Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Make A Splash ..Follow the Famous ?

The title is but a play on words though I did indeed make a splash and in  the same body of water ie )  Berlin's Landwehrkanal Berlin (as did two famous historical women) when I was well and truly dunked but lived. Study the famous :-)
Rosa Luxemburg , famous for her political beliefs, was murdered in January 1919 then dumped in this canal only to be found in the June of that year. The following year Anna 'Anastasia' Anderson attempted suicide by jumping in these waters.She did not succeed in killing herself .
Then fast forward to 2014, October 3rd and Helena Mikas was well and truly dunked on getting out of a kayak ( a happening which can occur with this sport ) Unlike the others I'm neither famous or mysterious, nor was my immersion tragic. A shock, but actually very funny, plus a learning curve .
My late mother used to say my only claim lay in the fact that it seemed  I was "An accident waiting to happen "
For better or worse it took place on a very important historical date in the history of Berlin and I became a Berliner .                Life is never dull !

Monday, October 20, 2014


My favourite airline posed this quiz today. I scored well.See how you manage and at the same time enjoy watching an airline in action that makes me very proud to be British. BA the best of Britain.