , or a spiteful and quarrelsome woman .
Hmmm clearly some disenchanted male linguist had a say in that.
My choice of this name was for several reasons :
a) I love fur . To wear it is one of life's greatest feminine pleasures .
b) I am inclined to be wild and very much my own person .
c) It is a remarkable man who can catch me .
d) Like the fox I am quick thinking
e) Appearance ...well ...Under the dictionary entry - fox :- N American slang .. An attractive woman and as for foxy ....Well here the linguist was clearly experienced in attractive vixens for we read :- (of a woman ) sexually attractive.

So you see just a few examples as to why I am very much miss_vixen.
Yet it never ceases to amaze me that "some" make the equation that my blog should be a record of lust filled fantasies .
Ooooh dear no . I leave such for those who are all too often fakes.
Just as fake fur can never be compared to the real thing . So it is with tawdry writing .It is there merely to provide a quick fix ........
I am the real thing !

But to continue with the theme of "what's in a name "
I find street names can be extremely provocative in as much as they stir the imagination. Oddly enough some of the most fascinating are to be found within the cities and backstreets .
Years ago ,whilst in UK I saw the following :- ADVENTURE PLACE.
Oh how I wanted to have that street sign ! What is more there were two . One ,the original and another ,modern plate . My pleading that one would never be missed fell upon deaf ears . Yet I never forgot that sign and what it conjured up for me in my imagination .
Later I wrote the following . Adventure Place had become ,for me,a code.


At midnight I could hear your voice

As it traveled here through space

At one o'clock I played "our game "

Down in "Adventure Place"

At two o'clock I lay within -

Your ever loving arms ,

And each of us delighted in -

The others magic charms

Helena Mikas 1986

I still love "Adventure Place ". Playing games remains a favourite pastime and what lovelier spot is there ?
You never know maybe some one will bring me one of those street signs.
One great way to catch a truly foxy lady .............

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Worlds Oldest Story

It is fair to say that over the age of 24 most women experience the rather tragic propositions of married men .
As one who will never see forty again ,from time to time ,I still receive what I consider to be insulting and most unflattering attentions !
The following words were written by me many years ago. They are light hearted and hopefully bring a smile to the faces of those who read them.
On a more serious note I would ask the reader to consider that even today there are societies where , any woman foolish enough to go for this "line " runs the risk of being stoned to death. In certain Asian countries she will be referred to as , "a used shoe" and shunned. Here in the West as ,"the other woman ".
Try as I might ,I cannot think of anywhere where the man is punished or spoken of with such derision.


My wife doesn't understand me
My wife's as cold as ice
She wears two pairs of knickers
Not stockings ------ only tights
She is forever cleaning
But with love she's not the same
My wife doesn't understand me
Oh isn't it a shame ?

Now you ,you understand me
You're not as cold as ice
You wear such lovely undies
Whipped off in just a thrice
You don't spend your life cleaning
But rather making love
Oh yes,you understand me
I thank the heavens above .

What rubbish you talk and tell me
The oldest story of all
Just mention your wife whilst love-making
And watch your anatomy fall
One word and "droop" is as nothing
Yet this is a woman like ice
Who cleans non - stop and is frigid
Me thinks you are telling me lies

Helena Mikas 1990

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thought for Today

"Beware the man of one book."

St Thomas Aquinas.

I could read at a very early age . A well stocked bookcase plus weekly trips with mother to the public library created a love of literature.
My forthcoming visit to England and Ireland will give me chance to go to some of the huge book stores there . Paradise !
Berlin has many such stores but obviously the printed word on offer tends to be in German.
However one shop here in the city is worth a visit.
It's to be found in Knesebeckstrasse and is called "Marga Schoeller "
The English Literature section is small but well stocked . Books can be ordered and there is the added bonus of two of the greatest assistants , Shirley and Thomas .
An hour or two browsing in Marga Schoeller Bookstore will never disappoint .......

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Have You Noticed ?

