Friday, August 30, 2013

How Big Is A Giant Sunflower ?

Spotted yesterday in Berlin .These enormous sunflowers . To show how big they are I made these photographs. I'm 166cm , they are as tall again.

Amazing shade and camouflage .
Can you spot Helena Mikas ?

On This Day Britain's Public Said No to War .

Well done those MP's who listened to the public and put morality before profit .
Cameron has lost the vote for war . It sends a much needed signal. Britian will not be manipulated.
The public learned from that trumped up invasion of Iraq and Al Qaeda violence toward us on our own streets. Diplomacy is the answer not to mention a complete block on the production of chemical weapons .Until this is done what politician can stand and shout war when they are used. .Cease trading in such and destroy all stocks .Meanwhile let the inspectors get on with their work .and how about inspecting those countries who sent them there .

People Need to Strike For Peace

Read these words :-)

"The Prime Minister said there was not "one smoking piece of intelligence" but insisted he was convinced by the evidence that it was "beyond doubt" Bashar Assad's regime was responsible."
Clearly Cameron is suffering from Bush & Blair  Syndrome ( remember the smoking gun)

What is about to happen is terrible, corrupt,rigged and risks leading us into a World War. For the last few years we public have been told austerity measures are the order of the day thus we must do without.
Yet suddenly vast sums of money can be put on the table to wage war on a country that is doing nothing to harm us. It would appear the American and British public  are 'against' but leaders are not listening. Many shake their heads and ask what they can do Alone, nothing. Together a lot .Civil Passive Resistance is one answer Example , an all out stoppage for at least 48hours.Shops stay closed, no transport.Factories remain silent. Tough it may seem but we will really suffer if this madness goes ahead whilst those who orchestrate remain safe within their comfortable, very secure lives. Solidarity is called for and  may go some way to show how we feel. That our politicians condemn Assad ( case unproven) and  have stated they will use cruise missiles shows how little the death of women and children  really means. It is merely their opportunity to strike power deals and make money .
Our nation stands for better things and we need to speak out. Peaceful 'strikes' are one solution. As is common sense .Let each do their bit .The government are using our money to fund supporting Al Qaeda rebels . Just not good enough .
Meanwhile well done Ed Milliband .

Thursday, August 29, 2013

'Billy Liars' of Politics, Obama , Cameron , Hague .

Obama wants to use cruise missiles . Can he honestly think these will hit only certain people ? If so he needs help. He's telling lies whilst doing proxy dirty work for Israel. Votes count and US is bankrupt. Nothing like a war to push up price of oil and gold. Death by gas or cruise missile is still death. We do not know who used the gas nor who sold it. Maybe this latter point is what Obama fears. If they deploy Cruise missiles then the world will know who has killed more innocents. Once more America. Licensed to kill.
As for Cameron and Hague. Britain's undynamic duo, they are tragic.  Stage talk as  Cameron says he'll never forgot the pictures of the dead children. Will more dead children look any different when they have been bombed by the west ? I think not.
Both countries lie with such ease, speaking as if they have morals when in truth they have none. Both had shocking lists of sanctions against Iraq prior to that illegal invasion. Many medications not dual purpose were withheld. The result a death sentence to numerous sick children from what should have been treatable.How do I know ? I saw first hand whilst actually in Iraq with a group of German journalists. We visited the mother and baby clinic in Basra and there I witnessed children dying awful deaths due to having no access to medication. Mr Cameron I don't forget that. The lies that blocked that medication caused horrendous deaths.  Cease your gung ho stupidity. You and Obama are bullies who were never elected as world leaders . Indeed Mr C you weren't overwhelmingly  elected in UK. Israel is after the Golan Heights and all set to use any amount of weapons. As one of the biggest producers they are never inspected. I wonder why ? Just as their treatment of Palestinians goes unchecked .
There are nasty, unseen groups who wield  power behind the throne of 'democracy'
Hands off Syria and let weapons inspectors do their work. CIA fabrications do not count we saw them being 'presented' in the run up to Iraq .
Final thought ) if a group calling themselves rebels tried to sieze power in US or UK  would the government sit back and do nothing ? We know the answer.  

