Thursday, January 31, 2008

At Last ..A Knight In Shining Armour

Every woman's dream it is said . In my life, nightmares have been more the order of the day. However , yesterday it happened .I travelled to Clermont Ferrand,a city famous for it's volcanoes , huge cathedral ,the Michelin rubber industry and much more..and ,there he was . No can opener was to hand so I can't report on his looks .
Here you see a very coy me , plus a shot of the cathedral. Not to mention a delightful cake made in hedgehog form . Chocolate,filled with cherries it was very much a question of GFGSGT .

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miss Mikas Reports .

I'm rather worried about Miss Vixen . You see she seems to be wearing items of clothing quite out of keeping with her usual image .This and obsessive photography of the moon and sunsets raises cause for concern. Today she purchased a pair of wellington riding boots ! There is no horse , nor is it raining . Here you see one of the first odd additions to her wardrobe . A pair of strange slippers . These came from an equally weird establishment which goes under the heading of 'Cathedrale des Affairs ' .

I have several theories . One it could be due to the sun . Or too much Saint Pourcain [ a red wine she has grown fond of ] Maybe the moon has left a touch of moon madness. Whichever , whatever , she appears happy enough .

Close Encounters Of A Furry Nature.

Yesterday in Bellegarde en Marche, a fur clad Miss V almost sat by accident ,on this beautiful black feline. Luckily she [the cat ] was not put out by the close encounter . Instead she remained and as can you can see , we became kindred spirits . Lovers of fur with what some describe as attitude. Others may think differently !

Friday, January 25, 2008

Miss Vixen Goes To Vichy.

Yesterday found me in Vichy . The route was spectacular and as usual full of happenings .[All pleasant ] One stretch looked remarkably like Scotland . Stopping at a Les Roches Hotel for a meal ,it was closed, but surprise , surprise the owners [from northern England] made coffee . Sitting out in the sun drinking this whilst chatting with them was lovely. If you're touring France and in the vicinity of Gorges de la Sioule then look up Les Roches or call them 0033.04 73 85 52 46. On then to Vichy where a must see is the art deco church . This building is a magnificent example of architecture . Vichy , famous for it's waters, has much to offer. Shopping , cuisine , history , it's all there . This is but a hurried post . Call it a flavour.
Today is more of an adventure. I've hitched miles in order to get on line and in so doing met some astonishingly wonderful people, plus been reassured once again that society is pretty decent and the world a mirror. Smile, and yes , it really does smile back .

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Miss Vixen Has More Food and Foxy Fun .

I refuse to go near scales at the moment . This place is proving so dangerous and tempting . The wine , the cheeses , the cakes . the cuisine in general and all minus a bicycle to keep me in shape.It could be a recipe for disaster
Must find an alternative method ...any suggestions ?
Now to share a few photos from yesterday .. My usual sin . Then meeting yet another vixen.

On the way home the moon was wonderful .Huge and and an amazing yellow . Sort of like a massive cheese .

*Watch for the next post as I'll give a few addresses + photos of excellent places to eat. Sensational in quality , service and price . You never know when you could be travelling here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A French Potpourri

The journey here was fun if somewhat exhausting . At a Paris station I actually found another snow dome . This made for a good start .Then off to stay with people who are best described as interesting plus unconventional. To date, French cuisine plus lack of cycling has added a kilo or two. The scenery here is sensational and in less than a week much has been seen. From ancient churches to tiny cafes which serve food for a Queen . Plus the enjoyment of a jazz concert .
The above collage illustrate a few events . [My PC has been playing up hence delays in postings . Hopefully all will be rectified shortly ]

Fur For All Seasons.

Sorry I couldn’t resist this … Though at least two readers may be somewhat “put out” by my humour.
The weather here is glorious . So much so a normal jacket has not yet been needed . Yet this lovely feminine feline wears her coat with style . Mind you as she goes out and about a hunting ,at night, could be it’s needed !

Monday, January 14, 2008

I Love Berlin In The Winter. Indeed I love Winter.

