Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Window dressing ,or Undressing !

Life has been very full and rather busy . On Friday I fly to Denmark so am sorting out a few items .
On a light hearted note I wanted to share this with you . Today I missed my bus and whilst waiting for the next ,took this shot . It shows one of many such windows in a rather wierd video spot at the corner of Leibnitz Strasse / Kant Strasse.( male readers ,take note)
Hmmm not sure I like the outfit ... Give me fur any day ..

Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Send Her Vix-torius "

Ok,couldn't resist the play on words . Apologies to any royalists .
Why victory ? Well you see it's like this .
Today we had snow and rather cold weather. Great! A day to enjoy .
Late in the afternoon on leaving a supermarket,I walked to a crowded bus stop, only to be approached by a group of gangly youths (note:American and British ).
They claimed to be undertaking a political survey on the killing of innocent animals for fur coats . "Did this bother me that I wore innocent animals ?"
As I didn't blush , look flustered or abashed they were at a loss . Their idea being to look big . My answer of "no", was followed by my pointing out to the these Anglo / US specimens that if and when they took as much interest in the killing carried out by their own countries of innocent Iraqis ,etc , not to mention ,gave up their meat , leather belts , shoes ,then they may, just may,have some credibilty .
I congratulated them on a pathetic joke which had backfired in their direction .
There is a guy who says my political postings are just S---T or C--P. Hmmm well to him I would say good job I am switched on in this area .It enables me to stand my ground. The crowd of Germans at the bus stop who had witnessed victory by Miss Vixen ,actually congratulated me as the youths sloped off, much 'trodden on' by the wearer of the boots you see here .
Have said it before and will say it again ... these spell out ....

Monday, January 22, 2007

Forget Charlie --- Chavez is my darling !

Well my hero has done it again and in so doing has made Miss Vixen smile.
After yet some more of the usual 'world's policeman talk ',from the US State Department's deputy,one ,Tom Casey ... Chavez had this to to say on a TV broadcast:-
"Go to hell,gringos! Go home".
Would more had his courage not to mention were free of the financial shackles which bind them and keep them in line .
This final snippet is a perfect example of the double standards of US gringos:-
'The U.S. Treasury has ,it seems named Iran's state-owned Bank Sepah as a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction and no U.S. company or citizen is permitted do business with it.'

Anyone remember Iraq and their WMD ? Still not discovered by the way .
Chavez you are the greatest !!!!

Miss Vixen feels angry .

Berlin has, what is probably the best public transport service in the world .Round the clock , punctual and well priced ,it makes life easy . So why am I angry ?
When I first came to live here what struck me was the lack of vandalism .
Here are three shots taken today in the S Bahn.
LEFT) We see a superman type with his message which reads:-
"hey fingers off the glass, then you'll get a better view. Anyway each repair contributes to ticket price increases .Extremely UNCOOL ."
Directed at:-
CENTRE) The scratching which one now sees on most windows .
RIGHT) A typical youth today. Here he sits with his filthy dirt shoes on the seat .
No doubt he's mother's pride and joy . That being said we can but hope it's her coat that is dirtied by sitting on that seat .
On leaving the train I gave our uncool specimen a very withering look .Guess what ? He moved those feet !

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Miss Vixen and Saint Patrick .

Three years ago I flew to India and you can believe me when I tell you that en route I met Saint Patrick ,but, one with a rather 'dirty face' ..
As a lady who seldom drank ,I was soon tippling my G and T with the best .This guy had a way of teaching second to none !
At Delhi airport the two of us had to be asked to disembark the plane as the crew wished to .(Indeed as an encouragement a bottle of finest French wine was given.) All other passengers had gone but, St Pat and I were still engrossed .
Between leaving that flight and the outside world he was to 'rescue' me three times no less. Not from snakes . No,far worse .
a) he was able to get me through immigration in record time by my posing as his fiancee. ( an unlikely scenario)
b) when my luggage went 'walk about' nobody would listen to me . A mere woman I was worthless . They did listen to him .
c) On walking into the meeting hall I had the shock to end all . A ghastly specimen of manhood from my past ,having heard that I was to be in India was there to surprise me .
Only my intake of Gin and St Pat saved me .
This knight from the air was to risk his job by missing his onward flight to Southern India . His reason rescue me from the phantom , take me for dinner and maybe more .
I said yes to the rescue and to the dinner but declined his subtle advances .
He remained charming . My stay in India was not easy and throughout, his emails were to prove as hilarious as it seemed mine proved erotic to him .
It's now 2007 and if my memory serves me well this wicked Patrick is due a birthday. So just want to say "have a good one and thanks wherever you may be."
Accept the photos as a birthday card should you ever get to read this .
Left is in Udaipur ,a place as close to heaven as one can get. Right at home in Berlin .Paradise for fur and so much more !

