Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pictures from a Demonstration

I think these images speak for themselves .(Krieg is the German word for war.).
The demonstration was well attended plus it was exhausting due to the heat and a very long route .Yet it was worth all the aches and pains and cancelled engagements.
As long as innocent people are bombed and mutiliated. As long as Israel breaks every paragraph of the Geneva Covention and UN Charter then I, Miss Vixen will make my protest along with others. Unlike Israel we will do so within the framework of the law !

Friday, July 28, 2006

Why not unite ?

Why don't all countries within that charade called the UN just up and walk out .
Let them leave USA and Britain together . Equal partners in murder , lies and deceit that they are .
Once more that real land of evil has blocked a vote and action to halt their dirty work .
I feel certain that any country could well host a better and improved council of nations .
One where votes and opinions could be freely expressed and not be linked to financial bribery . The US being expert at such .
Nobody owes America a thing . Quite the reverse is true .
As for me I am struggling with my faith . As a Christian I am sickened by all this Judo/Christian murder . Supported by the 'bible bashing Bush' who then commits all atrocities in Gods name .Who even believes he is some instrument of the almighty !
Do I wish to belong to the same group ? Quite simply .."No" .
In our faith we also hear the Old Testament ... The Israelis too fall far short of any ideal.
I truly feel like an individual living somewhere between the dictates of a modern day Hitler and Orwell's Big Brother.
It makes a mockery of the word democracy and unity . It is also intolerant beyond measure and knows no end to violence .
Nothing will change the minds of Bush and Blair . My appeal is to all leaders of other lands .Have your representatives, stand up , walk out and be counted .
For sure your country will not be worse off . Indeed ,it may well prosper .

ps I urge the people of all countries to demand a withdrawal of US bases from their lands.This is a power which allows no other military in their land so why should they be stationed in other countries . In the words of the thinking British many years back :-
Yanks go home !

Surprise ------- Surprise !

I read today in the internet that The United Nations Security Council are shocked and disturbed .
Since its the 28th July I'd say not before time . Yet reading on, one then notes that this sudden 'awakening' is due mainly to the deaths of several UN Soldiers (the blue helmet wearer's ) .
Sad as this is, they are not the only innocent victims caught up in what is nothing more than a disgraceful proxy war of aggression .Nor are they the only who count !
Fact number 1.
Bombs and missiles do have a nasty habit of hitting more than one or two individuals.
Fact number 2.
The supply of such has continued unabated due to shipments of weapons from the USA.
Fact number 3.
Britain allowed the cargo carriers bearing such to refuel and use British air bases..
note Margaret Beckett, Foreign minister is quoted as saying "she was not happy about this " No doubt her feeble attempt to clear a troubled mind . Saying no would have been the real thing to do .Did we have to further engage with murderers ?
Fact number 4.
Suspension of the massive financial payments to Israel to bring about a cease fire and diplomatic engagement would see results -
Then and only then would the Israeli powers wake up.

However as said by so many and frequently, war by proxy seeks no diplomacy .
As a result the UN will have to stand the loss of peace core members .
Ask US President Bush how he sleeps each night with little regard for the many deaths he has brought about .

Fact number 5
Being of low intellect or ruthlessly hard as nails bordering on the psychotic helps.
Here, Bush , Rice , Cheyney and Rumsfeld all qualify .

Fact number 6
As long as US funding and weapon imports continue there can be no peace.

*The kidnapping of two soldiers does not and never did warrant this . Not even one day of it .

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Do you remember ?

Do you remember the world wide shock and outrage at 9/11 ?
Do you remember how not just the west condemned ?
Now fast forward over 3 years and compare with ..........
The indifference of most to the many thousands of Iraqis who have died .
( Am I alone in recalling Bush was bringing them democracy ) True we knew this was a lie but did he have to kill so many in his greed for oil ?
The indifference of the majority to the numerous Palestinians who have died .
Palestine had it's election . It was monitored as well . That the result doesn't suit USA or Israel is a joke as the last two Presidential elections could have benefited from observers .Few in the world are happy with Bush . Were they , then why does he need such massive security ?
So here we are, still boiling in a long hot summer . But better this than being burned alive by Israeli bombs .
This indifference of the western governments and their public is shameful . Sunbathing and egocentric pursuits meaning being everything.
These people identified with their 'brothers and sisters' of 9/11.
For their Arab brothers and sisters--indifference , mistrust and a sense of superiority.
Were 'whites' dying in such numbers each day not to mention having
our cities decimated by a truly aggressive force we would be looking for help .
It is still not too late to write that one email to the politicians of your country .
Not too late to participate in one demonstration against this outrageous proxy war .
You will still have your summer and with luck many more .

