Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prince Charles and Camilla in Berlin.

Yesterday HRH the Prince of Wales was in Berlin . Amidst a busy schedule he called at the British Embassy , much to the delight of many , yours truly included . For it is a fact universally acknowledged that I , Helena Mikas , am a Royalist. For me the Royals of Britain are what actually make it 'Great '. Educated , mannered and above the corruption of politics , they act as a counter balance to some rather unpleasant characters who seek power and wealth via the House of Commons . As ever it proved fascinating to see the interest of German people and their media . One lady in particular was outstanding . Petra was thrilled once more to meet the Royal couple . I'm so glad that she did as she had taken a days leave just for this visit . She and her family have flown to London on many occasions for the Trooping of the Colour and as true Anglophiles visited many British cities. Here you see her being interviewed by the press and the Royal pair walking towards her . With luck two small movies follow .These capture what for many was a memorable day . It gave me a buzz to see this obviously happy couple . When asked by ZDF Television if I considered it wrong that part of UK taxes are spent on Monarchy I answered with a firm "No " . It is a true pittance when compared with the waste on MP's expenses ( which by the way will continue ) ,on mega security costs incurred again by those in political power .G20 for example . As one who still pays tax to Britain I am feel entitled to this opinion.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Why I Still Have My Case in Berlin.

This little movie made using Picasa reflects my days since the last posting . Whatever life throws at you , somehow Berlin makes it possible to keep going and be happy .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A 'Site' For Sore Eyes .

I stumbled across this site yesterday in that wonder of wonder search engine , Google . As one who has a passion for cooking I find VideoJug terrific without being pretentious or complex. Take a look for yourself . Tonight here's what I cooked . For that extra special touch I added a little Parmesan plus toasted pine nuts to the crumble mix . Delicious . Served with grilled salmon it was a winner .

Main Dish: How To Make Summer Vegetable Crumble

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Berlin Jazz Brunch with Acki Hoffmann.

From first waking until this present moment ,it's been a great day .
When you have perfect weather, fantastic music , superb food , terrific company , not to mention you're alive and well are really 'rich'.
In the heart of Berlin behind the Reichstag are the ARD studios and the Die Eins bar/restaurant. One word sums this place up , fabulous. Performing there today ,Acki Hoffmann and Friends , once again let's hear it for fabulous .Here's a clip of them playing 'Take Five'

Then the thrill of my day. Knowing I had rewritten lyrics for the song 'Slow Boat to China ' ,they had me up to sing along . So ok as a singer I don't merit the fabulous tag , but the experience did . Thank you Acki and all who went along with this .

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ha ha Harriet !

This has got be the joke of the week considering all the revelations we have seen re milking the taxpayer via fraudulent claims ,use of smear tactics and so much more .
These words are from who else ,but the not so very honourable Harriet Harman. A person born to wealth and privilege she adds to her salary in a splendid fashion .
Principles ? Values ? Ms Harman you have to be joking !

"Labour stands for principles and values,"

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Wonderful Easter Weekend .

Germany makes Easter something so memorable each year . Their love of decoration coupled with a sense of fun add to this festival which is for me , the happiest there is .

Good Friday was summer weather ,so off to Teufelsberg to fly kites . The former listening station had lost even more panels . Now it stands looking truly deserted and skeletal . The view over Berlin was spectacular and plenty of people were having picnics .
More brilliant weather on Saturday and yet another fun day. The big one though was yet to come .Easter Sunday , my favourite holiday and where better to celebrate it than at Yorkschlösschen with Otto Hamborgs VierTackter . They entertained us with hours of fabulous music from Baroque to Rock 'n' Roll. Wow did we dance .The collage shows several pictures taken from ,people met to decor to musicians .[ A bonus being the arrival of Acki Hoffmann.] Note the unusual Curate's egg breakfast I had Easter Sunday morning . Not only the cross of Saint George but four quails eggs . Very tasty .

Easter Monday brought more sun, so off to the Gendarmenmarkt . Famous for the Konzert Halle , Deutschen Dom and Französische Dom . Here's a little video of the carillon of sixty bells .This was installed in 1987 to celebrate 750 years of Berlin. Between 2004 - 2006 this astonishing church 'rose from the dead ', so to speak as 50,000 Euro was spent renovating it and replacing 18 of the bronze bells . Worth it ? I think you know my answer .

