Wednesday, August 08, 2012

No Hands Filming Whilst Riding A Bike

Today has been  like a second birthday . I received a super chain strap to go on a new handbag , ideal for when riding my bike. Then a parcel containing a fabulous gadget ( 2 actually ) for my Panasonic Lumix Camera .These fit on my camera , this one  on a strap which enables me to wear it round my neck. Simplicity itself ( as are most superb inventions ) this enbled me to trial run it on my journey home . Not at all bad for a first go .When driving a car both hands should be on the wheel . With a bike, both hands on the handle bars. Saves accidents, broken bones, camera and worse . Hope you enjoy the little tour of Charlottenburg .  Not only is Berlin a city of trees , it's a cyclist's paradise .
By the way the second gadget is for use when filming in bad weather .....  


Anonymous said...

I recognized that paw.

miss_vixen said...

which is more than I can say from an anonymous comment The mystery deepens