Friday, April 10, 2009

Pontiff Blair's Easter Message-Pure Bunkum.

After a while spent in the ' wilderness of wealthy friends' , Britain's very own Born Again Pontiff Anthony Blair the first ,has emerged with make up and that cheesy insincere grin we once knew so well.
Do note ,no wearing of threadbare clothing and rope sandals , but a very expensive suit plus hand made shoes. Following that strange British fashion of other mass murderers to convert to Catholicism [ well even they know their day will come , and just as Saddam's weapons were never found , nobody has come to tell us what lies on the other side] Saint Anthony of Westminster was taking no chances
So what is this message of Pontiff Blair ?
Seems he wants us to be know that never a day passes without he thinks about the Iraq invasion . Really ! I imagine the same could be said for many Iraqis and decent people all over the world who opposed this trumped up massacre, resulting as it has in numerous horrific deaths plus torture . It appears His Holiness Blair had a struggle making the decision to invade .Almost painful ,like crucified hands one might say .Which brings me back to this feeble attempt to deliver his greasy , oily sermon cloaked in humility .
His Holiness Blair assures us that he finds comfort and assurance in the knowledge that there is a greater power than himself . [Sorry I must pause to wipe the tears from my eyes .] Was there ever any doubt of this oh Pontiff Blair ?
Most of us knew the cleaner at 10 was ,as like as not , greater than you. *ref
Yes, you who have lied , cheated , swindled tax payers money a la New Labour. Orwell saw you and your ilk coming ! [Unlike Jackie Smith's husband who merely saw porn stars doing the same, all be it in another sense ]
Now it seems you're back for the post as European President . More expenses ?
I take it that after your recent run in with the Papal Powers re their treatment of homosexuals we can all rest easier in our beds in the sure knowledge that when your day arrives and you meet your maker , after telling HIM what to do, HH Blair will , as like as not, put in for the post of God .
The bunkum according to Blair
* ref "In the end you accept there is a higher power than yourself and that is both something that should make you fearful, but something that also is a source of comfort."

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