In the time taken to write this I dare not think how many innocents have died in the middle east .
Just in case you have forgotton why . Well all this is because two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped.
It was the reason given . Granted ,not a very good one .
By the way, I am not alone in seeing this as a proxy war .

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Joke for today .

Why does Blair wear so much make up not mention spend so long in the sun on freebie holidays .?

He's seeking an all over tan to camouflage that brown nose of his !!

Thought for EVERY day .

' God created man before woman . The reason why ?

Every artist does a rough draft before creating a masterpiece. '

Wow, whoever wrote that was spot on . Could this be why so many
men have a power fixation ?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Proxy War

Ok ,we have had the 1st World War , then the 2nd World War .
After which the Korean War , The Vietnam War , numerous so many day wars ( Israeli ).,The Gulf War . I do not count the invasion of Iraq as a war ( it was a massacre).
Hey are you people noting something here ?
The Germans are as nothing when it it comes to USA and wars . Seems they learn their lessons somewhat quicker .
USA with its rather low level of education doesn't really stand a chance when it comes to learning . Plus what to do with so many uneducated , uncultured yobs . Why ..... cut their hair and call them military . Teach them to read just a little , sign their name and wow what a killing machine you have .
But even canon fodder military can only be spread so far and Iraq has taken so much and will continue to do so . Safe guarding stolen oil proves costly you see. As does murdering the locals and making their life unbearable .
What therefore has GW done ? Well in a newspaper article it is now 'out'. That he had meetings and discussions with Israel and agreed the plan for an attack on Lebanon . Yes ,he gave them the green light .
This solves his lack of canon fodder problem and hey folks next stop Iran . Well one just can't have enough oil can one!
Bush is a prize megalomaniac and should be seen for what he truly is :-
Very , very dangerous and on a par with Hitler , Stalin and actually, far worse than Saddam Hussein.
You may ask who am I to diagnose the above ..... I am myself, have a brain and a memory plus the right to an opinion and may add ,that there are those who are professionally qualified who have pronounced him to be .
I recommend the book , BUSH ON THE COUCH , by JUSTIN A FRANK MD
Dr Frank is an eminent Washington Psychiatrist.
It is all too clear that this invasion is a Proxy War . It provides the troops . It will provoke Iran and well , if you cant see that plan unfolding then you've been in the sun too long.
Does a megalomaniac care that a nuclear war could result ? No, not at all . He and his uneducated masses are well away from the fall out area .
Even in this heat I shudder and shiver as I look at the ghastly similarities.
In the 1930's Hitler came to power and was determined to control the world .
We now have Bush who since 9/ 11 has shown his desire to do like wise .
In the 1930's the League of Nations proved themselves to be a useless group sitting around doing nothing .
We have long seen the UN doing exactly the same and they are so much under the control of the US they are unable to live up to their name .
Hitler had an obsession with Jews . He saw them as responsible for all the troubles of the world and as holders of too much wealth . To him they were less than human and best eradicated .
Bush has an obsession with Muslims . He feels they are the scourge of our world and wants the oil they lawfully own . To date he has shown his feelings re their worth and his troops have carried out systematic torture and murder which has gone unpunished.
Hitler marched into Poland and some dreadful history began
Bush has given the green light to Israel do we have to sit back and wait ?
That Bush is evil is bad enough . What is worse is the total subservience to him by all western powers . Like lapdogs they present a pathetic image as they cower before this swaggering figure .
No sovereign nation should sell itself and its people out to this. No culture should dare seek to humiliate and wipe out another .
There is a word . That word is GENOCIDE .
Maybe too much for G W Bush but known to all in Europe .
If summer and fun seems more important than taking the time to do that letter / email / etc then fine , enjoy .
When the fall out is on our doorstep there will be precious few summers to enjoy again .
Stopping tyrrany is important . You can also make a difference by a boycott of all American products .
A regime that bullies and will never think twice about killing is not a regime to support in any way.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Are you ashamed ? I am -

Well the deafening silence has at last been broken by our esteemed western powers .
Those oh so white , oh so Christian or oh so Jewish ..... but not , no not Islamic ...The elite , ( as they see themselves ) have actually had the nerve to ask Lebanon to cease retaliation . Is this a joke ?
They really want a country to sit back whilst one of the most aggressive powers there is ,bombs and kills them !
Can't you just see Uncle George or Uncle Tony doing like wise . I mean the latter has the police shoot innocent people on the underground .( Tush but I forget he wasn't white was he )
So why the awakening ?
Foreign workers ( fondly described as expats ) and tourists you see . Those members of the luxury club , western untouchables almost .
One email server describes them as refugees . Please............ spare me .
If all they have lost is a job with good tax breaks or a two or three week holiday in the middle east they are lucky .
They are not , I repeat not ,refugees .
When you travel to hot spots for whatever reason you know the risks . Nobody makes you .
Rather like when you're in the army you know you aren't going to be everyone's friend .
Will the citizens of Lebanon have chance to escape the preemted war and likely death?
In a word ---- no .
How many Palestinians have the Israeli powers taken by fair means or foul ?
How many people are held without charges in a certain US off shore prison ?
Answer ...... far too many .Yet we didn't see bombs raining down for each pair taken.
So two Israeli soldiers are taken prisoner and the rest as they say is history .
What a wonderful excuse for Israel to flex their nasty muscles .
It is so disgusting to note that :-
1 USA vetoed any condemnation of Israel by the UN last week . Hardly a surprise though .