I am wondering if others have noticed the familiar pattern which from time to time emerges .
Every time a certain President is running low and I do mean low in the opinion polls of his country , up pops yet another a video courtesy of a well known middle eastern TV broadcasting station.
This we are told is that rather infamous character whose family are all good friends of the same certain President . O and L should give you a clue !
Thus follows much hype with regard to the threats contained there in . Alert states are increased and a certain President assures his weary public that yes he, will personally ensure that all will be well.
Ratings rise all be it for a while and the video is soon forgotton until that is, unpopularity calls for a re-run .
Considering the film industry and make up techniques available I would ask the reader to consider the following :-
If a film can be made in which the actor is so well made up he could pass for the late Johnny Cash to the most ardent of his fans .. how easy would it be to create a video of a certain very unpleasant terrorist who none of us have ever met ?
The tactics employed my Big Brother in Orwell's 1984 were so simliar and so simple .
Create fear and maintain control ...........
I deplore all forms of terrorism and likewise abhor media manipulation or any attempt at it .

Berlin ,Swimming and FKK

It's nearly May and the weather is improving .Berlin has very cold winters but tends to enjoy long hot summers .
This last winter was severe and so all are now looking forward to an extreme summer.
For Berlin swimming is a round the year sport . In May the Freibad season begins.
Twenty eight open air swimming pools ( Freibad) are located throughout the city .
The water is heated , the facilities astonishing and all are maintained to a phenomenally high standard .
To go early in the morning makes for a wonderful start. Two kilometers , none stop each day ,leaves you feeling "almost" an Olympic champion !
I have to admit to looking forward to rain every now and then . Swimming back stroke enjoying the sensation of rain falling onto your body is somewhat sensual . Further more one feels like Cleopatra ----alone-- as the pool empties ------- Germans, accustomed as they are ,to a better and drier climate than we British ,don't seem to enjoy the double dose of water .
Nobody gets too exited if a female bather peels her costume down to the waist .Something which would result in rapid expulsion from the premises in UK. (oddly enough home land of the page 3 girl)
For now though I must be content with the indoor swimming baths and with over thirty one such establishments to choose from who could fail to be happy.
So sure ,Berlin is great for swimming but what you may wonder is FKK .
In German it is Freikörperkulture -------- in English ----nudism .
In certain venues on specific week day / evenings , the rule is, no costumes allowed .
Swimming is mixed ,the atmosphere great and Yes ,I love it ! It is an experience I can recommend .
No lurid types are around....... It is a most enjoyable way to spend an hour or two.
If you are in Berlin during summer try Wannsee where there is an FKK beach or any one of the numerous places listed in the internet .
Run by the Berliner Bäder Betrieb these places will guarantee you a great day .
Enjoy !!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Greeks had a word for it-----

Well if not the Greeks , Petronius Arbiter most certainly did.
Here is another of his works. It could have been written today .
Hope you enjoy it:-

Good God , what a night that was,
The bed was so soft , and how we clung,
Burning together,lying this way and that,
Our uncontrollable passions,
Flowing through our mouths.
If only I could die that way,
I'd say goodbye to the business of living

Translated from the Greek by
Kenneth Rexroth.

Miss Vixen Saturday 22 April 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006