Tip For Today .

Berlin is a city where one can buy,order and consume food at every third step, so to speak .
The variety is excellent and I enjoy trying out new spots and when they have that 'extra something' I enjoy sharing the knowledge with those who are visiting, be it from within Germany or  overseas.
Situated on the Kudamm, Berlin's famous shopping boulevard (bus stop 'Bleibtruestraße') is the Hotel Mondial.Their restaurant is wonderful and each day a two course business lunch is on offer, price 9,80€. Quality, service and fine cuisine are the key words. The meals I've sampled have all been excellent. Above you see my choices for Wednesday 28th. Well worth a try and within a holiday budget.  If you do visit I would appreciate 'feedback ' no pun intended. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gas Gas Gas Gas ,Hot Air & Chemicals .

So Mr Cameron thinks that going to war will prevent the use of Gas by the Syrian President. It has not yet been established who was responsible in a civil turmoil where the rebels are actually Al Qaeda. This unsavoury group have made a statement setting out their objective to kill and kill more. They are the enemy when on our territory but to be aided whilst overseas. Madness.
Messrs  Cameron and Hague have already found the Syrian President guilty, from afar at that .Wow impressive eh. Third rate politicians pretending to be first rate weapons inspectors.
UK , America , France and Germany produce these weapons and sell to 'anyone' for the right price. One wonders if they ask the buyers why they need ? Maybe to use as a table decoration ? Profits overide scruples.
Not only are the Western powers two faced , they are economical with the truth .
What purpose will their scud missiles serve ? Truth is they don't think. Scud Missiles don't know right from wrong (rather like weapons traders ) and more people will be killed including women and children. For sure each scud costs a lot of money, approximately 1 million dollars, so for France, UK and USA, all countries with austerity programmes, one is puzzled as to where the money will come from.
We are all being put at risk by these insane  'money making actions' draped in a cloak of morality. Already the streets of London have seen how fundamentalists hit back .
Who can forget the lies that led to the illegal invasion of Iraq resulting as it has in chaos.  Can we really stand and watch another sick charade. I suggest Cameron , Hague , Obama and all other leaders eager to play tough guys go and fight on the front line themselves .
As a final note I would ask why it was fine for USA to use Agent Orange , a very nasty chemical weapon  throughout the Vietnam war and to now pontificate  as a nation without "flaw"? Doubt there will be an honest answer from the only nation to use an atomic bomb twice. The latest quote from "Omnipotent Obama" being :-)
"We do have to make sure that when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us, that they are held accountable," .
A case should be opened against US then for doing such in Vietnam , not once but repeatedly. The US is the worlds biggest threat to us all .

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Kaiser Wilhelm Church Berlin

This beautiful church was bombed in WW2.
What remained stood as a memorial church, the broken spire serving as a reminder of the war.
For some time now the tower has been encased in panels as a cleaning and restoration programme is carried out.Today I noticed that slowly but surely the building is emerging. To take these shots I began in Breitscheidplatz and walked in a clockwise direction around the tower. On my first day in Berlin 26 years ago this year , I asked a German why the church was broken ? He explained and thus began a learning curve about Berlin. Worth going inside for it is astonishingly beautiful .
As I looked at this church I really prayed sense will prevail and the forecast mad rush to war in Syria, fuelled more by weapons industry profits than morals, would cease. It will kill thousands, increase terrorism, destroy the amazing historical places  which remain and could take us into WW3. The invasion of Iraq destroyed so many people  and much of the cradle of civilization. Will the west who are over their own wars cease living by dual standards whereby they make and sell gas and weapons to any who have enough money to buy.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

French Fries Without End .