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Waiting for ----

No I wasn't waiting for magic ...merely my taxi.
This photograph was taken the other day when outside the weather was rather wild.
With my scarf and fur it does rather look as if there is a 'lot to unwrap',but the truth is ,underneath I was wearing the lightest of outfits .
Mmmmm , just one of the joys of wearing fur.

Leapfrog or Leapvixen ?

I have been asked if I spend my entire waking life in fur and boots .
The answer being , "not quite ."
Even I have my ultra relaxed and casual moments. As seen here last week.
A game of indoor leafrog ? Well since you ask ---

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kyrill still rages .

Earlier I went to meet a friend . However, the weather has been awful due to Kyrill ( a massive storm ) which has swept across Europe causing death and chaos all day . As a result schools closed early as did Government offices and many other places. We decided that the best thing was to get home before the full force struck Berlin . A very wise move as it transpired .
It is now 23:46 CET and still the storm outside rages. The main road is empty .
I very much doubt sleep will be possible . Outside my bedroom window are huge trees and I wouldn't be surprised if these were uprooted .The roaring is pretty fearsome . So it's under my fur covers and hope for the best !!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A 'steak' for my heart .

Yes I have typed steak ,since I'm Miss Vixen, not a vampire!
Once in a while an English friend and I go to an Italian resteraunt in the Heerstrasse. This is called Verona's and reader, I can tell you now that the rump steak here beats any I ever had in Argentina .Grilled to perfection ,it melts in the mouth .
Today we went and as usual enjoyed a meal plus wine and dessert. Here is my order:- 270g rump steak (med -welldone) green beans , french fries , mixed salad. To follow I had mixed icecream selection. With my meal I had a red wine 4 glasses. Finally a coffee and liqueur. Total cost :- €24,70. To accompany the meal , delicious broschetta and warm herb bread .
The staff at Verona's are terrific and service is excellent .Here is one of the waiters. This guy is brilliant and when it comes to seeing to your order,'nobody does it better' .
To get there take bus M49 to Sandstrasse. You'll enjoy. Trust Miss Vixen.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pause for thought .

Following on from my last post,here are some casualty figures for Iraq.
I found these on a recent entry in
They were issued by the UN envoy to Iraq ,one ,Gianni Magazenni
It seems that in the year 2006 ,thirtyfour thousand four hundred and fifty two Iraqui civilians were killed ( 34,452 ) and more than thirty six thousand injured (36,000).
A great vision of democracy eh ? Take time, if only one second from your oh so cosy life to realize ,but for an accident of birth this could be your daily horror .
I have seen the US legacy left in Vietnam . We are now honoured with more of their - - - - ! A great Christian act indeed .

The Fourth Reich US style

War on terror ? NO -- It is a war OF terror .
Waged by an evil group headed by G W Bush it has already cost more than the Vietnam War .That earlier farce in the history of one NOT very great country ie ) the USA .
Today I read that so far,an estimated 660.000.000 US Dollars has been squandered on this pack of lies .
So G W has 'bought' revenge for his father at some price.
The exact number of dead we are not allowed to know. Oil reserves have been stolen from another country and in so doing massive worldwide oil prices created. Our lives are controlled as never before. None of this is for OUR protection. Merely a tool to invade our privacy , steal our freedom and remove human rights . Illegal detention centres remain . Torture is carried out and inspite of condemnation ,it continues .
We are witnessing a 'Fourth Reich' but just how long can we we remain silent, be it through fear or apathy.
Why I wonder do all powers continue to trade with USA ? If ever sanctions were needed it is against the Bush regime .
Are you silent re such ? If so why ? Yes your emails are read ,your calls monitored and I for one say LET THEM .
Just as there is nothing great about Britain after it's part in this evil well no more can USA be called the Land of the Free.
Look at the face of evil as shown on this posting and wonder why your life is now a nightmare in so many ways . He is the real reason .
In the 1930's many Germans remained silent and chose to ignore as they themselves were 'OK' . Others didn't and were taken away to places such as Dachau.
It is too simplistic to say "oh that was different ". It too was based on lies, theft ,desire for control and hatred of one particular group.

ps)In but a few days that figure will read 666,000,000 US dollars . How apt those first three digits are !

Monday, January 15, 2007

A mixed Monday offering.

Today will share a few things with you.
a) Have you noticed that the days are getting longer ? It feels great to enjoy just a little extra daylight .
b) Now here are two of the silliest statements I have ever read !
1 "Every great love begins with a kiss "

2 "The only fashion shows men will actively enjoy are swimsuit parades "

Think I know one reader who will most certainly agree with me re the absurdity of the second .

c) As for the other boots spotted when leaving the shoe salon on Saturday .
I went today and had them photographed ..See above . Sorry, the assistant had shaky hands . Or did I move . Who cares . You literally get the picture . But ,as yet I have not got the goods . It's the quality of leather that concerns me .. so more thought is needed. These are not cheap... and lovely as they are they don't compare with that, which for Miss Vixen ,was love at first sight .
So all in all a mixed Monday or rather, part of it .

ps) Oh yes had a letter from my furrier . An amazing sale is on with great reductions.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Love at first sight

So here they are . The latest object of my desire ( re boots that is ) .Yesterday, when I first saw these it was a case of love at first sight .
This morning I went to the boutique at Savigny Platz and well ,just couldnt say no .
Here they are . Whether you the readers like or loathe is of no account.
These photos do not do them justice . Seeing and touching is believing .

