Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cheers for Chavez !

It's the last day of September and reflecting on the month I think of what has most impressed me.
Well my own energy at sorting out a party , cooking , and getting the apartment ready for the event. As a one who abhors house work I amazed myself.
The book ,The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan . True ,tragic and calculated to make the most apathetic person realize a need to engage in more solidarity work and not to keep being fobbed off by those who say "ah but you see it's too complex "
But for sheer brilliance and courage I refer to the UN when the President of Venezuela had the courage to say what most of the world thinks but, dare not voice .
Unlike others, Chavez is neither financial slave or puppet .
Speaking on 20th September at the UN ,Chavez likened Bush to the devil and went on to say :-
"Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world." Chavez also said that President Bush "... came [to the General Assembly] to share his nostrums to try to preserve the current pattern of domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples of the world " Chavez then added ,"the American Empire is doing all it can to consolidate it's system of domination and we cannot allow that .We cannot allow the world dictatorship to be consolidated " This speech was received with sustained applause except by Americans who as usual cannot take any criticism.
What I found amusing were the words of Nancy Pelosi, an American Democrat and ardent critic of Bush . With true ,ghastly ,US patriotic zeal she did a turnabout and referred to President Chavez as "an everyday thug "
As one coming from a land which is now best described as the "Fourth Reich " ,headed by the worlds biggest bully , she has to be joking .
Or is she like the Germans of old who were too afraid to speak out re Hitler ? One wonders .
Yes President Hugo Chavez .. you are the star of Miss Vixen's month . Thank you .

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spot the Difference

Computer tricks can be fun.
Look carefully at these two pictures. See how many differences you can spot.
There are quite a few. Yet certain elements remain the same . Miss Vixen and her favourite coat. Soon to be reunited after a summer vacation.

Have fun.

NOTE .Unlike The Vixen Trophy there are no prizes for this.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Say it with flowers.

After my last post you all know how much a world minus weapons and war would mean to me. Such monstrosities would never be missed .
Today as I entered the S Bahn station ,my eyes were dazzled by these wonderful colours. The perfume was sensational and I am more than sorry the latter can't be shared with you .
Most florists in Berlin are now run by the many Vietnamese who live here .
They are truly artistic. The young man in charge was too shy to be in the picture but was thrilled I wanted to show his work.
Flowers convey so much pleasure . Take time out to study their intricate forms .
Then maybe purchase one single bloom to present to a person you know . A simple act , but filled with meaning .

Miss Vixen ( Lysistrata's soul sister )

I am in good company.

In an earlier post entitled "September" ,I expressed bewilderment as to how any one could engage in the weapons industry ,be they dealers/ manauacturers / shippers /users.
Later in discussion I went further saying that, as a woman I could never have a sexual relationship with any man who was involved in such work.
There are a few who consider my point of view extreme whilst some are of the opinion that a fur loving sensual woman should not bother her head .
The lady depicted above did and if you look up Lysistrata on Google you will find many entries .ncient Greek comedy ,she rallied all women to impose a sexstrike until men stopped fighting and waging war..(Reader note this play was written in 411BC ! )
Lysistrata herself was beautiful, sensuous ,intelligent and also had humour.
Her plan worked and although intially , she had a difficult time rallying the women, she never gave up .
Sound like some one you know ?
In the original play all actors playing the main male roles strode around the stage with rather large stiff leather phalluses strapped on .
Now if you forgive the pun ...'that's making the point '.
Yes we women do have a lot of power and this has the potential to beat any amount of armaments .
Our side effects are much pleasanter too ... To any in doubt read Lysistrata.
I feel I am in good company .

note :- do click to enlarge the picture . The Freudian touches are wonderful .

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Miss Vixen wants to know .

Hello from Berlin where the weather is sunny and mild . As the hmm--- shall we say private secretary to Miss Vixen I have been asked to sound you good people out .
(Right now she is lounging in a shady room on her fur bed spreads making plans .)
What for ? Well basically her column . Let me explain :-
As you regular readers know she is a rather remarkable character . One minute here , next there , passionate re furs and fur fashion and equally re politics .
Keeping up with her is not easy . Now she is keen to start a column .
This will be entitled...... "Ask Miss Vixen ".
People may write in with queries over anything and everything.
Nothing phases Miss V .So be it :-
affairs of the heart / recipes /herbal cures/fashion / stain removal / travel / education /the list is endless...........
If you would welcome tips and tricks Berlin's Foxy Lady will oblige .
You may email her or send to comments with your views . She values public opinion .
Meanwhile this blog will continue .
The new one will be designed as a column . Right now we are working on a new email address where you may send any queries and of course you may always write in via comments .Those wishing to remain anonymous write 'please do not display my comment' In truth this will be a question but we understand .As always Miss V will respect your wishes and all will be treated with confidentiality .
Now I must go . I hear her calling for coffee .....and come to think of it not a bad idea as I need some too .

Enjoy your weekend ,
Helena Mikas .


Friday, September 22, 2006

Trust Miss Vixen !

