Monday, September 30, 2013


I am beginning to wonder if David Cameron, PM of Great Britain is striving to build a Mecca in 'England's green and pleasant land'. 
In 2012 the government ruled that Christians may not wear a cross at work lest they offend in particular Muslims & health and safety.This from the government of a Christian country. *Note Cameron promised to enshrine the rights of Christians whilst his lawyers were actually fighting one in court ! 
Now fast forward to this year and the controversy over an Islamic female wearing full nigab in a UK court and her refusal to show her face to the judge.
This provoked a stir from the public requesting rulings be brought in similar to those in France and other countries.
Mr Cameron, a man not noted for 'backbone ' has made the following statement :-) 
"We are a free country and people should be free to wear what ever clothes they wish in public or in private "
Mr Cameron a court is not the streets or the home. It is a place where a judge has to know and verify to whom he is speaking. As must immigration officals know whom they are letting through control.
Dont try to wriggle out by saying a cross is not clothing. 
It's a very positive sign of  belonging to the Christian faith  something Christians are not ashamed to do. A faith which does not hold others at gun point demanding conversion or death, nor does it ask questions re the Bible which, if answered incorrectly result in death by shooting. Best you make a statement to all those who wish to wear a cross retracting your previous opposition and opinion.
For if Muslims wearing nigab , Jews the star of David, Sikhs the turban  is  absolutely fine then I and many others say logic states Christians have the right to wear  a † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † 

The Unique Barton Swing Aqueduct

There is a famous saying which goes :-)
"What Manchester does today the rest of the world does tomorrow "
As with all rules there is an exception .This astonishing piece of engineering remains unique .

Thursday, September 26, 2013

'DEJA VU' as Obama Demands War

If you don't like the serious version of the daily news why not read :-
"Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction" by Sue Townsend . Brilliant, funny and well observed . It's also honest and based on facts .Charged with humour it presents the Blair affair in a light which should never be extinguished. We need to remember the public were lied to , all was deceit and this must not be allowed again .
In this brilliantly written book you can substitute Iraq with Syria and realise all that has changed is, thanks be Cameron PM didn't get his wish to play poodle and run along behind the USA. The farce has gone on too long. Time to stop trading in weapons with Jihad Rebels. Doing such has led to countless deaths in Afghanistan , Iraq , Syria and now Kenya .Not to mention closer to home .
I actually support Assad in his attempt to stop these barbaric Al Qaeda funded rebels thus  maintaining a secular society where all religious beliefs are possible. We have seen the disgusting brutal behaviour dished out by rebels ( eating humans) forcing Christians to convert or die at gun point .The list is endless.Not to mention they had gas .
Saudi Arabia are deeply involved and if ever a society was guilty of human rights it's Saudi. Does USA speak out about this ? Never .
Why read the Sue Townsend book and why should you care ? Firstly it's 'deja vu' and secondly because what has just taken place in Kenya could well be in any of our malls tomorrow.
These rebels are not Syrians. President Assad is not guilty. These horrors are perpetrated by rebels, insurgents and murderers who have one aim :-
To eradicate all who don't share their views thus taking society back to the darkest ages. 
Their biggest ally is President Obama, a man strangely silent re the Kenyan horror.
No prizes for guessing why .
If Americans are sincere in asking God to bless their country they should cease 'itching' to use missiles to kill others. Missiles which seldom hit targets in Iraq. Missiles which killed more than we will ever know.US attempts to sanitize this by referring to 'collateral damage' are insulting to the dead and to our intelligence . 
Obama was never elected world President. He is self appointed. May his own people let their voice be heard and say no to his evil plans.Say no to inflicting more death . May the public in UK continue to ensure that Cameron has no powers to send weapons or money from our treasury. With a domestic austerity programme our taxes are not for such .
Note ) This is about oil, power and weapons industry . Obama is not interested in peace.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Filmed in and around Manchester England, the city where I first made an entrance onto the stage of life. This, my home city from another perspective shows it's true beauty.  All is in the eye of the beholder. I love it. Hope you enjoy. It's worth a visit.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Three Great Airports -TXL,LHR, Man

  • No need to state the obvious , I do enjoy flying . British Airways made my journey go smoothly and were as ever super professional . The airports were all excellent for filming. However it has to be said LHR Terminal 5 is a paradise. Activity is to be marvelled at.  In the still you can see how much goes on at this huge airport .
  • A great pity it was raining but even this hasn't detracted from the picture .

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Freedom Of Expression.

One reason I always carry a camera:-) you never know what you will see .
On my way to the IFA this gentleman appeared as if from nowhere. I asked permission to photograph his hat and we enjoyed a lively discussion. He is one of life's colourful characters whom it was a pleasure to meet.
In English we have a saying :-) "put your money where your mouth is "
This man clearly put his on his head and I have to say, good for him. He has the courage to express his views. Whether they are mine or yours is irrelevant.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grey Herons In Manchester UK

I love to watch these birds and was thrilled to find that from Cheshire to the heart of Manchester and Salford they are to be seen standing or walking along the canal banks. Canals, those watery 'arteries' dating back to the industrial revolution now provide pleasure for humans and a delightfully secure home for wildlife. It was fascinating to note how close one could sail.There is film footage but as a vorspeisen I invite you to enjoy this little video made from my gallery of Grey Heron shots.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

IFA Berlin 2013

IFA Berlin is always a must see and this year was no exception. Although I couldn't cover a lot of ground I saw much, ate well , drank superb coffee and have at last realized the time has come to get a smart phone plus this astonishing Sony camera.
Inbetween action I plan to drink lots of wonderful coffee produced by Dolce Gusto.