Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Double On Summer Solstice Day 21-06-15

I began my day very early in order to walk around the streets of a very quiet Manchester . This gave me chance to get some sunrise pictures . Seemed no point in going back to bed .
So I went to the flat got dressed in a more presentable manner , went for a marvellous breakfast and then came across another solstice event ,Seems the 21st June is now the annual World Skateboarding Day . Meeting up with these youngsters was an eye opener . They were terrific  fun and dedicated to their sport ....

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Helena In Mancheter

It's ages since I blogged and there are many reasons .
First is I'm in Manchester and secondly, the time has been packed full .
Why Manchester? I'm a Mancunian and miss it very much. The open , friendly people. The proximity to the sea and so much more .
I will be returning to  Berlin but for the time being here I am . Hence zero  blogging .
My YouTube continues and I 'm also on a rather good photographic platform . Look up Polaroid Blip . Once in type BVFL33 in search and you will see what I have been doing .
Have always loved making videos and more or less got the editing skills to short films .YouTube will always be my passion.
My stills need a lot of improvement and Blip is helping here .Plus have met some great fellow Blippers . Now you see why the blog was neglected. Will try and drop in each week. For now here are two collages I made for Blip ....One the weekend I treated myself to a really super new Ukelele The other this week when I did a sponsored swim .
Looks like the Foxylady is turning into a Musical Mermaid .