Friday, August 31, 2012

Fly With Dell At IFA Berlin 2012

The entire day was brilliant .I was really in my 7th heaven surrounded by the worlds greatest techno. This fun video made by Dell must suffice for now. Have only just this minute 'landed' for a refuelling and about to take off .More to follow .Stay tuned in for flight status ..

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Berlin Police - Friends Not Foes

A plus factor for Berlin has to be the Berlin Polizei. In my opinion a terrific police force with social welfare a large part of their mission. Through out the year they provide a superb service coding bikes (for free) and entering the details on a data base. Cycle theft is big business and the public are supported by the police to combat this. This was filmed today. The event was superbly organized and very well attended. After 'the naming of my bike' for data purposes it was off to drink a toast and enjoy a special Frühstück .

Monday, August 20, 2012

Coming Shortly,The IFA Berlin Ball.

Make a note of the dates for your diary and visit IFA Berlin. It's the world's largest consumer electronics trade fair and not to be missed . A place where 'having a ball' is guaranteed .

Fasanenstrasse Festival Berlin

Sunday was an extremely sunny day with the temperature rising to 36°C  . In Fasanenstrasse it seemed more akin to Tel Aviv with so much food to choose from, freshly pressed orange or pomegranate juice and music to get you dancing . Madness in such heat but fun.As a venue to try out the new hands free bracket it was perfect.
Hands free for eating,drinking and picking items up to examine. Then filming as I 'danced' ....apologies for the voice over , one could never call it singing,but it's a fact that Helena Mikas enters into the spirit of things. Once out of the circle back to concentration on filming and awareness of the microphone .. YOU HAVE BE WARNED ADJUST THE VOLUME .

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

No Hands Filming Whilst Riding A Bike

Today has been  like a second birthday . I received a super chain strap to go on a new handbag , ideal for when riding my bike. Then a parcel containing a fabulous gadget ( 2 actually ) for my Panasonic Lumix Camera .These fit on my camera , this one  on a strap which enables me to wear it round my neck. Simplicity itself ( as are most superb inventions ) this enbled me to trial run it on my journey home . Not at all bad for a first go .When driving a car both hands should be on the wheel . With a bike, both hands on the handle bars. Saves accidents, broken bones, camera and worse . Hope you enjoy the little tour of Charlottenburg .  Not only is Berlin a city of trees , it's a cyclist's paradise .
By the way the second gadget is for use when filming in bad weather .....  

Friday, August 03, 2012

Berlin Bath Time

Filmed early yesterday evening this isn't brilliant  but unusal and very noisy.It was unexpected astonishingly wild rain and hail coming in all directions. Care of the camera lens took priority.Today I discovered it was a localized happening ... Who knows it may have been in answer to my prayers. I enjoy rain and storms such as this. After days of heat and humidity here was a gift from on high. Never have the streets looked so clean and fresh .