Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Must See , Must Hear In Berlin .

One of my passions is accordion music . It's sort of like musical sunshine and any one who knows me is aware that I only have to hear this instrument and the result is spectacular if some what strange . You see I can't refrain from dancing .

In Berlin there are many really talented players ( most are Russian ) . They sit in the freezing cold at U Bahn entrances and bring joy to all. Many is the time I've left a train on hearing the music. Yesterday I met this young man and he made my day by playing so much just for me --- tango , classics the lot . The shot was taken by a member of the public who enjoyed the 'show '. My shot of him (taken whilst dancing is not too brilliant due to my movement ) This was at Potsdammer Platz U2 . So watch out for him . He does work other stations though.
ps) Maybe I have a future as ... 'Berlin Accordion Tours'.

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