Saturday, June 30, 2007

BBS Summer Fair .

The pictures say it all . International culture , fun and cuisine at the Berlin British School .There was great weather and a marvellous atmosphere .Sushi was bought and brought home . Korean food consumed there...delicious. As was the Egyptian..Some fascinating items were purchased and I can report that a good time had by all.
The sign re 'Pupils' I spotted on the door to what used to be my classroom . Clearly we language teachers share similar sentiments . Long may such attitudes continue .

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A few moments in one of Ms Vixen's days.

Yesterday I was extremely happy .
The reason .... 'Delivered from Evil , delivered from Blair '
Appropriately it was a lovely day . I was invited to afternoon coffee by the gentleman you see in the picture . He brought me this sunflower ( I love such ) and pictures of his wedding . I missed this happy event due to travel. He and his lady friend after 30+ years dating, married ! Some years back I worked for an NGO where , using my Denglish I entertained the Germans at the weekly auction . He was one of my 'fans'
Today found me out and about on my bicycle . It came on to rain so *Thomas Eck Cafe was ideal . Outside in a Strandkorb there was shelter , delicious coffee and relaxation . Details at the end . Then on to **Mode and Sparen . A real favourite with me . Fantastic clothes at amazing prices . And more coffee . Miss V(L) with a saleslady ( middle ) and another customer . Guess what - I treated my self to a dress in ---- wait for it-- red / white / blue . Already I sense hope for Britain . It's been a full 24 hours .Hope you enjoyed these few 'moments' .

* Thomas Eck Pestalozzistra├če 25 ,10627,Berlin ( open daily 8.30 am - 2 am ) licensed Go to :-
**Mode und Sparen.. Kantstra├če 117, 10627

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Deliver us From Blair = Deliver us From Evil.

At last my prayers have been answered. The Jews found their promised land. We Brits may just return the 'Great' to Britain
Over the last ten years Britain has sunk lower than low due to one man who at last is bowing out . (Crawling would be more apt!)
Let's look at the word DELIVER and play the game where one see how many words can be made from it :-
1) lie , 2) lied , 3)die , 4) relied 5 ) live 6 ) evil .for example -
I know there are more but consider :-
Blair did not tell one LIE. He LIED none stop in domestic policy and then on the international scene with trumped up stories to justify invasion of a sovereign country. That illegal and EVIL act with Bush who RELIED on him . As a result, more than one person was to DIE . Hundreds and thousands of Iraqi civilians have .
I now pray that with the departure of this ghastly specimen people may LIVE. Both in Iraq and Britain where for too long lies have been the common currency .
Guess who will be celebrating later ?
Note * the downside of Britain's freedom from Mr B is his appointment as peace envoy in the middle east ! Please - A man who aided the Iraq massacre ? One who permitted weapons from USA to Israel to transit through UK , in full knowledge they were to be used on Lebanon ? His knowledge of peace is akin to Bush and his of literature. Nil.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bad English = wrong message

'Brown crowned Labour leader'

This ridiculous headline from ITN is to be found in the Internet news !
Where did the so called journalists receive an education in English ?
Monarchs are crowned -- politicians are selected / elected / or chosen .
Is this a sign of the new age where MP's have deified themselves so much that the press has come to believe them ?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Anna and Helena

This amazing lady is to be seen regularly at Wittenberg Platz U Bahn .
I first got chatting with her weeks ago as I sat exhausted in the heat , waiting for a friend. She hands out discount vouchers for a small eatery in the vicinity . These are popular with the many young tourists . Anna loves her work as she meets people and I was full of admiration at the hours she puts in .Today en route back to the underground there she was . As you can see it had been raining but Anna was at work . She enjoyed having her photograph taken . Yes she will get a copy and yes I will be visiting her for coffee . She has invited me. If you are in Berlin , look out for her . Not only will you get a voucher... you'll receive a cheery smile ,and maybe you too will take a picture of a lady who is a wonderful character , not easily forgotten .

St Christopher Street Parade in Berlin .....

St Christopher Street Parade . This is an annual event for the gay and lesbian community . (I have to add that in Berlin they are in a majority)
Being heterosexual = minority ! Living as long as I have in this city I can safely say that. Crossing the street to get to Ka De We was a struggle, yet in so doing I managed a few pictures.Here they are. Two characters were attired as spider man ( or were they spider women )? Hard to say . A photo was impossible as they began to fall out and Spider A ) stormed off with Spider B) in hot pursuit . Tarantula Tantrums no doubt . The music was great , the colourful floats and costumes terrific .The weather ....there was heat / monsoon type rain / then more of the same.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

All is revealed !

Here you have the answer to the 'mystery of my black box'. (see June 13th) Lucky was closest with that second guess of jewellery .
It's a beautiful chain belt which has three Chanel logo. Marvellous to wear as a necklace ,whilst as a belt it looks very chic.As a bracelet over long black gloves it's stunning and you don't need me to tell you the many other very 'creative 'uses this Chanel chain belt has.
As the saying goes .. " Less is more ".

