Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prince Charles and Camilla in Berlin.

Yesterday HRH the Prince of Wales was in Berlin . Amidst a busy schedule he called at the British Embassy , much to the delight of many , yours truly included . For it is a fact universally acknowledged that I , Helena Mikas , am a Royalist. For me the Royals of Britain are what actually make it 'Great '. Educated , mannered and above the corruption of politics , they act as a counter balance to some rather unpleasant characters who seek power and wealth via the House of Commons . As ever it proved fascinating to see the interest of German people and their media . One lady in particular was outstanding . Petra was thrilled once more to meet the Royal couple . I'm so glad that she did as she had taken a days leave just for this visit . She and her family have flown to London on many occasions for the Trooping of the Colour and as true Anglophiles visited many British cities. Here you see her being interviewed by the press and the Royal pair walking towards her . With luck two small movies follow .These capture what for many was a memorable day . It gave me a buzz to see this obviously happy couple . When asked by ZDF Television if I considered it wrong that part of UK taxes are spent on Monarchy I answered with a firm "No " . It is a true pittance when compared with the waste on MP's expenses ( which by the way will continue ) ,on mega security costs incurred again by those in political power .G20 for example . As one who still pays tax to Britain I am feel entitled to this opinion.

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