Wednesday, April 30, 2008

News Update

Greetings from Berlin . I'm all set to catch a train bound for France but have to take time to enclose the following from The Orange Campaign.. Expelled from Hong Kong ! Hmmm so it seems that 'bully boys' in China are trying to control colour .

Here is the latest from The Orange Team.Do check out the link

'We have been in Hong Kong but were expelled and are now back in Denmark, see the press release below.*Apparently China is trying to stop the divulgation of TheColorOrange idea, but so far it is not very successful as the expulsion from Hong Kong has only given the orange idea even more publicity and attention by the media.*The Chinese Democracy Movement in Hong Kong is taking over the project of painting the 8 meter tall “Pillar of Shame”-sculpture orange on 30th April.*We encourage you to support the project by tearing up orange pieces of cloth and tie them to sculptures in the city where you live, and in that way manifest the use of Orange and give moral support to the endeavour of the Chinese Democracy Movement.*If the orange cloth stays tied to the sculptures until the Olympic Games, it will be a good visual reminder of the Human Rights issue in China.'

None of this is violent . What a pity the same cannot be same for those who abuse human rights . Two more points .

1) a friend and I have noted so much more orange is being worn and sported . Great !

2) here's a quotation ideal for governments who seek to take from others and distort freedom.

'The earth is the mother of all people , and all people should have equal rights upon it.'

Chief Joseph .

Friday, April 25, 2008

I O C Pathetic Statement For This Week .

You have to hand it to the I O C for pathetic comments . Having made the biggest error in a long time they expect the public to go along with it .
The latest lamentation is that they are saddened that the torch relay has 'not had the peaceful passage it deserves '
Note,there is no I O C concern over Chinese displays of Nationalistic fervour and threatened boycotts of western goods etc .Clamp downs on visitors visas.
Can we get a few things straight here ? This torch is but an inanimate object .Minus feelings. It has been entrusted to the biggest group of bullies going and quite a lot of reasonable people are opposed to this as they set more store on human life and rights .
As for the Chinese Communist Government , it's worth pointing out that the difference between communism and fascism is but a razors edge !
Now excuse me ,I need strong coffee . Just thinking of unchecked,Chinese flagrant abuse of rights makes me feel vile...Arms shipped by China to Zimbabwe . Involvement in Sudan . Tibet .Next scene Taiwan .Oh how peace loving can a nation be ?
Berlin's Very Vile Foxy Lady

Thursday, April 24, 2008

showing today :-Savigny Platz Berlin

Nearly called this post 'keep death off the road ' Indeed somebody I know has suggested I refrain from risking my life doing such , or at least wear a helmet with a camera fixed on... Quite a good idea .. Any geeks out there who can design such for me ? Must be sportlich elegant ! [Geekette Productions GMBH]

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Mini Bike Tour Of Olympia Stadium

Today has been lovely weather . So much so I took off for the Tiergarten with my little notebook and worked there .I came home via Olympia Stadium and made a tiny film using my mobile phone whilst holding onto the bike with one hand ! This is for all and especially for a friend who has a 'thing ' for Corbusier architecture .Mind you I have to admit that though this Berlin apartment block is not a favourite of mine , his other works are pretty spectacular . Especially in India .Hope you all enjoy . The sound quality is a little off as no matter what ,there's always a breeze around the stadium .

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great Minds !

Today I received this from a reader. Seems graffiti is catching on. Great stuff. Any more examples ? Meanwhile ,thank you to this fellow supporter .

Miss Very Vile Vixen

Monday, April 21, 2008

Blue Skies Shining On Me ...........

Today we had 'real' sun , ie ) one actually felt the warmth . For too many weeks it's been grey skies and lots of rain. Hence I really enjoyed being out on my bike minus a coat or jacket ! Tonight as the sun was setting the balcony was an ideal place to be . Laptop, glass of Belgian beer with a light meal and somehow it didn't matter that this weekend I'd had no lottery win. Next week the open air swimming season begins . Guess who's already feeling like a foxy mermaid ? [vile of course ]

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Football Crazy, Football Mad .

Wow ,German football supporters are tops at making noise .This little video was made today on the SBahn. These Dortmund fans , though not exactly tuneful ,were probably heard back home by those unable to attend . I have to say ,that for all the bellowing there's no fighting . Later on in Ka De We [the Harrods of Berlin ] I saw even more of these football crazed individuals . Was there trouble ? No . Just enjoyment , especially in the food hall ?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wen will 'Wong' be Right

Why a green and orange posting ? To support the Green party. Especially John Gormley who had the courage to speak on human rights with particular emphasis on Chinese, exploitation and suppression in Tibet .
This resulted in the Chinese Ambassador walking out .Amid veiled threats re future economic relations this individual went on to say :- [ all in orange here ]
After the usual rhetoric of how much the Chinese love only peace Mr Liu stated that Mr Gormley's understanding of Tibet as a country is 'totally wrong' , He then added that now around 200 countries in the world recognise that Tibet is an integral part of Chinese Territory . Also, that Mr Gormley had made accusations 'without knowing what is truly happening there '.
Piffle Mr Liu ! This vile vixen has done her homework .The UN recognises 192. So who are these 200 China loving cheerleaders?
Mr Liu maybe , just maybe , you should let free press visit .Let's see 'real truth'
Ah , Chinese freedom Chinese numbers ...
All 'wong '.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Lotto Fun

Sorry couldn't resist that heading . Today I was in Ka De We and discovered that I'd won a very small prize on the German lotto . €2-50. This had me over the moon . Then on my way out of the store I saw that flowers were being sold for just 13cents each . Twenty five orange and yellow blooms later I decided to have a go at winning this mini . All that had to be done was to complete a card with name etc and pop inside the car -You never know - Watch this space.

