Sunday, April 29, 2007

Under wraps !

You don't have to read the global warming stories to know it's been a very mild winter . Warm weather has been with us for weeks.

Wonderful for some but not so for fur lovers ! However the ever versatile and fashion conscious Miss V has been adding to her appearance by wearing what can best be described as a traffic stopper ! Not mink or fox . Nothing very expensive .. but oh so tasteful ....
Gloves...... yes sexy , gloves . Some long, some short . Some lacy some velvety . She has the lot and the reaction has been astonishing .
Her hand has been taken and kissed by complete strangers ! Positively Jane Austenish . In restaurants and shops, compliments have been passed to such an extent as to make her write this piece .
In an age where 'baring all 'is the norm it would appear that many yearn for the magic of mystery .
Above we see Ms Vixen in red ( most apt ) with boots , shawl and gloves to compliment .
She suggests all ladies try this simple but effective fashion tip and adds :-" Remember , beautiful gifts are always perfectly wrapped ."

Friday, April 27, 2007

Helena Mikas knows good food and good sex !

In Sex and the City , Carrie Bradshaw , we are told ,'knows good sex.'
Well she isn't alone ! Take me for example . As well as being secretary to Miss Vixen(Berlin's Very Foxy Lady),I do find time for a rather varied and colourful life and from time to time enjoy passing on excellent tips re Berlin to all who visit this blog .
Now Ms V and I are of the opinion that good sex plus good food , go together ! In as much as one puts you in the mood for the other ....

A favourite eating place is as follows :-

"Da Nardino" . This is a terrific spot offering Italian specialties at Kantstra├če 36 , 10625 Charlottenburg. Bus X 34, M49 , M101 , SBahn Station Savigny Platz , UBahn Wilmersdorf ,
telephone 312 8025 . They also offer a marvellous party service .
Each day the selection of dishes leaves one in a quandary as to what to choose . meat , fish , veggie food and pasta dishes all cooked from fresh ingredients . AND ::::::::::: WAIT FOR IT !
Served in a none smoking environment . Prices begin at 5 euro ! The wine is great and as for the olive bread .. yummy .
Da Nadino staff are the tops . This is a must visit place for any one coming to Berlin.
The down side is they only serve from lunch to 6pm . But the good news is that should you be planning an intimate dinner, you can select ... they will pack and then all you have to do is pamper yourself ......set the scene and serve the food . Mouth watering on all fronts , so to speak !
As I said,Carrie Bradshaw may know good sex , but Helena Mikas also knows good food .

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Message for Tony Blair

Yes this is yours truly, Miss Vixen, over four years ago holding a rather simple message . Sentiments shared by many , now virtually all. Yet still this man clings to power ensuring his tainted values touch as much as possible .
Now it seems more than likely his aids are to be charged with corrupt dealings . Oh who needs outside regimes with this mob ?
Plus he has broken his word on a referendum ( hardly surprising ) regarding the EU constitution a British public do not want .
This on top of selling UK out to USA by allowing Trident missiles to be stationed on our soil . Oh was ever Britain so cursed ?
To justify his latest dirt , Bliar , ( yes best name for him ) says he had to risk being accused of "selling out "as like all British Premiers he had to choose between being guilty of isolationist policies or treason . Why ... his isolationist stance against Europe when going along with a Pack of Lies Bush never worried him .
Like a typical dictator he ignores the wishes and views of the public . I ask you all to be so good as to drop him a line saying .
" Good bye Tony , goodbye Tony , goodbye Tony it's time for you to go ! "

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ABORTION. A 'no man's land' ,but every woman's right!

This is a photograph of members of the US Supreme Court.

Is there a qualification for being a judge ? Errr it sure looks like it .

Anyhow this (rather unrepresentative when it comes to pregnancy ) group have upheld the ban on abortion procedures. By a vote of 5 -4. Note the gender majority . Yes , look hard there is one woman ! Having voted 'against' she is alarmed by the outcome of this vote . She isnt alone .
I will leave off from making anymore comments at this point ! On reading such fundamental legislation I experience a nausea which, unlike any 'morning sickness' wont go away !

Monday, April 16, 2007

Out of India .

So they're rioting in India due to a kiss on the cheek and a hug by two film stars !
Yet another example of the male controlled nature of religion and politics .Curtail that which is pleasant and human by denouncing as taboo whilst ignoring pain ,suffering and squalor .
When last in India and in New Delhi I was sickened by the sight of men urinating in the streets . The stench from this was hardly Chanel. Early each morning workers would walk along throwing handfuls of chlorine to disinfect .. Seemingly acceptable . Then the countless families living and sleeping on the road sides .. another norm . Also the horror of countless limbless babies made so to render them more of a money raiser by their own mothers .These infants are then doped with powerful sleeping potions .Yes , you have guessed , this too is acceptable .
No riots though over such ghastly sights and practices . No quibbling over culture.
I am all for respecting culture but fail to see what crime Gere and Shetty have committed .
The event these two stars were at was to raise awareness of HIV /Aids among Indian truck drivers .. Seems those 'men of impeccable morals', ie) the Hindu Nationalists are not interested in discussing the reason for the rates of disease. Is this because truck drivers are male or is it yet another case of 'looking the other way '.
We are in 2007 . It is not perfect but while there are those who only live in the past our present is on' pause ' and therefore any future is far from perfect .

Thursday, April 12, 2007

What goes around comes around .

Oh how very true .Yesterday I read that the US thinks Iran may be helping Iraqis build bombs . If it weren't so terrible in terms of human life ,I could laugh . However this is not only shocking it is another example of blatant hypocrisy . Reader do try and get a copy of John Simpson's book :- 'Lifting the Veil . Life in Revolutionary Iran.' Written in 1995 it tells of how America not only encouraged the Iran / Iraq war but, made it possible for Saddam Hussein ( the then blue eyed boy ) to have spy satellite information . The result .. countless dead and eight years of hell. Along with UK they provided all the weapons Saddam needed and of course made a very nice profit . You may think I am crazy saying this .. Well then read that book . The isbn is 0340657251 .