It's mid January , yet look at the sun ! One really needed sunglasses . It's been like this for a while now . Fabulous . The song 'I love Paris' could be re worked for Berlin . [Maybe I'll try it ] Training today was more bahn and bike . So much to do before Wednesday . Tomorrow there's even more to attend to . After this it will be rather quiet on the Vixen front as my French destination is minus broadband . Rather like travelling back in time . Interesting ,but who knows what I'll manage . Keep watching this space as I may just surprise you... with bits of this , plus bits of that , not to mention pictures. Until whenever .......................
Tip for today :- try this link as the words of W H AUDEN are wonderful. I especially like :-
"Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator; but among those whom I love, I can: all of them can make me laugh". W H Auden

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little Orange Vixen.

On the 10th July 2007 I did a fun quiz using Blog things and was informed ( among other things ) that the following was ME !
'Your power color: Orange-red Your power symbol: Letter X '
OK , we know I'm now X rated ,plus wonder of wonders ,involved in the Orange Campaign . This certainly has me motivated and the good news is it's 'infectious '.
This morning I met with the amazing accordion player to give him prints of the pictures taken last week . My reward was a fine collection of music and singing . How I danced . Then as I left he played French music ( knowing this Wednesday will find me there ) Onto Ka De We where Doreen at Le Notre made me a sensational crepe filled with Roquefort cheese . Mine's the centre one . Then at the perfumery the ladies who sell my favourite perfume , 24Faubourg by Hermes, chatted. Having learned of the Orange Campaign they gave me a handful of mini Faubourg travel perfumes. Note the colour. Orange . What else ?
Another glorious day and, .... it's not over yet .

Friday, January 11, 2008

Miss Vixen's Sin and The Sky Joins In.

Today's been a wonderful day. Lots accomplished plus a new ice cream cafe discovered .
Choko-Cafe is a small but perfect establishment in Bleibtreustrasse 15.
The minute I saw the place 'I felt a sin coming on' and since the weather was so lovely opted to sit outside and 'indulge.' Their fig and cinnamon ice is delicious ,coffee superb and, should you lack the British resilience to cooler weather, inside are comfy chairs and delightful decor. This young man works there and informed me that they also have a restaurant called "ipanema" which serves Brazilian food. I've made a note for a future outing .[investigative of course ] Then as I rode home the sun was setting . Spectacular whilst so many buildings seemed to glow an orange red. Even the deserted listening station on Teufelsberg appeared bathed in colour on its western side . Looks as if the sun and sky are joining in the symbolism of 'orange' .

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Berlin Orange Takes Root .

Today saw two orange purchases .. symbolic and fun. No time like the present for making a start.
Here you see a little orange piggy bank . The pig is a lucky symbol in Germany . This campaign will be successful if we all do a bit . It's for a friend who will appreciate it for the humour, symbolism and politics. Then note a funny little orange armband . Not quite Chilango ,yet this will be worn from now until the end of the Olympic 'event'. What's more it' s alongside my very precious Tibetan bracelet . Most fitting .

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Colour Orange is calling you .

May I ask, if you think that China is unsuitable to host the Olympic Games ?
Does their record of human rights abuse bother you one bit ?
Do you think it wrong that Tibet should be denied it's leader and sovereignty ?
If you have answered yes to any one of the above then please look at the following and consider joining world wide action in condemnation of this 'charade' about to take place in China . Try this link:-
You can change the language once it opens .
Today,Danish artist Jens Galschiot sent me the above information. [ He too is censored ]
Nice to know I'm in good company ...Why not join us.
ps ) the following is fact. Please read and realize this is what happens in a 'good' Chinese factory .... At the end of each week the worker who has done best is given a small bla bla and tiny monetary reward .The one who has produced least is made to stand in a corner wearing a dunces cap where he or she is shunned . Humane ? Imagine that in your place of work .Will this happen to those who don't win a Gold? I wonder.
* No fur today. Merely a picture of yours truly in red BUT the web cam made it look orange . See,I knew it would come in useful.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Disenfranchisement Looms