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Pontiff Blair's Easter Message-Pure Bunkum.

After a while spent in the ' wilderness of wealthy friends' , Britain's very own Born Again Pontiff Anthony Blair the first ,has emerged with make up and that cheesy insincere grin we once knew so well.
Do note ,no wearing of threadbare clothing and rope sandals , but a very expensive suit plus hand made shoes. Following that strange British fashion of other mass murderers to convert to Catholicism [ well even they know their day will come , and just as Saddam's weapons were never found , nobody has come to tell us what lies on the other side] Saint Anthony of Westminster was taking no chances
So what is this message of Pontiff Blair ?
Seems he wants us to be know that never a day passes without he thinks about the Iraq invasion . Really ! I imagine the same could be said for many Iraqis and decent people all over the world who opposed this trumped up massacre, resulting as it has in numerous horrific deaths plus torture . It appears His Holiness Blair had a struggle making the decision to invade .Almost painful ,like crucified hands one might say .Which brings me back to this feeble attempt to deliver his greasy , oily sermon cloaked in humility .
His Holiness Blair assures us that he finds comfort and assurance in the knowledge that there is a greater power than himself . [Sorry I must pause to wipe the tears from my eyes .] Was there ever any doubt of this oh Pontiff Blair ?
Most of us knew the cleaner at 10 was ,as like as not , greater than you. *ref
Yes, you who have lied , cheated , swindled tax payers money a la New Labour. Orwell saw you and your ilk coming ! [Unlike Jackie Smith's husband who merely saw porn stars doing the same, all be it in another sense ]
Now it seems you're back for the post as European President . More expenses ?
I take it that after your recent run in with the Papal Powers re their treatment of homosexuals we can all rest easier in our beds in the sure knowledge that when your day arrives and you meet your maker , after telling HIM what to do, HH Blair will , as like as not, put in for the post of God .
The bunkum according to Blair
* ref "In the end you accept there is a higher power than yourself and that is both something that should make you fearful, but something that also is a source of comfort."

Monday, April 06, 2009

A Sunny April Sunday

Some rather special shots taken this weekend . This sensational Citroen car and caravan . What would I give to own these beauties .There would be no stopping me then .Watch out the world I'd be travelling .

The lovely church at Alt Kladow .It has a very famous organ and there are free concerts on the third Wednesday of each month . Note the delightful shadow of the tree made by the sun.
And finally a real sight for sore eyes ! Miss V looking as she once did on the hockey pitch in her grammar school days.Cycling long distances can be hard on ones 'seat' so over my cycling tights I wore gents underpants . Coordinating of course and , purchased for the purpose .Later on there was FKK swimming but no pictures of that. You just have to believe me . Here's hoping your weekend has been as much fun.
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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Tchibo .Sixty Years Young.

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Sixty years ago saw the 'birth' of Tchibo ,a German chain store for coffee, but , with a difference as they also sell goods. Each week a different theme . eg kitchen ware, camping and outdoors , bathroom, the list is endless and the products of superb quality .Prices being so economical as to be unreal , guarantees excellent and their return policy is ,'no fuss money back ',sensational.
Today whilst out shopping in Wilmersdorf I stopped for a coffee at Tchibo .Not only was thís at a special birthday rate of 65cents ,it was served with a birthday brownie .This photograph was taken using my Tchibo digital camera as indeed are all my blog pictures and videos. Not bad since the original cost only 65 euro over three years ago . Due to a lot of use , careless handling plus wear and tear it developed a fault last summer just prior to the warranty ending . What did Tchibo do ? They gave me a brand new camera . The same model ,since this was my wish .Service plus .
After looking at 400euro cameras and watching reviews I've decided to review this little cam .YouTube watch out .
So meanwhile let's hear it once again for Tchibo.
Happy 60th Birthday Tchibo and many more years of first class trading .To date you have given the public ,service , satisfaction and style.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Swans In Berlin

A much nicer start to April than expected .