Sunday, January 16, 2011

Japan Festival Berlin 2011

Japan is a fascinating country , ultra modern and famous for high quality electrical goods , cameras etc ,yet still retains and is proud of it's culture. When it comes to the arts Japan has much to offer. Some years ago I enjoyed my stay in this country and found the people delightful . So it was I was only too happy to spend a day 'plus' at the JapanFestival Berlin 2011. There was much to experience plus a sensational Gala Evening on Saturday. My memorable purchase is an interesting work of art .Of all the stage performances TENGU DAIKO , Japanese drums see :- and Queen II were the tops. (This morning Windows XP ruined a short video featuring both. ) Mortified I may be but life must go on and there will be other opportunities to film both groups.
Note ) for those wondering why so many youung people in costume the reason is , turning up in such entitled the wearer to a reduced entrance fee.

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