2 Ex pats matter more than what is right and , innocent civilians .

For the egocentric amongst you be careful .......That petrol which already costs is only going to be more expensive .

I am off to try and make contacts with others who are interested in protesting .
My next post may contain a song for you lucky people . I wrote it when we had that build up to Iraq ....... Remember ? Three plus years ago .Still going on , endless misery .
Millions opposed yet sadly all too many said" what can we do " then later allowed those who had lied and invaded on false evidence to remain in power.
Sing it as you go about your' superior class / religion / day . '
Then having sung , dust that bible you as like as not have somewhere ...and read the Ten commandants ........
No good saying "George is Christian so we have no need " .As we all know his literary skills are poor with his favourite book being The Lazy Hungry Catepillar .
Oh yes at the same time look up the meaning of the word 'covet "
My thoughts for today plus your homework ........
I for one am ashamed to be classified as western, white ,christian, causcasian.

ps/ I just had to log in to a particular server . Needless to say American -
The following head lines was there to read:-
"War against Israel has just begun"
Sorry ???????? have I missed something here .

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why the Difference ?

So Israel builds nuclear bombs , has weapons galore , nobody is allowed in to inspect but ......
It's all fine . Especially with Big Brother USA who , after all, finances this artificially created state .
Iran makes atomic reactors and all is far from well . USA become more than aggressive and insists all countries impose sanctions. ( remember the words of Big Brother , ) Those about being against USA if one did not fall in to line .
Oh how tragic to note the deafening silence of all countries as bombs fall on innocent citizens , yet again .Since .............
Israel now has decided it will strike Lebanon and, with massive force . Like Big Brother USA , it needs no reason ..... After all preemptive is in these days. Well if you are part of the club that is .
The world reacted with shock, horror , outrage at 9/11 and rightly so .
But where is the shock ,horror, outrage at this latest violation ?
Where is it each day as hundreds of Iraqis are killed and it comes to light US soldiers have murdered and tortured ?
Where indeed was it years ago when Sharon ordered the Beirut Massacre which brought about the deaths of so many ?
If tomorrow one , yes just one, western civilian was to be killed or kidnapped in say ,Iraq the press would be agonizing , the media full of it . We would hear what a fine person they were .
Is this to say that only white , Christian Caucasians or Jews are fine and worthy of a dignified life ?
It certainly looks that way and I for one find it sickening .
I am white , I am Caucasian , I am Roman Catholic and I am far from proud of the elite club which commits murder in our name .
Lebanon is now isolated and all those powers so vocal against Iran are mute not to mention too cowardly to go to its aid .
Like so many Judas they have been bought but for more than thirty pieces of silver .
We should not forget what happened to Judas .
I urge all to take just 5 minutes and email your MP or Senator . Write to the press . But take the five minutes out to do something to register your feelings .
It was Iraq three years ago and still is . Iran is under threat . As I write this Lebanon is being bombed .
If you can really say that you do not care then you have a problem .
Too many voices are are silent . We need to condemn this outrage and "no", world history does not make Israel above condemnation .

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Vixen Trophy ,,, your chance to win .

Well at long last the promised competition .
The World Cup is over so whilst that competitive spirit is still around I offer you the chance to win a prize. Here's how it goes .
Here you can see 13 small pictures . Each is numbered .(to enlarge this image double click )
These are all people who play a part in Miss Vixen's life . From head to toe ,mentally , physically and spiritually they cater for her needs .
All you have to do is to study the faces and see if you can match to the correct profession . Easy ? We shall see.
Then send your answers to me via comment moderation . You will have to use a handle
I will then note all . It is open for entry until the end of July . When someone gets all correct I will announce and ask that person to once more go to comment moderation and supply me with an address .( it will not be displayed you have my word ). I will then publish the winning selection and send the prize .
At all times your address will be kept confidential

Here are the various professions :-

A/ Sports Equipment Specialist B/ Beautician C/ Priest D/ Bookseller

E/ IT specialist F/Pharmacist G/ Chiropodist H/ Physiotherapist

I/ Furrier J/Hairdresser K / Doctor L/ Supermarket Manager M/ Bootmaker

Simply match the number to the correct letter and send .

