Monday, August 03, 2009

The Dalai Lama in Frankfurt 2009

Last Tuesday I arrived late at night in Darmstadt . For those who haven’t a clue where this is, let me put you in the picture .It’s a small town /city outside Frankfurt am Main ..not far from Heidelberg and very close to what is known as Burg Frankenstein Castle. Yes you have read that correctly.
A Buddhist I’m not ,but it’s a faith which I respect . In my opinion HH the Dalai Lama is the worlds greatest spiritual leader, his respect being equal for all humans and all beliefs. Furthermore he is one who speaks truth seasoned with a lot of common sense. Something seldom experienced these days.
Thus when a good acquaintance said that I was welcome to stay with them for the duration of this huge event staged in the Frankfurt Commerz Arena , I accepted their hospitality. Why ?
I have a Tibetan contact . Like so many she lives in exile and works at the Norbulingka Institute. [see links Tibetans in exile ] Via the wonders of cyberspace we are best described as email friends .She and a colleague came all the way from India, hence cyber became reality and I was able to help them.
The weather was scorching and extremely humid but meeting up and working together proved terrific fun. We had lots of laughs , I met many interesting people. In the Asian exhibition virtually all countries were represented .
My day was not as long as my friends and it was a very exhausted Miss V who almost ‘fell off the train ‘ in Darmstadt each night .
Am I glad that I went ? YES , YES a thousand times YES but for now it’s back home and prepare to be their hostess and tour guide for a few days in the magic capital of Germany --- Berlin.

Note) I choose to live in Germany . My home country was not invaded and taken over. If you are reading this I hope the same can be said for you .
Yet to this date over 6 million Tibetans live under a Chinese dictatorship in their own country which is Tibet not China . Not only is their culture and language being eradicated , they are marginalized and minus freedom to worship .
The UN says nothing ,does nothing and why … because money is the God most revere and crossing the Chinese could result in lost contracts. “ So what... do we really need Chinese rubbish goods ?” Most of all can we really stand by and watch a dictatorship abusing human rights without saying a word ? UN representatives , EU members of parliament , indeed all politicians are working for us . They are well paid so let’s see them earn their money.

Let me leave you with a wonderful quotation from HH Dalai Lama . True for all and in light of the new greed for wealth , even more so.
"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive."
Dalai Lama.

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