God Save The Queen

You would have to be pretty "switched off" not to know that today is the 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth .
News coverage and magazines show this remarkable ,intelligent and attractive woman enjoying her life .
I have to record that I am a true Royalist and believe that with Her Majesty as monarch , Britain still has a reason to be proud.
Numerous politicians up until the present date have done things which have brought shame on the land .... The Queen ..... never .
She is above politics . Makes it her business to be well informed . Still puts in many hours each day with matters of State and receives all visiting heads of states with a dignity and charm few could match .
There is of course the anti - monarchy lobby . A sad group who complain of costs etc etc etc
To these individuals I would say - British tourism flourishes due to the Monarchy .
Trade, not to mention links with other countries also benefits.
News broadcasts each week show us Presidents in other lands living very well at great cost to their people . Anything but above politics they do little to attract others to their shores in a positive sense .
When the Queen came to Berlin in 2004 the Germans were thrilled . Thousands turned out to see her.
However when a certain President came to the city it had to be virtually closed in the centre. There were no fans for him.
German magazines are full of articles and coverage of the European Monarchies .
They do not stoop to the levels of the British Press who seem increasingly to delight in invasive "reporting" . All too often involving personal and private conversations or written material , bought at a price
Indeed a certain well known British Paper , famous for it's loathing of most things German would do well to realize how much respect there is here for The British Queen not to mention good journalism.
Lets pray that in another 10 years from now we are watching even greater celebrations for a Monarch who knows the meaning of duty .
Here's to Her Majesty

My German friends are joining me this evening in a Gin and Tonic to mark this day.

Thought For Today

What excites me most ?

Those physical acts involving well known erogenous zones,


The beautiful, intense expression on His face .

Can you guess the answer?

Helena Mikas (August 1986)

These words written twenty years ago still hold a truth .

For me ,faces are like books ----- It's lovely to read them .

Friday 21 April 2006

Knickerbocker Glory

This must be my lucky week . After the last three it seems long overdue .
A none smoking bar/ cafe , news from gorilla ,a special presentation from a USA vixen fan and now ............
The supplier of the Tecra Image has promised he will indulge my passion for a Knickerbocker Glory ,during my trip to Ireland . Since he bestowed on me the Sunday title of "Knickerbocker Glory Queen " It seems most fitting.
Lets hope he finds the jewels.

Gorilla is well ( King Kong watch out )

Heard from "Gorilla " today . Had this mental image of him on top of the Empire State building , woman in arms all set to ---- Hmmmm Woman in arms may be ,but since he's one Gorilla who couldnt scare ,doubt he would be all set to throw her over the edge .

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Success at last !

I'm sitting here in Cafe Mia ,a tiny jewel of a place set in the beautiful,historic but sadly cigarette strewn city which is Berlin. Let me explain .
Berlin is a paradise for Gastronomie . Bars , cafes , resteraunts are are every few steps and throughout the city BUT ........ to find any that make provison for none smokers is a nightmare .
Until recently I had tolerated this state of affairs but after three weeks seriously ill ,one of which was spent in Hospital ( due to passive smoking )and I knew that never again could I eat or drink in a smoke filled atmosphere.
It took hours of team work and use of a search engine to discover Cafe Mia .
Reader ,do try it . It is modern , chic , gives free WLan internet connection and a menu which though small ,is beautiful .
Located at Pappelallee 58 this place is something else .To all visiting Berlin I would say try it .
Things are looking better already ...........What's more I am feeling it .

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

T is for Tecra ( AGAIN !!!! )

On the 27th March in my first piece regarding my Tecra ,I asked if any one had an image of such .
To say that I was inundated would be an overstatement . Hmmm I wonder why ?
Yesterday however I received an email from Dublin . With yes, you have guessed--- a picture of a Tecra .
The Irish are amazing people . Even more so considering that the sender is himself an Apple fan of the highest order .
So here you are folks ......
It seems to have red where mine doesnt . maybe this is some kind of warning .......

Tuesday 18th April 2006

Monday, April 17, 2006


"Friendship is claimed to be the only pearl of price that we collect from the waters of this life "

John Mackay.

This quotation was given to me by an Irish man , who on researching his family history had discovered that the above writer, ( a Scot by birth) was a relative .
I love these words . Their simplicity holds a truth presented in an artistic manner.
A pearl takes so long to develop as does true friendship.
Both can be cultivated and the lustre serves to shine even in lifes darkest moments .
Good friends are always there for us no matter what !
Those that are not are but aquaintances ............ there is a difference.
The modern, native English speaker tends to use the word "friend" for all .
In the German language the use of the word is reserved for those who truly warrant it .
How wise these Germans tend to be ............

