Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Making The Most Of Summer.

Who would have thought that Berlin's Foxy Lady would be praying for a heatwave ?
Just goes to show ... The reason being,the Freibad season is coming to an end .
Officially September 2nd is the last day for open air swimming pools . After that , back in doors . However should the weather prove very warm an extension can be granted .Fingers crossed . Ooooooh please .....
I've grown accustomed to skimpy clothing and enjoyed it. Waking each day to ride to the pool then swim my 2 km has been brilliant ! These pictures were taken today. Air temperature was 15°c but just look at that sky ! Water temp 25°c. Paradise was never so lovely. Relaxing in the sun after a poolside breakfast of salmon ,cheese, biscuits and fruit salad . Now that takes some beating.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Forget Goldfinger Meet the Silver Foxy Lady .

Gloves are an essential part of my wardrobe. As indeed is Chilango jewellery .Here you see again that lovely chunky chain .
Now a little extra. One solid silver triple ring finger 'armour' . Sensual and wonderful with or without gloves it can be worn on any finger . Like a sheath it encases the finger yet allows it to flex and move... clever and oh so foxy.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday at Sachsenhausen .

There are some who consider I am too concerned with politics.
For this ,I make no apologies. I cannot shrug and look the other way.
When you have seen camps such as Sachsenhausen, Dachau and many others ,where it's plain to see what was the norm for illegal detention centres then you are sickened in the knowledge that the world has such places today ! Many in fact .
The first picture is an explanation plus, it poses a question to all . Please read and think which group you belong to . This ghastly place ( it is huge) dealt with Germans who were not of the same mind set as Hitler , Jehovah's Witnesses , Jews , Russians and any one who dared think differently or express an opinion .
After 'liberation 'it went on to serve as a place of horror for the Soviets who used it to imprison and kill all who got in their way .
Once more I ask those who read this to demand the closure of all detention centres and to ensure that those who commit torture are held to account ,Especially those at the top who issue the orders . All you have to do is write a letter to your MP .
The collage shows as follows :-

top L_R Main Gate ,Outer memorial wall , Mass Grave memorial stone, Prisoner's artwork.
mid L_R Pathology tables, Hospital block , Mortuary, Tower and sculptures
low L_R Inner wall,History of a Jehovah's witness,Ramp to mortuary, memorial windows.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Miss Vixen's Saturday Sin !

Apologies to the Pet Shop Boys... yes ,'It's a Sin' and along with other things, one I adore .
Once a month I allow myself to indulge in Berlin's finest , ie ) Lenôtre Ice cream in Ka De We.
Made on the premises, this is the best ice cream you will ever taste . Today my indulgence was Pistachio + Walnut + Malaga . I did try to make it last but oh , twas difficult.
The young lady with a magic smile is always ready to greet , serve and share some tips for the day. Another good reason to take a trip to the 6th floor of Berlin' s greatest store .

Friday, August 17, 2007

Have you seen this armband ?

Sex and the City fans will recall how upset Carrie is when she loses her little necklace . Of little commercial value it means more to her than a substitute with diamonds. Ah, but as in all good stories hers is found and Mr Big returns NOT BAD eh.
I too have lost a 'no commercial value' bracelet . You can see this here in my picture .Indeed it's been in all shots. Made for me by a Tibetan refugee at Norbulingka Institute in Northern India , I can honestly say it meant as much as my Chilango. Like Carrie I feel lost without it.
Yesterday a wasp crawled inside my jacket sleeve , stinging my lower arm. Ripping my jacket off it appears I also pulled the little bracelet off. Where it is , nobody knows .

So often people would ask me what it was and it gave me a chance to tell of the exiled Tibetans . So now minus bracelet yes , here I go again .Look at http://www.norbulingka.org/

Tibetans deserve our support . Today found me on the phone to India . I hope to purchase one . The original was extra special . If any one finds it I'm in Berlin .............and let us not forget the Tibetans especially as the Olympic Games ( held in China, draws ever nearer).

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another Day in Paradise/Another Day in Leipzig.

Another great day in Leipzig. Weather superb ,so a chance to enjoy the pavement cafe scene . ( photo by special request as it shows gloves and chain.) Hope a certain reader is happy .
Then a musician who has a group called 'Workout'. A very interesting character.
No trip to Leipzig is complete minus Saxon Cuisine . It's marvellous . Here I am about to attack a leg of lamb ,green beans plus potatoes filled with cheese and herbs. Verdict ?....fantastic .*
You see Anke Geißler as she is and in one of her character roles . A brilliant comedienne .
Finally, three terrific Leipzig girls who I met. Leipzig has culture, comedy , cuisine ´,but above all it's a city where friendliness and communication are never a problem.
* Try the Coffe Baum in Klein Fleischergasse 4 . Their menu is out of this world in variety and quality but NOT sky high prices . You'll enjoy .( www.coffebaum.de )

Monday, August 13, 2007

Casual / Colourful / Coordinated .