On my way out I spotted yet another pair. Not safe out alone am I ?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Berlin and Boots

Today I discovered a pair of boots that are sensational,as they satisy that part of me which is outrageously wild !
Made in ultra fine, soft black leather they are more like gloves which slide over the legs up to the knees .There is yet another piece of soft black leather which goes over the ankle and main shaft of the leg . It somewhat resembles a 'waistcoat' to the main boot. As it fastens with buttons ,the image is one of pure sensuality . The heels are quite high and when wearing them .... oooh what thoughts went through my mind !
It is hard to envisage ever wanting to take such boots off .
So . Did I buy ?
Not yet . I return tomorrow wearing the skirt and top seen in the above picture .Unlike my suede ( seen here ) which pass to all items , the pair seen today are are a pure indulgence for special days and nights .
I have to confess -------- I am hooked .

Monday, January 08, 2007

Feminine ,Foxy , F- - - - - - - !

F -- fabulous.
***** A -- amazing.
********** U -- unique.
*****************B -- beautiful.
***********************O -- one +only.
****************************U -- unusual .
*********************************R -- ravishing.
*************************************G -- gorgeous.

Now you know why this perfume is my very favourite . It is ME !
24 Faubourg is made by Hermes of Paris.
Women who wear this do so in the knowledge that it evokes the most intimate aspects of their sensuality .

Once you have experienced 24 Faubourg you are hooked,as indeed are all you come into contact with.
Quite simply ....It is magic.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

So much for the 'opium of the people'.

As regular readers know , last year ,I left all religion.
News serves to illustrate that for me, it was the right decision .
Now a 'scandal' involving the Polish Archbishop of Warsaw ,Stanislaw Wielgus.
His resignation follows accusations that he collaborated with the Communist secret service .
To this I ask, " so what ?" .
1 The Roman Catholic Church in Germany did such with Hitler . Can one better that ?
2 The present Pope , was himself a member of the Hitler youth . I don't see him resigning .
3 Prior to German Unification the RC cathedral was in East Berlin. Significant ? I have no idea and consider it unimportant .
The Christian religions are built on forgiveness . So much for those words ,"let him who is without sin cast the first stone "
I will continue doing my best to be a human and in the knowledge that the only real sins in my eyes are as follows :-
not appreciating each other --------- trying to play God .

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Kama Sutra Chair

On 17th November I wrote a post re my Kama Sutra Sofa . A truly fabulous piece of furniture .
Shortly before Christmas my made to order Kama Sutra chair was delivered .
It is so versatile and makes relaxation a reality .
I'm sure that many of you know that feeling .. You come home and want to sit down before even removing your coat .. Well. enjoy the illustrations and Miss Vixen enjoying her now, even cosier 'den'

* the sides of this chair adust to the desired angle simply using body pressure !

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thought at Bedtime .

This was in my special after dinner chocolate the other evening .
I find it remarkably true and am posting it for all to enjoy .

"Laughter makes you young. Love makes you beautiful"

Finnish Proverb.

ps) Let's not forget the LancĂ´me

Special Request .

Today I had a query re one of my coats .
As most are aware I do own several but one of these is a 'fake'or fun fur .
In response to this special requst here's a photograph to illustrate .
If my art work with the black top is not up to Adobe standard ( then apologies )
One can't be an expert on everything . The garment worn on the original photo was a little too revealing and yes, as Miss Vixen I do have standards to maintain.
It is a coat which does have potential See keeping one warmish in a heli )
Think even 'Huntsman' would agree with that!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a brilliant time last night seeing 2007 in .
I had a very good evening and to welcome the year,was 'A Vixen on the roof '
To be up there among the rooftops of Berlin with a 360° firework display which lasted for hours was something else !
Photographs proved somewhat impossible due to my jumping around not to mention screaming and squealing with delight .
Here is my first 2007 photograph of the moon. (It made a certain host laugh.)
Can we work to make this a year free of hatred , war and senseless killing ?
If all did their bit ,no matter how small ,those politicians would have to listen .
As it is they ignore and waste our taxes on more and more horror.
So when you've all sobered up .. wake up to life and your responsiblity to each other . This is a terrific world with trillions of wonderful people .
We can make it happen. Last night on that roof I further amused the host by singing and dancing to one of my specially written anti-war songs . Hmmm would you believe I was pronounced a radical ! Thanks for the compliment .....not to mention the fun .