Sunday, August 30, 2009

Germany, USA, Ancient Greece, Egypt--- in one day !

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Saturday was Ruddesheimer Platz Festival .A terrific event with so much to see and do that one had to make choices . For us it was the US Air Force Band Check Six. Glenn Miller really began a tradition of great music and it's good to see today. The stage show was compared by the man you see in costume 'Echensteher Nante' see his web page He managed so much with such humour. Quite a guy. Then followed a fashion show to promote Oxfam ."So what," you folks in UK may say. There you have charity shops galore on each street . In Germany the concept is relatively new .I worked for a while at one and had a lot of fun. Now this is not yours truly getting wed .It was the surprise finale of the show and wow what a dress. 'Almost' had me wanting to try it on . Instead a friend bought me a delicate black shawl. It's beautiful. Then a surprise as we were given tickets for the Long Night Of The Museums . This astonishing event held twice a year, runs like clockwork . There are so many fabulous galleries , museums , studios etc it could take a life time . Photography [minus flash ] was permitted .Here you see Aphrodite , then the head of Nefertite and a truly ancient coffin . Could be used as a bath during ones life. Economical. There was glorious music in the Berliner Dom and outside a light show with the music broadcast to give extra effect . The shows went on all over the city until the early hours but at gone 1 am it was a very tired Miss V who stumbled into her bedroom after such a lot of 'cultural travel'

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"12th IAAF World Championships Athletics Berlin 2009"

Last night was wonderful . Watching some of the worlds 'greatest' athletes in the Berlin Olympic Stadium was magical.

Here are two short videos . Not RTL standard, but they catch the atmosphere . One is a part of the 3000 metres Steeplechase won by EZEKIEL KEMBOI of Kenya . Fantastic to see. The other is of PHILLIPS IDOWU from Britain doing a lap of honour having won the Mens Triplejump . The stills show SANYA RICHARDS of the USA doing her lap of honour after creating a new world record for the Women's 400metres and an ecstatic STEFFI NERIUS for Germany .She is now the world champion for Women's javelin throw .
Then last but not least you see Berlino ,the mascot ,who one could safely say , is a winner every day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Frankfurt Oder and Back to Berlin.

On Sunday I travelled to Frankfurt Oder with bike and the train . On arrival the temperature was 31°c and shade where ever possible , a must . The top row shows the German side of the Oder , with food as usual, served in vast quantities .Note , not only was it impossible to finish my lovely meal at the Ratskellar , it was mission impossible for this icecreamholic to even consider 30 scoops plus cream etc . The centre row shows Slubice in Poland and Frankfurt Oder viewed from there . On the return journey the train was packed with cycles giving one the impression of being in travelling cycle store . As some landmarks of Berlin came into view it felt good .. there would be a shower, a coffee , not to mention a chance to throw off all clothes and relax . Paradise .

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Daramsala --- Berlin.

On the 17th August 2007 a very special armband was lost in Leipzig.( see the post for that date )

This led to my knowing a really exceptional young lady in Daramsala. We became regular email contacts then, actually met for the first time this summer in Frankfurt. Later she and her colleague were able to visit Berlin and stay with me. Action packed is an understatement and it was a very tearful farewell when we said goodbye . They gave me these beautiful gifts as a token of their friendship. The workmanship is astonishing and all is done by hand . I had stayed with a friend in Frankfurt and they too were presented with a gift . Should you ever require a special gift then go to Online ordering is possible.
As we stood on the railway platform , each of my visitors took out the finest woven white scarf. These were placed around my neck and loosely tied . This it seems is how Tibetans say goodbye and thank you . I shall never forget the effect of that simple yet graceful custom . Now one question , "how do I say thank you to that hornet ?" Without him or her I may never have known such amazing people . Quite a thought .

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Dalai Lama in Frankfurt 2009

Last Tuesday I arrived late at night in Darmstadt . For those who haven’t a clue where this is, let me put you in the picture .It’s a small town /city outside Frankfurt am Main ..not far from Heidelberg and very close to what is known as Burg Frankenstein Castle. Yes you have read that correctly.
A Buddhist I’m not ,but it’s a faith which I respect . In my opinion HH the Dalai Lama is the worlds greatest spiritual leader, his respect being equal for all humans and all beliefs. Furthermore he is one who speaks truth seasoned with a lot of common sense. Something seldom experienced these days.
Thus when a good acquaintance said that I was welcome to stay with them for the duration of this huge event staged in the Frankfurt Commerz Arena , I accepted their hospitality. Why ?
I have a Tibetan contact . Like so many she lives in exile and works at the Norbulingka Institute. [see links Tibetans in exile ] Via the wonders of cyberspace we are best described as email friends .She and a colleague came all the way from India, hence cyber became reality and I was able to help them.
The weather was scorching and extremely humid but meeting up and working together proved terrific fun. We had lots of laughs , I met many interesting people. In the Asian exhibition virtually all countries were represented .
My day was not as long as my friends and it was a very exhausted Miss V who almost ‘fell off the train ‘ in Darmstadt each night .
Am I glad that I went ? YES , YES a thousand times YES but for now it’s back home and prepare to be their hostess and tour guide for a few days in the magic capital of Germany --- Berlin.

Note) I choose to live in Germany . My home country was not invaded and taken over. If you are reading this I hope the same can be said for you .
Yet to this date over 6 million Tibetans live under a Chinese dictatorship in their own country which is Tibet not China . Not only is their culture and language being eradicated , they are marginalized and minus freedom to worship .
The UN says nothing ,does nothing and why … because money is the God most revere and crossing the Chinese could result in lost contracts. “ So what... do we really need Chinese rubbish goods ?” Most of all can we really stand by and watch a dictatorship abusing human rights without saying a word ? UN representatives , EU members of parliament , indeed all politicians are working for us . They are well paid so let’s see them earn their money.

Let me leave you with a wonderful quotation from HH Dalai Lama . True for all and in light of the new greed for wealth , even more so.
"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive."
Dalai Lama.