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


To those who think I have a bee in my bonnet ,please consider the following headline seen on Yahoo today :-
'US- British war on terror , backfires: think tank......
We are then told the following:-

"The 'war on terror' is failing and actually increasing the likelihood of more terrorist attacks," the Oxford Research Group said in its study, titled "Beyond Terror: The Truth About The Real Threats To Our World."
It says that Britain and the United States have used military might to try to "contain" problems as opposed to attempting to uproot the causes of terrorism.
Furthermore it states that such an approach, particularly the 2003 invasion of Iraq, had,actually increased the likelihood of terror attacks .
The study also found the British government's plans to upgrade the submarine-based Trident nuclear deterrent could produce international instability.
There is much more so here is a link to the site :- - 23k
Never let it be said that we the public didn't say so . So I suggest a return to protests .
After all it is our lives that are at risk . Those evil powers of Washington and London are extremely safe in their all expenses paid 'bubble'.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Poverty, an enemy worth fighting .

Yet again a bus stop picture .
For none German speakers it is an ad based on the "eeny, meeny, miney mo" rhyme.
The idea is to conjure up an image of children with their counting selection chant.
Only here they say "ene mene muh" followed by , ( I translate ) "POOR ARE YOU."
We are then informed that every 5th child in Berlin and Brandenburg lives in Poverty.
The European Union definition of such is .. at best ridiculous. When all are fed , have a roof , free schooling and access to full medical care (also free) then I take issue .
I would refer all to the following :-
This is about real poverty .That which happens to two thirds of the world .Where one meal a week is a luxury ,schools a dream and health care something which seldom happens .
PLEASE take time . See how your country is doing in honouring it's promise made way back ! Sweden / Denmark / Norway / Luxembourg/ and Netherlands are the only countries to have kept their word .
You ,yes you reader can find a link there to print a letter already prepared for your own Government and send it . WHAT I ask you will that cost save a stamp and a few minutes of your time ?
NOTE On the top right side of this site is counter which gives the death toll for each hour . Death from poverty related factors ..
If this plea reaches but one of you then my blog has done some good . Tell others about
If a government can see it's way to funding weapons from taxes , I see no reason why they can't honour a pledge to save lives using the same revenue .

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Miss Vixen meets The Easter Rabbit .

One sees the most amazing things at Berlin bus stops and also meet some fascinating characters .
Today of all days,at the bus stop in Theodor Heuss Platz ,who should come along but ... The Easter Rabbit ! As you will see he was was giving out eggs and invites .
A very Happy Easter to you all no matter where you are .
The world is still at war but there is always hope . It comes through dialogue , tolerance and each one doing their bit to build bridges NOT destroy .

Thursday, April 05, 2007

America go sh - t in your own backyard !

Most readers know that Miss Vixen is no fan of US politics,
To her they give off a smell as putrid as dog dirt and are equally as unpleasant .
The average citizen of America appears oblivious to the filth and risk to others. They merely wonder as to why they are not very popular around the world.
Miss V likens them to dog owners. You know the sort. Take the mutt out anywhere to foul . Yes anywhere that is,save their own backyard. Hey and don't even bother cleaning up after.
USA is siting missiles and shields where ever it can. Not at home though. Ask yourself do you see them letting say UK or China build bases in their country!
They have a naval air fleet of massive size in the Persian Gulf .Purely as a means of pressure on Iran .Now they are asking Turkey to further open up Incirlik airbase so they can expand and target Iran from there .
Yes their nasty defecation's are just about everywhere. What is needed is a giant pooper scooper to gather them up and dump the lot back where they belong .In the US.
This week ,Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinedschad has released the fifteen British Naval personnel .
Good will gesture or a stunt who cares .As Miss Vixen says ,we have yet to see the US release the Iranians kidnapped by them ,not to mention countless others .
Today Berlin's Very Foxy Lady told me about having had the misfortune to speak with a US service man recently. Not only did he not know what a pacifist is ,he informed her that he saw his duty simply as monthly pay cheque therefore asked no questions and followed orders .
Her reply was in true foxy fashion as she told him that as like as not Nazi soldiers and hired killers felt the same.
Bush is now trying to play the "oh if we leave Iraq there will be ethnic cleansing "
Sorry Bush .. bad card that .It's what you cowboys did to the Indians !!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

No Show Without Punch !

Here he is again . America's answer to Mr Punch .
For those not familiar Punch is a nasty aggressive puppet who enjoys beating just about everyone up .
As a child I loathed the violence of Mr Punch . As an adult ..Mr Bush
The worlds number one liar has stated that Iran's detention of 15 British sailors was "inexcusable ". He has gone on to say that the government in Tehran must release them immediately .
Hey Bush - not all see you as God , even if you believe you are.
You had your troops take Iranian diplomats hostage .This from their offices and we all know such places are classified as out of bounds .
You also turn a blind eye to torture and illegal detention carried out by US military. You created a war on false charges . Yes thanks to you, America has broken every rule of the Geneva Convention.
The correct position of the British Ship has yet to be known . For sure I don't look to you or your 'poodle' for TRUTH .As two who deal in lies why should we believe you.
What is interesting is ,the authorities in Iran have treated the 15 with human dignity . No torture. No murder.No sick sex porno acts for photo shoots. No beatings with individuals on their knees,blindfolded and gagged.
Maybe, just maybe, you and your guys could learn a thing or two.
Meanwhile you remain the worlds ´nastiest ,most evil and despised man . What an honour !