Monday, January 24, 2011

Another 'Tale Of Two Cities '.

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The year is hardly underway and it would appear that chaos is everywhere . Actually there is most certainly more than is desirable and the lust for power at all costs is to be seen in most governments . 'LIES ARE THE NEW TRUTH'. Awful but a fact .

Germany is stumbling it's way through yet another agricultural scandal due to Dioxin levels in eggs , chicken and pork. Bad timing as the huge international food exhibition GrĂ¼ne Woche began at weekend . Denial best sums up this latest affair. The ministry say how many farms are closed yet supermarket shelves are full and were never cleared. I for one miss my eggs and chicken but don't trust the hot air gushing from the ministry . The German public are wary but more accepting than most .

So over to Britain and the Chilcot Inquiry where Tony Blair had to return for questioning re the Iraq invasion . His response being 'regret over the number of Iraqi deaths but time for the west to cease apologising '.

Bad taste is Mr Blair's style . Imagine if a German or anyone for that matter said the same re the victims of the second world war . That Blair carries the title UN Middle East peace envoy has to be the joke of the century . He's best viewed as a war criminal .Did he really believe that three thousand bombs a night on Baghdad alone would be any thing other than a massacre ?
I could go on re so many countries .Instead I ask you to click on this link and read paragraph 1 chapter 1 of a Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens . It's very short but so appropriate. Little it would seem has altered .In his work Dickens wrote of London and Paris . I have but highlighted two events in Berlin and London .
Dickens and Orwell --- two excellent authors who could highlight corruption and the abuse of power.
As for the photo of the Funkturm .This was taken last week as they were getting ready. Now the illumination is 100% green .I think this image symbolizes the half hearted approach to what is a major scandal.

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