Of late, rigged elections seem to have become the norm.With increasing attempts to use computer voting and politicians so determined to hang on to power that they 'll stop at nothing, hardly an election goes by without a major dispute . Facts :-
A)You don't have to own a PC to know 'fixing' is a part of modern life . [Look at money machine scams.]
B)With so many illiterate in the world the good old X by face of choice is a must have .
C)Indeed, no matter where ,a paper trail is essential . Old fashioned ? No, reliable . Can we forgot the hoo ha in USA with Florida ?
D)There is another matter though and that is political franchise. ie ) a person's right to vote . The stuff democracy is supposed to be made of .
This year I lose mine and as from February am unable to vote in future British General elections even though I pay tax to the country and hold the passport . As a citizen of Britain I'm not allowed to vote in German General elections. So you may say , no problem , change your citizenship. I would ,but here's the catch ,Britain will still tax me !
For the last four years I have been campaigning to have this matter raised in the Houses Of Parliament .. WITH NO JOY .Blair ignored totally . The Lib Dems promised to get back to me ( ok they didn't say when ) Next century maybe . Cameron, like Blair ignored the matter .At weekend I wrote to Gordon Brown . Let's see what his take is .. if any .
I consider it only right that a citizen of a country , who is still paying tax to that government , be allowed a vote .It should make no difference how long they have lived overseas . Or let's drop the taxation and allow me to become a German with voting rights .To quote James Otis , "taxation without representation is tyranny.
ps ) By the way there are approximately three million overseas Brits in this situation .Were we say Kenyans or in Pakistan the western world and media would be outraged at our lack of freedom . As it is few are aware of the status quo. Of these none care.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Must See , Must Hear In Berlin .

One of my passions is accordion music . It's sort of like musical sunshine and any one who knows me is aware that I only have to hear this instrument and the result is spectacular if some what strange . You see I can't refrain from dancing .

In Berlin there are many really talented players ( most are Russian ) . They sit in the freezing cold at U Bahn entrances and bring joy to all. Many is the time I've left a train on hearing the music. Yesterday I met this young man and he made my day by playing so much just for me --- tango , classics the lot . The shot was taken by a member of the public who enjoyed the 'show '. My shot of him (taken whilst dancing is not too brilliant due to my movement ) This was at Potsdammer Platz U2 . So watch out for him . He does work other stations though.
ps) Maybe I have a future as ... 'Berlin Accordion Tours'.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

What's In The Cards ?

Who, I wonder , can read the cards ? Not a talent of mine . Here you can see a strange collection found last month whilst in Leipzig and en route to the station for the return journey. They were there in the street.Not altogether but in a weird trail . Picking them up became almost magical . I'd missed a few but time didn't permit going back .
So just what do they signify ? :-
a) that I'm a collector of amusing unusual trivia.
b) that somebody ,somewhere has an incomplete pack of cards .
Any advance on these theories ?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Miss Vixen is X Rated !

I'm so very happy .Almost like I'd won something, and in a way I have ---infamy .. Yes, your little Miss V is banned in China ..How do I know ?
Well I used to have lots of young Chinese contact me . Then all went so very quiet on the 'eastern front' . Tonight I was chatting on line with a friend who is out there right now , leaving tomorrow . They told me they hadn't been able to access my blog at all. Seems all search engines find it but ... it cannot be opened . Big Brother censor at work . PATHETIC ,yet oh so typical of this ghastly set up which western powers kowtow to.
My sin ? I've supported the Dalai Lama and Tibetans .
Well Mr Censor as it so happens your petty attitude has made my day .
I shall continue writing and refrain from buying any item which says made in your country . As an advocate of freedom, human rights and democracy I reserve my right to be choosy and selective .
As an officially rated X Lady , I can tell you it feels good .

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What A Start to 2008 !

When there's snow outside it's fair to say .
The above makes a wonderful start to the day .
Bacon in pan sizzling til brown.
Eggs done just perfect, one upside down.
Sauce of which Vixen has quite a bit .
Bread toasted lightly ready for it .
Put it together and what do you get ?
A quad crispy sarnie you'll never forget .
*Happy New Year to everyone from a Foxylady who'll be needing her coat , hat and boots - Tis the weather for that Dr Zhivago look here in Berlin on this the 1st day of 2008.