Monday, January 24, 2011

Another 'Tale Of Two Cities '.

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The year is hardly underway and it would appear that chaos is everywhere . Actually there is most certainly more than is desirable and the lust for power at all costs is to be seen in most governments . 'LIES ARE THE NEW TRUTH'. Awful but a fact .

Germany is stumbling it's way through yet another agricultural scandal due to Dioxin levels in eggs , chicken and pork. Bad timing as the huge international food exhibition Grüne Woche began at weekend . Denial best sums up this latest affair. The ministry say how many farms are closed yet supermarket shelves are full and were never cleared. I for one miss my eggs and chicken but don't trust the hot air gushing from the ministry . The German public are wary but more accepting than most .

So over to Britain and the Chilcot Inquiry where Tony Blair had to return for questioning re the Iraq invasion . His response being 'regret over the number of Iraqi deaths but time for the west to cease apologising '.

Bad taste is Mr Blair's style . Imagine if a German or anyone for that matter said the same re the victims of the second world war . That Blair carries the title UN Middle East peace envoy has to be the joke of the century . He's best viewed as a war criminal .Did he really believe that three thousand bombs a night on Baghdad alone would be any thing other than a massacre ?
I could go on re so many countries .Instead I ask you to click on this link and read paragraph 1 chapter 1 of a Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens . It's very short but so appropriate. Little it would seem has altered .In his work Dickens wrote of London and Paris . I have but highlighted two events in Berlin and London .
Dickens and Orwell --- two excellent authors who could highlight corruption and the abuse of power.
As for the photo of the Funkturm .This was taken last week as they were getting ready. Now the illumination is 100% green .I think this image symbolizes the half hearted approach to what is a major scandal.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Japan Festival Berlin 2011

Japan is a fascinating country , ultra modern and famous for high quality electrical goods , cameras etc ,yet still retains and is proud of it's culture. When it comes to the arts Japan has much to offer. Some years ago I enjoyed my stay in this country and found the people delightful . So it was I was only too happy to spend a day 'plus' at the JapanFestival Berlin 2011. There was much to experience plus a sensational Gala Evening on Saturday. My memorable purchase is an interesting work of art .Of all the stage performances TENGU DAIKO , Japanese drums see :- and Queen II were the tops. (This morning Windows XP ruined a short video featuring both. ) Mortified I may be but life must go on and there will be other opportunities to film both groups.
Note ) for those wondering why so many youung people in costume the reason is , turning up in such entitled the wearer to a reduced entrance fee.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thought For Today


Spotted today in my favourite little shop , this 'truth' was gracing a T-Shirt. As I have discovered , it's not the cost that matters , it's style coupled with personality. The chemistry that brings about pleasure and a feel good factor.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Down At The Doctors !

A New Year , new moon , new start , new challenges so what's special with that ?Monday morning the sun shone and for the first time in weeks, looking out one saw snow free roads , cars and pavements . It was with a very good feeling I left the flat to go forth on my bicycle . First of all a good 'once over' was vital after weeks of it standing out in awful weather. In Berlin is Stadler ,a huge bicycle store with a remarkable workshop. Dr 'Bicycle' carried out a full examination , replaced brake blocks and oiled all moving parts . ( what a pity they don't deal with knees )Then it was off down the road singing Dr Feelgoods , 'Down At the Doctors' .......... Later, after collecting my salad I spotted the moon and had to capture this image . To complete a great day a mini night ride . Making up for lost time .Being back in the saddle is wonderful . The BVG is terrific but nothing beats the buzz my bike gives me .It's freedom .

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday With Kat Baloun and Boogie Radio .

I began this post in the Yorkschlösschen , Kreuzberg. Lots to be happy about . Better weather, Kat Baloun & Boogie Radio playing and a choice of breakfasts to feast on . Now who could ask for more ? Here you see Kat arriving almost fit to be renamed Cat Woman ( the reason being obvious ) Now it's time for more coffee , a chat and then more music .

OK the music finished. Every set was great . After goodbyes I set off home only to have a fascinating encounter and adventure . Life is never dull .

Friday, January 07, 2011

Mode & Sparen Make My Day

Today saw me up and about early .The reason being my favourite shop , ie ) Mode & Sparen in the Kant Strasse was opening after renovations and refits .The last visit was December 31st and seemed an age away . All looked lovely and to see the assistants again was great. Lots of Happy New Year wishes all round .I spent quite a few hours there and confess , drank far more Sekt than coffee. The little collage gives some idea of the shop. No amount of photography can capture the professional yet friendly atmosphere . I did make a purchase .This being a rather slinky dress , ideal for Spring / Summer .It comes with a matching jacket. Brand new it cost me only €15,90.

collage top L) Mode and Sparen from outside . top R ) one very pleasant assistant

centre )yet another excellent assistant .
bottom L ) two assistants and yours truly. bottom R) Ms V and two customers .. bottoms up

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Red Sky At Night -- Miss Vixen's Delight .

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On the 4th I was up and out early (in fresh snow).The reason being a partial solar eclipse .Thick cloud prevented any view from my vantage point. Actually all for the best, since in spite of special glasses plus a cover for my camera lens there were still worries over damage to my Lumix .From now on it's Lunar shots and sunsets for me. Yesterday the weather was fabulous .Cold but very clear sky and sunny.As I was about to go out ,this sunset was to be seen . It took my breath away and for me is as dramatic as any eclipse ... well almost .