The smallest things make life such fun and fill each day with joy .

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lottery , Graffiti, Champion.

Back once more from France where ,---- I won the euro lottery ! OK only €9, 10 but it's a start and had me excited . Then a remarkable individual actually gave me the chance to become an interior graffiti writer . How many would say, "sure you can write all you like on my walls ." I was taken to the local Champion supermarket where suitable orange colour pens were selected . The picture is at the checkout . [My laughter due to the pens having fallen all over as the cashier tried to scan them]

Today I received the latest news from Jens Galschiot .Read for yourself on Orange Campaign . He reminds all of us that, "The pen is mightier than the sword. " Even if you don't have a website , blog or column .you can still contribute by writing a letter re the abuse of human rights in China to a local paper , MP etc ,etc . Help make a difference and together who knows we may just win the biggest prize -- justice and freedom .
Tip ) if you are unable to use the walls of your room then buy some post its . When you feel the urge , write the thought ,in orange on one . Then , either use blue tack , or a notice board to collect and display your beliefs . Please .photograph and send to the campaign . We'd love to share..

Monday, April 07, 2008

For Junk, Read Jowell

When Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell said Britain was celebrating the Olympics, not China's human rights record she had to be joking ! It ranks as the silliest statement ever junk .
She went on to inform the BBC that :-
"The welcome of the Olympic torch to London is not the same as condoning the human rights regime in China or condoning the treatment of Tibet,"

Really Mrs Jowell , so can I and others take it you would lend support to the games being held in , North Korea, Iran , or Afghanistan to name but three ? Or is it as usual Mrs J , a question of money helping ministers turn a blind eye ? Do such if your conscience allows but for heavens sake spare us such piffle .

From, Berlin's Vile Foxy lady

Live / Vile / Evil

Thanks oh Bully Boys of China you've just made my day !
I love Wh question words .
So the London protests in support of Tibet are vile eh ? Oh really , says Who ? Says Wen no doubt ,or is that When as in When will you get out of Tibet ? Tragic that where you live , all freedom of thought , speech and action is mission impossible isn't it ? . What's the latest Beijing spin ? That the global stage show you are trying to manage is a way of encouraging people ,"to together build, a more harmonious , better tomorrow "(I quote`Xinhua') Note ,controlled media .
Why the need for such ? Total control is all one finds in China where a party who rules via fear and brutality dare not allow other opinions to be seen or heard . Ignorance and suppression are the parties gifts to their masses. Like all cowardly bullies you seek to buy favour. With some feeble politicians anxious for their economy this works , with the public it doesn't.
Well my message to Wen is , we LIVE and in so doing seek truth . This you find VILE .
Odd that I for one , find your dictates EVIL ..
Amazing what one can do with four letters ...

From Berlin's 'Vile' Foxy Lady

ps ) If we are so vile why not let your people see ? Why the blacking out of any free media coverage ?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Woolgatherer

No, this is not about a shepherd or sheep shearer . Rather , a dramatic comedy and a pretty remarkable one too. Written by William Mastrosimone it centres around two people . Rose and Cliff. On Saturday it was produced at the English Theatre Berlin. Absolutely brilliant , humorous and very human ,these actors drew you in .They were well cast and the minimal props added to the atmosphere.
Hope you like the pictures . In the interval 'Rose' remains on stage and prepares for bed. The lights are dimmed. Guess who made her camera function as a video ? Not my best work but the background music is good . Should you ever get a chance to see this work , do try. It's being repeated here in May and yes , I'll be there ?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Blair, Bush and Bertie .

The UK saw the back of Blair but not before he did a fare well tour of the world ! Why ? Now we see Bush doing like wise . Why ?Question ) do these ego maniacs pay green taxes on very long and even more unnecessary flights ?
Today we have Bertie Ahern resigning . Roll on May 6th .Question) Is 'Mr Shamrock' planning a trip ?
For the life of me I fail to see why these very unpopular specimens think they need to bid farewell. Most of us think " good riddance " and note how each day our air smells a little sweeter .
Mr Brown take note :-
Either change your ways and bring honour back to the letter B ,or resign now .

"I like it "

Painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks .

Plutarch .

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Every Day A Birthday .

Another truth from that amazing leader , the Dalai Lama :-
"Smile at others and keep the world smiling. "
Some weeks ago I met a person in my favourite shop 'Mode und Sparen '. After coffee, and chat, email addresses were exchanged , they went off to Madrid , I to Belgian , via France . Back in Berlin we met for lunch and imagine my surprise on receiving a bag of goodies more in keeping with a birthday ! Edible , drinkable, wearable and, shakeable for amongst them was ..... a snow dome . Oh how my collection is growing . All are lovely but the most wonderful of all is a gift and from the Alsace. region. [ see post for March 22nd ]