Saturday, August 10, 2013

Surprise Surprise More Obama 'Pledges'

So President Obama doesn't see Edward Snowden as a patriot . Hardly surprising given the facts we are now aware of .Where there was once supposition there is now evidence .
A surveillance system so vast it makes the mind boggle and the flesh crawl . Our ordinary lives have been kept under scrutiny, privacy violated and data collected . Could we do the same to the perpetrators ... no way. The USA has not stopped at spying on it's own people . It's infiltrated the EU .Behaviour which ranks higher than some of the other despicables. DDR and their STASI for example .
I live in Berlin capital of Germany .Within this city you can visit two prisons where 'none patriots' were executed, Plotzensee Memorial Prison and Sachsenhausen.
Is this to say that all others were patriots ? I think not. Some were but many were understandably too scared to speak out.
Edward Snowden had a conscience and for this he can be applauded .
As for the latest pledges by Mr Obama for overhaul and transparancy  We have heard these pledges all too often. I ask does he really think anyone will believe him now that the almighty Orwellian system is known to be a fact  ?
My final point is , were Edward Snowden returned to the USA , he would meet the same fate as those in Plotzensee. Why should he die for telling the truth ? Some would do well to speak it .I for one don't care that my views could be viewed as anti establishment by some. Law abiding I am . Scared of Big Brother tactics I am not .

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