This much I will say :-
These 13 pictures represent just a small part of my ' support group ' for want of a better term.
They are all terrific individuals and what is more I say a big thank you to each for taking part.
Stop and consider all who make your life function . It is an interesting exercise .
Look forward to getting your entries .........
Yes Miss Vixen keeps her word . There will be a prize .

Monday, July 10, 2006

Miss Vixen has her birthday .

On July 10th , X years ago, somewhere in England I was born .
Today I celebrate and look back on a life which has been mixed , at times difficult,sometimes exciting,but never dull.

Who could have foreseen that this chubby baby would grow into -----

This little tomboy ----- who would then develop into-------

A young, 'lady in red' .One very extraordinary schoolteacher.

Later to appear 'just so' after a visit to Vidal Sassoon on Saint Patrick's Day in Berlin.

And now ,Miss Vixen as she is today .... A lover of fur and fun.

One constant in these pictures is the smile . My entry into the world was speeded up by mother laughing so much in a cinema that her waters broke ! Since then it's been hilarity all the way . Humour is a must in life and to my way of thinking smiles are a tremendous currency to deal in .
May I still be smiling many years from now .

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Miss Vixen feels sad.

No, my sorrow is not due to the fact that last night Germany lost .
It was a great game and better decided that way than a penalty shoot out .
Jens Lehmann is still number one in my 'German book' but he and others can never compete with the one and only Beckham!
Yes Beckham is the reason I feel as I do . His resignation as captain of the England team coming as a shock .
It seems the British Press are positively vitriolic in their condemnation of him .
All I want to know of them is ........
a) who do you like ?
b) have you ever tried examining yourselves ?
c)are your minds so really so small and closed that you pass judgment on a man because he likes to wear a sarong at times ?
d) do you know the meaning of the word jealousy ?

David Beckham has been (and will remain) an excellent ambassador for England.
The British press is loathed throughout the world for it's ugliness and low level journalism .
It seldom reports truth via facts . It specializes in seeking to demoralize via scandal.
Hardly an advertisement for Britain .
I say good luck to David Beckham . He will always remain an icon for millions around the world.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Seems all too familiar.

We seem to have been here over three years ago !
Big powers make demands on an oil rich middle eastern country .
Same big powers make threats against same middle eastern country .
All is simply a question of these countries saying " do as we say , not as we do ".
Over three years ago we heard how Iraq was awash with weapons, all poised to be used.
Thus followed rigged proof and accusations and where did this take place ?
Why in that very unspectacular, inefficient set up of back slapping , old boys network and oh so much more ... the UN . Situated in the World's Would be Controller land ---USA . Where else ?
Yes the very country who can own weapons , big style , use them too and commit murder with complete disregard of the Geneva Convention. I wonder why nobody says a word about this . Could it be due to the money they are paid to come into line ?
Well as events have shown ,Iraq had no weapons . It now owns no oil. Why ?
Quite simple. The USA has taken control of that. It ensures their gas guzzling habits are catered for whilst maintaining a ridiculously high price for crude.
Iran is now the target for our big boys with weapons a plenty ,plus soldiers who are more than willing to use them on women , children , well just about anyone.
I read today that yet another dead line has been set ( July 12th) With six powers (five of which have nuclear weapons ) participating in the repetition of the Iraq scenario bullying is acquiring a new form. All are demanding obedience ,or else...
It would appear that having oil deposits in your country is not a good thing .Since this results in a certain very large company( US based of course )targeting you via their board who just happen to have big , goverment connections .
Am I the only one who recalls that as USA was vehemently accusing Íraq , North Korea was ensuring all nuclear inspectors left whilst refusing any further entry.
What is more it then went ahead at record speed with all nuclear programmes making sure the would be world controller knew that it had created a lot .
Did six countries get excited over North Korea ? No they didn't .
Was an invasion planned ? No not at all .
So why the difference ? A three letter word ...
Oil .. North Korea has none you see . Why waste time manufacturing evidence.
Reader , this much I know . Should that black liquid gold be discovered there tomorrow we would see so much 'new evidence' churned out and once again the not very reliable UN gather to do the up front dirty work for their real boss the US.
Sanctions do nothing . However what I find truly repugnant is the club mentality of those who say who can and who cannot be a member .
Looking at the human rights records of many 'member' powers I am left wondering if there is any hope for this world .
But always a glimmer twinkles through .
You see ,as I was beginning to be concerned about my memory and observations I discovered the following book :-

What I heard about Iraq by Elliot Weinberger .

This amazing essayist assembles the lies and misinformation we were fed.
Having read it I feel sure that even now this phenomenal writer who is remarkable in his objectivity and truthfulness will be working on yet another book .
I do hope so.