This posting is for 'interested . You did ask for more examples of my super purchases from Mode und Sparen so here goes .
The rather 'vivid' trousers are ideal for bike riding and the bag which is waterproof coordinates .Yesterday was not exactly a heat wave and this outfit proved ideal . Shoes are by Leiser... bracelet by Chilango .
The other ensemble was ideal for today as it has been hot . This is actually a skirt but I wear as a dress . It is floaty , flimsy and ensures you get right of way from male drivers ! This was taken at Savigny Platz . Try to visit as there are lots of fabulous cafes and restaurants here .

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Leipzig, Berlin , Miss Vixen's Haunts .

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No words needed - Two wonderful cities with much to offer for all .

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Leipzig equals Laughter.

For those who have succumbed to the notion that Germany is a country minus humour ---have I got news for you .
Comedy theatre in this land is sharp ,brilliant and Leipzig is the tops for such . What's more they can boast some of the funniest women comedians.
Two in particular are Carolin Fischer and Anke Geißler. Don't worry if your German is nil.. their body language and fantastic accents alone will get to you. If you can speak German then bring some tissues for believe me you'll laugh until you cry .
I came especially to see a show entitled 'Kauf mich '. Held in the Moritzbastei ( an open air theatre ) belonging to the Akademixer, it was fabulous . This wonderful stage set deep down originated in 1551 ! In time it was covered . Then in 1976 it was unearthed and students got together and recreated it.
Comedy is special . It mirrors life and unites people. Visit Leipzig and take in the theatre. You wont be disappointed
As for me . I'm back next week for 'Echte Sachsen' with Anke Geisler.

* apologies re blurred photo. A pre show sound check it was taken from up on high .

Just a Quickie

Hmm bad title that but it will have to do ! Arrived in Leipzig an hour ago .
The journey was great and this is one beautiful city . Trust me and try it.
Theatre tickets all in order . Room at the Radisson spectacular ... I can recommend.
Now to jump into the shower, change of clothing and OUT ON THE TOWN .
*Have been informed that the trains will not be on strike tomorrow .
Photos and more later .

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Images from The Berlin Gauklerfest 2007

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Fine food / creative drinks / fun / entertainment / fashion /arts and crafts .
These and so much more make up the Gauklerfest.Held each year behind Staats Opera in Unter den Linden -- this a place to have fun .It's on until the 12thAugust so try to visit .With an entrance fee of only €2:60 (valid for the day) you are guaranteed a lively and unforgettable experience. Can you spot who had her gloved hand kissed ? Not to mention who bought a rather chic hat made from feathers .... This will go beautifully with a mink coat ! Wonder if certain readers agree ?

Friday, August 03, 2007

A Berlin 'Watering Hole'.

This city never ceases to surprise me . Every day there's something new to enjoy .
Today whilst en route to Potsdamer Platz we came across an ecological haven .
With music , sun , water , drinks , food , loungers - hey who needed Majorca ?
Later on the way back to the U Bahn a stop was made and delicious food sampled.
It receives a 'Miss Vixen class A recommendation.' My huge plate of food cost a mere €7.50.
Summerwelt on Potsdamer Platz is until September 2007. Open daily from 10.00am it provides , strandkorb, deckchairs etc .These are set on a well created promenade .A wide variety of exotic cocktails / drinks and delicious foods are on offer. Thursday , Friday and Saturday there's live music from 19:00 hrs .This performed on the stage set in the water.
I can guarantee that this amazing 'city haven creation' will refresh, delight and relax you.
*Should you wish to make a reservation call 01635654132
** Maybe one of my German readers would care to do a polished translation of the notice.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Long And The Short Of It.

Bet some of you wondered re that title ! Ah, foxy humour can be wicked .
Well true to my word here are a few more pictures. You see a dark grey skirt .Made from a sensational material which rustles as one moves ..it's quite erotic. The cut is something special and no amount of photography captures this . The black bodice (a very Parisian piece ) really coordinates. Note :- this skirt can also be worn as dress. Such versatility is a plus .
Then one really 'mad 'purchase . A little red dress for hot sunny days .Ideal for riding my bicycle . One is certain of the traffic giving way ! Method in my madness.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

V is for Vixen , V is for Virgin ?

Well think what you like but I'm referring to the white oufit . Symbolism etc .
Never in my adult life have I had a white dress . Just goes to show there is a first for everything . To the reader who asked me to share some pictures of my purchases this is for you.
A lovely little dress it brings back memories of my time in Argentina .Have to dash ... off to dance a tango !

By the way ,'Interested' The oufit (plus handbag),see posting about Poland was also from my favourite boutique . More photos later in the week . PROMISE .