Only September the 22nd and already Berlin has a special visitor .
Those who know Miss Vixen are aware that her life is always full of surprises .
Tonight, whilst returning from an evening out at Savigny Platz who should she meet but Father Christmas !
Truly, as the photo shows this was no fantasy due to Gin and Tonic but the real live article . I'm not sure if she fancied HIS boots or he HER'S but ...
On asking Miss Vixen to tell him a story she did. Something entitled 'A Bowl of Mist' . I tell you ,she is a liability at times .
Anyhow he must have enjoyed it since he gave her a present .(not a fur coat though)
Did he kiss her ? Well sorry reader, on this matter I am sworn to secrecy .

Helena Mikas

Monday, September 18, 2006

Enough is Enough.

The Chinese say , "Words once spoken can never be taken back "

Since the Pope was foolish enough to use sensitive and inappropriate material in his talk we have seen evidence of how right the Chinese are .
He cannot unsay the words which have proved offensive to many . Yet he has now apologized ,all be it in his way .
His carelessness gave the handful of fanatics all the 'ammunition' they needed.
Rather like one word adrift from the Germans and the ultra Orthodox Jews of the world rise up and protest .
Iraq was a secular country . No more , thanks to Bush and Blair . It did have a Christian Deputy .
Lebanon is a secular land but in danger of losing it if attack after attack continues whilst the West ignores in order to placate Israel .
Syria too is secular . Let's hope the US targeting on them ceases.
I am not for all this violence but much has arisen from a real lack of understanding and sensitivity .
If dialogue is wanted why go back to the mediaeval times . As I said before it served no purpose .
But now Miss Vixen says to all out there in the Islamic world . Enough ! Violence over words uttered by this man is out of place with your faith.
I advise all to search Google. First Mohammed . Then Moses . Finally Christ .
You will read some fascinating stuff. Not one of these three would approve of :-
1) the fundamentalists of Islam 2) the Orthodox of Judaism 3) the dictatorial wealth ridden Vatican .
They would all be saddened to see how power has corrupted many who then go further and actively corrupt the original and actual faiths .
For Miss Vixen secular is sacred . I say to all please stop the killing and arguing now .

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Miss Vixen has no regrets ....

Ok ,so the Pope regrets his tasteless remark . Rather late in the day .
As I said in an earlier blog, too many of the evils of this world arise from poor or careless communication .
No doubt he thought he was in vogue with 'Islam bashing' .
Instead he was arrogant, and for one so educated somewhat uninformed.
Clearly seeking more power.
This is a man who has written numerous documents most of which lack compassion .
He was the right hand man of the late Pope and very influential in denying the needy and sick the use of condoms. As if the world needed more HIV Aids.
He never speaks out about the Jews in Israel with their daily acts of terror and aggression against the Palestinians . That would never do for Judo /Christian relations would it ?
He can ignore the fact that in the recent conflict in Lebanon which lasted just over 30 days more than 1.2 million cluster bombs were used by the Israeli Defence forces . 90% of which were fired in the final 3 days after the signing of a resolution !
When it comes to Iraq and the torture committed there by US forces he is silent .Yet we have seen what has gone on. Total degradation of humans and mockery of their Islamic faith by forcing them to eat items and or perform acts of abomination .

I would ask this man what about the violence used by the Christian church in the middle ages ? Or has he conveniently forgotten that women were burned and drowned .
We don't even have to go so far back .
Simply watch the film "The Magdalene Sisters " ....
No....... Miss Vixen has no regrets at walking out of all religion .

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The famous fur hat .

Ok the party went well , food was enjoyed as was drink and prizes were won !
If you are wondering what I am on about read blog,'a little diversion'
Now come raffle time ,the person who won the hat has put me in a tricky position .
She said "great but I'm giving it to you as a present " and so saying plonked it on my head .
I said no ,all said yes .....
So what do I do ? It is my idea of a fun hat and yet am I able to keep this ?
Right now I'm considering ways to raise more money with it .
Any views would be welcome .........

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

War or Peace ?

Communication is an art --- and all too often misunderstandings from such , be they verbal, written or pictorial, can result in trouble .
Today I logged onto and read the following in their news headlines :-

'Pope invites dialogue with Muslims.'

I then logged onto and read this :-

'Pope enjoys private time after slamming Islam '

Same language ie ) English .. but one is far from conducive to peace .

By 11:00pm had changed their headline to :-
'Pope enjoys private time after criticising Islam '

I still wonder why not the same positive headline as , but am pleased that use of the word slamming has been dropped .
Maybe the fact that our pc's are scanned is useful after all.

Remember The Vixen Trophy ?

Where has time gone ? Seems only yesterday that I set a challenge with the above title and pictures. (Blogged on the 11th July )The entries were not so numerous but I had enough and now ( long overdue ) I give the answers and say who won .
Nobody got all correct but a gentleman in the Netherlands came closest. Today Miss Vixen has organized the prize. This will be on its way and with him and his family by the beginning of next week --- all going well with the postal services .
Well done Jack !! Also to all who tried. It wasn't easy but it was fun .
This summer we needed that .. My delay was due to being engaged in solidarity work for the victims in the Lebanese conflict . Public opinion around the world was vocal and very strong . It's been a long summer and still there is much to be done to ensure this sort of thing is stopped .
But enough ,back to the trophy and once more ,well done Jack ... Enjoy your prize !