Easter Monday 17th April 2006

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Whilst in hospital last week there was time to read , time to think , time to write .. yes there was lots of time .
I have to admit I was not as constructive as I could have been . My mind concentrated rather too much on what should have been. An example being my planned trip to Istanbul had been cancelled . It remains therefore a city yet to be visited.
For me the actual journey plus airports involved is as much a part of the fun as any destination .
To see airports throughout the world is fascinating . They are architectural wonders or nightmares depending on your point of view .
Yet diverse as they are outwardly, they are linked by common denominators which serve to assist and ensure the smooth running of these now essential transport centres .
They are happy places and ideal for people watching .
Reader , if you have time to spare and want to pass a few hours with little money then off to the Airport . For the price of a coffee you can sit and watch the world arrive and depart .
You may note stress but truly more joy.
The shops are fun and then there are the planes . I never fail to get a buzz looking at a plane landing or taking off. It has me wondering who is on board . From where are they coming or their destination .
There is a spot in Berlin where flights into TXL airport seem almost tangible as ,like magic,they drop from way on high ,ready to land . Many is the time a car has come close to knocking me down as I've stopped to look up , smile and yes , wave !!
Childish , maybe . Fun always .
So here goes with my hospital musings regarding airports . Here are some of the common denominators .See if you can add others .

A .......arrivals /announcements
I .......immigration /information
R ......runways/ romance
P ...... passengers /pilots
O 24/7
R .......rendezvous
T /taxis

April 16th 2006

Glorious Easter.

Easter Sunday here and this never fails to make me happy .
A real holiday spirit is in the air the decorations and gastronomic goodies of Germany serve to make it even more sensational .
Yesterday upon entering an SBahn carriage it was strewn with what could best be described as giant sized pieces of confetti . Clearly a Fashing party had used this train to travel home , continuing their celebrations en route .
For those not familiar with Fashing , it is a way of marking the end of Lent . Fancy Dress Parties , music and mayhem in general being the order of the day .
At Easter Mass throughout the world the Gloria will have been sung . For me this is almost a theological fashing as it has been omitted during Lent . Glorious is the only word to describe it and after the omission for so many weeks the words come home , clear and strong with their message .
That message is Peace .
Let us hope and pray that the political leaders thoughout the world realize what Peace means and cease treating us with a contempt which falls short of Humanity .
Easter brings Hope .A promise that life is eternal . All that we are required to do is to believe .
If we say we are believers then remember ........ Christ was born a Jew , was good to all irrespective of their faith so what better example could we have !
Happy Easter !!!

Easter Sunday, ( April 16th 2006 )

Thursday, April 13, 2006

No Place Like Home

Home at last after a week in hospital . Oh do I feel good .The hospital was fantastic , but ----
To have your OWN space , OWN bed , OWN clothes ,OWN laptop etc ,etc is wonderful.
Am so much better and ready to get blogging again . Lying around hooked up to oxygen was somewhat boring but served to sharpen my brain cells .
Checked on my Gorilla tutor today .For sure all is well there .
Will never be able to match Gorilla's Blog skills.
Would Guiness help ??????
In May once in Ireland will try it . You never know .

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

T is for Tecra

Yesterday I received my exchange laptop .
The end of the faulty --- I am sure .
The end of mainboard failures --- I trust .
The end of confrontation with Toshiba ----I hope .
Yes . It is a new beginning with a new machine .
Just one question remains .
What do they do with dead laptops ?
If anyone knows please tell !

5th April 2006

Thought for today

" All endings are also beginnings,
We just don't know it at the time "
by Mitch Albon.

On reading the above quotation on the cover of a book written by Mitch Albon I was struck as to the truth.contained .
It started me thinking of the many occasions in life when an ending has really seemed to be such ......... Final , tragic almost a black hole .
In reality none were terrible and all did indeed, bring a new beginning .
Watch this space. I may share a few with you

5th April 2006