This week I was back at Galaries Lafayette in Friedrichrichstrasse.It was there in the food department I spotted this. For any who can't understand let me explain:-
Every Tuesday you can eat as many portions of chips as you like for the sum of 4,50€. Order portion one, then when ready request a second and so on. You can eat until closing time should you manage it. Their chips ( fries ) (Pommes) are absolutely marvellous. Crisp, thick and tasty. Served with mayo , ketchup or vinegar.The choice is yours. If you look back at my posting 'A Flying Visit to Paris you'll get some idea. Why not make Tuesday your chip day ?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two Dates For Your Diary ,

The weather is all set to remain pleasant so if you want a good time, music and atmosphere , why not try Falkenhagenerfeld Spandau ,where 'Roots of Rock' are playing (24 August at 18:00hrs,) on the stage at Westerwaldstr directly before the club house .It promises to be good . Bus 137 from Spandau Hbf will take you to Westerwaldstr .
Then on 31 August, it's Turmstraße festival and another chance to hear more of this great  music . Street festivals are amazing fun and such a feature of German life . A good day is guaranteed .

Monday, August 19, 2013

Miss Moon In Berlin

One doesn't need to be Sherlock Holmes to know for a fact that for me the moon is a  fascinating and mystical celestial body. No matter how many photographs I take of it the beauty and magic remain. It has me hooked. Last week I managed a pretty amazing shot seen here  using my Panasonic Lumix TZ31. No telescope , no trickery.
So it was off to Photo Huber, Budapester Strasse where a fantastic enlargement was made and framed. At the same time an ID photo was needed for paperwork. Imagine my joy when I was presented with this picture .
My moon shot and ID combined to create a very special Miss Moon Photo. A lovely present .
Here in Germany people carry visiting cards .Maybe I should down size this and use .

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Feldheim. Renewable Energy. Green Energy. Progressive Energy.

Only a few words as most is on my youtube info. This very small place is well worth a visit . Aware as the world is, that fossil fuels are limited,with frequently  destructive spills,plus nuclear is not at all safe when things go amiss added to which it creates toxic waste, our use of renewables is on a small scale. Offered the choice of a nuclear power plant on the door step or a wind turbine I know my answer . Many find them ugly yet they are no worse than pylons,indeed rather akin to graceful dancers spinning on that stage called earth. Feldheim has achieved what others dream of.
Tip ) Why not combine a visit to Feldheim with Lutherstadt Wittenberg. I can recommend.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Surprise Surprise More Obama 'Pledges'

So President Obama doesn't see Edward Snowden as a patriot . Hardly surprising given the facts we are now aware of .Where there was once supposition there is now evidence .
A surveillance system so vast it makes the mind boggle and the flesh crawl . Our ordinary lives have been kept under scrutiny, privacy violated and data collected . Could we do the same to the perpetrators ... no way. The USA has not stopped at spying on it's own people . It's infiltrated the EU .Behaviour which ranks higher than some of the other despicables. DDR and their STASI for example .
I live in Berlin capital of Germany .Within this city you can visit two prisons where 'none patriots' were executed, Plotzensee Memorial Prison and Sachsenhausen.
Is this to say that all others were patriots ? I think not. Some were but many were understandably too scared to speak out.
Edward Snowden had a conscience and for this he can be applauded .
As for the latest pledges by Mr Obama for overhaul and transparancy  We have heard these pledges all too often. I ask does he really think anyone will believe him now that the almighty Orwellian system is known to be a fact  ?
My final point is , were Edward Snowden returned to the USA , he would meet the same fate as those in Plotzensee. Why should he die for telling the truth ? Some would do well to speak it .I for one don't care that my views could be viewed as anti establishment by some. Law abiding I am . Scared of Big Brother tactics I am not .

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A Flying Visit To Paris ?

Paris and Berlin.Two exciting cities and today my 'journey' there was made possible thanks to the BVG UBahn and Galeries Lafayette, Friedrichstraße 76-78. 
This French department store exudes all things French.  Fashion, food, decor, the lot.
A wonderful time was had at the Lancombe counter where I made some purchases. Unusual eye shadow palettes (limited editions) and a blusher. Then a look at the new autumn season footwear, emphasis being on boots. Finally a meal at the grill bar. The huge  burger was freshly made with a topping of onions plus Roquefort cheese and served with a very generous portion of french fries. 
Lafayette makes a pleasant change and a chance to 'almost' be on the Boulevard Haussman Paris. What you might call 'a flying visit'.