Friday, June 15, 2007

Nothing Compares .

Now you see I was telling the truth in my blog of the 7th June . Unlike the Copenhagen Mermaid , spectacular I am not ! Yet the Olympic Pool is .
As usual,early morning found me in lane 8 --PARADISE. Afterwards,a coffee. Then a great chat with a fellow swimmer . What began with a few words over crosswords ( the printed variety ) led to a discussion on all sorts which beat any TV debate . I have him to thank for the tracksuit picture . The blurred head shot , a friend took and the pool shot I did .
The huge structure you can see behind the diving platforms is the stadium used last year for the World Cup....ah ,fabulous memories.
Now I'm off to fix my hair . This tousled, drowned rat image is just not me.

*note to tourists
You can go into the stadium and yes,it's worth it .Much overlooked ,this truly is a 'must see' in Berlin.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Black Box .

As you can see this is not the variety associated with aeroplanes .
It's a delightful package from Chanel and contains something truly sensational.
A clue :-
you can wear in many ways . ( no it isn't perfume )
In a few days I may well model this and post the photos ...Any ideas what exactly rests within Miss Vixen's black box ?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A chance for Cheri to make good !

I read that the Church of England is engaged in a row with Sony .
This giant cooperation has made yet another violent pc game, (hey what happened to the promised controls? )- and have used images of the interior of Manchester Cathedral .
This is not only a liberty , it's disrespectful and tasteless. Imagine the scenario had they involved a well know Mosque, Islamic Shrine or Synagogue.We'd have Tony bleating and Cheri all set for court at tax payers expense . Not to mention riots in the streets.
Miss Vixen says,OK Cheri here's a chance to do something .Represent the Church of England in court. So you're RC ,but your husband isn't. Do something for the country which has allowed you to live like a royal.............
Somehow though ,I don't envisage this happening . What's that you say ?
"Could mean a loss of freebies for the family."

Friday, June 08, 2007

Summer in The City .

One simple pleasure of summer in Berlin is an abundance of wild flowers.
There is no use of pesticides and here is the result .Along many main roads one sees banks of colour. The aroma is sensational and to stand awhile and watch the insect life busy with their work is fascinating .

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Berlin's Foxy Mermaid .

As you know , furs have been shed and are away for the summer. It's already quite hot and humid here.
In order to make the most of it I've resorted to being a foxy mermaid. Not too difficult given all the pools and lakes in this city . Also the Olympic Stadium open air pool is very near. So each Monday ,Wednesday and Friday finds me there doing my thing for at least an hour. The water is at least 24°c and swimming backstroke to and fro is anything but boring . I took some pictures yesterday,(here is one ). Maybe later I'll add one of the Berlin Mermaid .Not quite as spectacular as the Copenhagen original and --- What ,you may ask do her and I have in common
Answer:- a)water but b) most of all we are both rather accident prone . Put simply :-
Things happen to us ....yet c) we always survive.

PS ) should you be visiting Berlin this Summer bring your swimwear . The facilities here are excellent and to be experienced -

Saturday, June 02, 2007


No Way To Behave !

As I expected , the usual group of 'two legged cockroaches ' emerged to turn a peaceful demo into a battle ground ! These cowards, ( who hide behind masks ) make me sick . There is no knowing who they are and what exactly they seek to achieve .
I was asked to go but declined . Much as I am anti G8, I am against violence .
My first wish for the G8 is that instead of the members behaving like pseudo monarchy, demanding the finest ( at our expense ), they were made to have each meeting on a Military base . Imagine , they could eat with soldiers , stay in soldier's quarters and get on with the job. No need then for all the extra police since as we all know ,military bases are extremely secure . If such is good enough for service personnel, I'm positive it's sufficient for Blair and co .

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Story so far ..

I did call Mr Allen at Bond ( please see former entry ) The conversation was somewhat absurd .
He denied having said no to the sculpture . Added he believed this was a publicity stunt by Mr Galschiot and that the Poverty Action day was to be fun in the park ...
I said great to 'fun' ,but stimulating awareness is not a thing to exclude and , was I to understand therefore that I , or indeed himself should call Denmark and say :- "Hey big misunderstanding come and join us in our fight against poverty and injustice ".Oh reader how swiftly his storyline changed :-
A committee , a working party had said it wasn't appropriate etc, etc, etc . Reader ,I let this man ramble on then know my feelings .Maybe you too will take the time out to email yours
Since that call the sculptor has emailed Bond several times . Also members of the committee . Response nil. However, with or without London ,this breathtaking piece of work will continue to make a dignified statement .One which cannot be ignored.
FOOTNOTE..Jens Galschiot is sending more spectacular works to Rostock . Click on Hungerboys and Freedom to Pollute to see the images .