1=Beautician,2=Chiropodist,3=Supermarket Manager,


6=Sports Advisor ,7=Hairdresser, 8= Bookseller 9= Bootmaker.

10=Pharmacist, 11=Priest, 12= Doctor , 13= IT Expert.

Yes all are a terrific group of people and I say thanks to them for their part .
They all went along with the fun .

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Letter to George .

Dear George ,
Before I go any further make sure you have Laura at your side .
She can read well ,so no reason for you to have problems with big words .
Anyhow I'll do my best to keep it simple as actually it is so .
You say you want a complete victory on terror ....
Well it is so easy to achieve this .So why not ........
a) uphold the constitution of USA .
b)Try very hard to be like Washington and never tell a lie . ( well in your case any more lies )
c) Ensure that your own country is a land where all people can live in dignity and without fear of losing their job ,or their life ( due to lack of health care for those lacking money)
d)Try working with other countries who are struggling to save our environment . You keep saying how you are a believer in God . Well that being said he made a mighty fine planet you and your ilk are fast destroying .Or do you like the Book of Revelations type weather which has now become the norm ?
e) Wake up to the fact that the food and water you take for granted is not available to two thirds of the worlds population. Nor is basic medicine .
Western countries have taken so much from these lands and left the people poor.
Hey you are doing it now in Iraq !
Do you really expect everyone there to accept being ridden roughshod over ?
f) Jacques Chirac was right when he said that the initial cost of you and your buddy Blair invading Iraq could put most of the ills of the world to right . So why not cease spending and developing more and more expensive and deadly weapons of war That Bible you profess to read each day says 'Thou shall not kill ' and 'do good to those who hate you '
Come on George , God's word so obey.
You know not one of us can take any credit for where we are born . It is simply our destiny and we have no control over it . What we can do however is to make sure that all have an equal share in the cake of life.

I hate to tell you this George but you are the number one cause of so much unrest in the world.
You Rummy and Cheyney are as low as it gets .Those you call terrorists are basically freedom fighters and resistance . By the way ,who do you think makes their weapons ?
It sure aint Santa .
So why not be like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol by Dickens ? Get Laura to read it to you . Then reform and do nice things . Begin by insisting Cheyney and Rummy retire for the good of everyone's health including their own .. of course .
You know George you'll see the effect . No more closed cities and mega security needed when you visit places . Right now you are the worlds most loathed man .
Be different and spot the difference . Trust me you may enjoy it .
Regards ,
Miss Vixen

Monday, September 04, 2006

A little diversion .

Just to let you know that even with all her solidarity and peace movement activities Miss Vixen has not lost her foxy sense of fun !
Today I called at my furriers and the little hat you see me wearing is their gift for my raffle . It is quite something and sadly the photos do not do it justice .
Trimmed in black mink it really is a fun item ( cheeky too ) . I had the place in chaos with the fur stole (black fox ) and hat . Judging from the shake on the second picture I reckon it was all proving a bit too much for Marcus ...This generous gift from him and his brother shows you that good still prevails . This little number normally costs around Euro 200.
As the person responsible for the event I am not allowed to win anything . Both Marcus and Andreas thought I looked so good they would love to win in order to present it to me . As I told them , even then 'not allowed' ... I would go on to auction it .
Berlin's Foxy lady tries her best to be fair...

Ps Great News
For any who may not know ,the following is news worthy of the word .
Monday 4th September , Qatar Airways defied the illegal Israeli blockade. As a result, flight 422 Doha to Beirut landed safely at 15:20 Beirut time .
May we see other airlines having the courage to say no to bullies.
Long live Lebanon and long live liberty .
This is a happy day for so many - not just Miss Vixen

Friday, September 01, 2006


The temperature here has fallen . The days are so much shorter and I feel great .
Have worn my lovely ,long boots and felt fabulous . In two weeks I'll be getting my coats back ! Yes its great but .... why the but ?
In the short time I have been without these items :-
1300 Lebanese civilians have lost their lives through nightmarish bombing . Over a quarter of the entire population of Lebanon has been displaced
Go to and view the videos there . ( you will need MacroMedia Flash player 9 ) Easy to install.
Trust me they should be viewed . With our comfortable lives we need to see the horror which Israel has been allowed to heap upon Lebanon .
I for one cannot understand anyone who is remotely involved in the arms trade .
Be it the management / workers / arms dealers / those who knowingly ship /those who allow cargo jets to land and stop over knowing they are carrying items which spell certain death for many .
Such individuals are all guilty of murder .
Whoever makes cluster bombs knows what they are for ..Whoever transports such likewise .
Yes my fundraiser/party next week will entail much hard work with lots of preparation .But .....
I do have clean water , electricity , an apartment still intact , access to as much food as I need .The list is endless. This is no longer the case in Lebanon and with Israel refusing to lift their blockade life for many is still very bleak.
I also have my boots ,my clothes my books , my PC's and yes ,my life . It is a very grateful Miss Vixen who begins her September 2006.

REMEMBER ::: A must read , can comment, realize solidarity .