Monday, April 06, 2009

A Sunny April Sunday

Some rather special shots taken this weekend . This sensational Citroen car and caravan . What would I give to own these beauties .There would be no stopping me then .Watch out the world I'd be travelling .

The lovely church at Alt Kladow .It has a very famous organ and there are free concerts on the third Wednesday of each month . Note the delightful shadow of the tree made by the sun.
And finally a real sight for sore eyes ! Miss V looking as she once did on the hockey pitch in her grammar school days.Cycling long distances can be hard on ones 'seat' so over my cycling tights I wore gents underpants . Coordinating of course and , purchased for the purpose .Later on there was FKK swimming but no pictures of that. You just have to believe me . Here's hoping your weekend has been as much fun.
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Anonymous said...

Hallo Miss sunshine,

nice Piturees from the 2CV, in late May will be a great meeting of the European 2CV-association in Xanten near the roman Amphitheater (just for knowing).
I am cruising with my new bike - having lots of fun. Hope you have the same with your bike/car.


miss_vixen said...

Glad you like . Great news re your bike .. wow ! As for me still on my bike ( pedal variety ) New car still not bought ....Happy Easter btw