Thursday, August 29, 2013

'Billy Liars' of Politics, Obama , Cameron , Hague .

Obama wants to use cruise missiles . Can he honestly think these will hit only certain people ? If so he needs help. He's telling lies whilst doing proxy dirty work for Israel. Votes count and US is bankrupt. Nothing like a war to push up price of oil and gold. Death by gas or cruise missile is still death. We do not know who used the gas nor who sold it. Maybe this latter point is what Obama fears. If they deploy Cruise missiles then the world will know who has killed more innocents. Once more America. Licensed to kill.
As for Cameron and Hague. Britain's undynamic duo, they are tragic.  Stage talk as  Cameron says he'll never forgot the pictures of the dead children. Will more dead children look any different when they have been bombed by the west ? I think not.
Both countries lie with such ease, speaking as if they have morals when in truth they have none. Both had shocking lists of sanctions against Iraq prior to that illegal invasion. Many medications not dual purpose were withheld. The result a death sentence to numerous sick children from what should have been treatable.How do I know ? I saw first hand whilst actually in Iraq with a group of German journalists. We visited the mother and baby clinic in Basra and there I witnessed children dying awful deaths due to having no access to medication. Mr Cameron I don't forget that. The lies that blocked that medication caused horrendous deaths.  Cease your gung ho stupidity. You and Obama are bullies who were never elected as world leaders . Indeed Mr C you weren't overwhelmingly  elected in UK. Israel is after the Golan Heights and all set to use any amount of weapons. As one of the biggest producers they are never inspected. I wonder why ? Just as their treatment of Palestinians goes unchecked .
There are nasty, unseen groups who wield  power behind the throne of 'democracy'
Hands off Syria and let weapons inspectors do their work. CIA fabrications do not count we saw them being 'presented' in the run up to Iraq .
Final thought ) if a group calling themselves rebels tried to sieze power in US or UK  would the government sit back and do nothing ? We know the answer.  

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