Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tip For Today .

Berlin is a city where one can buy,order and consume food at every third step, so to speak .
The variety is excellent and I enjoy trying out new spots and when they have that 'extra something' I enjoy sharing the knowledge with those who are visiting, be it from within Germany or  overseas.
Situated on the Kudamm, Berlin's famous shopping boulevard (bus stop 'Bleibtruestraße') is the Hotel Mondial.Their restaurant is wonderful and each day a two course business lunch is on offer, price 9,80€. Quality, service and fine cuisine are the key words. The meals I've sampled have all been excellent. Above you see my choices for Wednesday 28th. Well worth a try and within a holiday budget.  If you do visit I would appreciate 'feedback ' no pun intended. Enjoy.

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